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Checklist of cards from Embers of War (Legend of the Five Rings)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
108 A Weak Poison Strategy Common
31 Akodo Tamisu Personality Uncommon
32 Akodo Uehara Personality Common
87 Armor of the Uruwashii Item Uncommon
19 Asahina Konomi Personality Common
44 Asako Kikugoro Personality Uncommon
45 Asako Megu Personality Rare
79 Ashigaru Guards Follower Common
Proxy-F3 Assassin Proxy Common
109 Astonishing Accusation Strategy Rare
50 Bayushi Kazutoshi (Experienced) Personality Uncommon
51 Bayushi Nomen (Experienced 2) Personality Common
52 Bayushi Tenzan Personality Uncommon
110 Broken Cipher Strategy Common
88 Celestial Sword of the Lion (Experienced) Item Fixed
89 Celestial Sword of the Unicorn (Experienced) Item Fixed
96 Centering the Soul Spell Uncommon
20 Daidoji Akeha Personality Rare
21 Daidoji Narizane Personality Uncommon
56 Daigotsu Kazuko Personality Uncommon
57 Daigotsu Susaiken Personality Uncommon
58 Daigotsu Takayasu (Experienced) Personality Fixed
59 Daigotsu Tenbatsu Personality Common
97 Damning Ceremony Spell Uncommon
90 Dazzling Attire Item Common
111 Deadly Discipline Strategy Uncommon
112 Deep Snows Strategy Common
98 Delving into History Spell Rare
Proxy-F4 Emerald Magistrate Proxy Common
113 Exploited Advantage Strategy Uncommon
99 Extending Influence Spell Uncommon
80 Field Messenger Follower Common
81 Flanking Unit Follower Rare
Proxy-F5 Fresh Recruit Proxy Common
3 Gaining Advantage Event Rare
114 Games of Will Strategy Common
60 Goju Gochiso Personality Common
63 Gozaru no Oni Personality Uncommon
115 Greasing the Wheels Strategy Common
4 Growing Hostility Event Uncommon
Proxy-F6 Guest Proxy Common
Proxy-F2 Haruki's Deer Proxy Common
116 Help from the Shadows Strategy Uncommon
13 Hida Bakishi Personality Common
14 Hida Osote Personality Uncommon
82 Hiromi's Vassals Follower Rare
15 Hiruma Moritoki Personality Common
83 Home Guard Follower Common
117 Honest Assessment Strategy Uncommon
1 Hotei's Contentment Celestial Rare
33 Ikoma Hakige Personality Rare
34 Ikoma Shika (Experienced) Personality Fixed
35 Ikoma Sido Personality Common
36 Ikoma Yamahatsu Personality Uncommon
100 Illusory Defense Spell Rare
5 In Search of Guidance Event Uncommon
101 Incite the Phantoms Spell Common
118 Inciting Mistrust Strategy Rare
119 Indecision Strategy Uncommon
102 Inescapable Snare Spell Common
120 Inexorable Strategy Rare
46 Isawa Koiso Personality Rare
47 Isawa Mina Personality Common
48 Isawa Sanetomo Personality Uncommon
64 Itoku (Experienced) Personality Rare
70 Iuchi Yuri Personality Common
16 Kaiu Onizuka Personality Rare
17 Kaiu Tojikana Personality Uncommon
22 Kakita Gonji Personality Uncommon
23 Kakita Kae Personality Rare
24 Kakita Kenta Personality Common
121 Killing Intent Strategy Common
37 Kitsu Miro Personality Rare
25 Kitsuki Daisuke (Experienced) Personality Rare
26 Kitsuki Jakuei Personality Uncommon
38 Kitsune Haruki Personality Uncommon
2 Lady Matsu's Rage Celestial Rare
Proxy-F1 Lion Ancestor Proxy Common
77 Low Market Region Uncommon
65 Makito (Experienced) Personality Rare
103 Mara's Touch Spell Common
27 Mirumoto Hikaro Personality Uncommon
28 Mirumoto Kouzei Personality Common
39 Moshi Tomiko Personality Common
71 Moto Isul Personality Common
72 Moto Rani (Experienced) Personality Rare
122 Moving and Unmoving Strategy Rare
84 Murderous Thieves Follower Common
85 Ninja Guards Follower Uncommon
104 Ochiai's Bravery Spell Rare
123 Perfect Sacrifice Strategy Rare
124 Perplexing Guests Strategy Uncommon
125 Phantom Visage Strategy Rare
126 Pillar Tattoo Strategy Uncommon
91 Pillowbook Item Uncommon
127 Power of Strength Strategy Rare
128 Preceding Reputation Strategy Common
129 Precision Strategy Rare
130 Preserving Forces Strategy Common
131 Pronouncement of Guilt Strategy Rare
66 Rata Personality Common
132 Reckless Duel Strategy Rare
133 Request Authorization Strategy Rare
134 Riddle of Rebirth Strategy Rare
135 Ride the Breeze Strategy Rare
67 Rokku (Experienced) Personality Rare
68 Sakti Personality Common
92 Sankaku-Yari Item Common
136 Scouting the Pass Strategy Rare
137 Searching for Answers Strategy Rare
138 Secret Reserve Strategy Common
139 Seeking the Question Strategy Uncommon
61 Shadow Dragon (Experienced 2) Personality Rare
93 Shamsir Item Common
140 Sheathing the Sword Strategy Common
49 Shiba Toshisugo Personality Common
73 Shinjo Hayan Personality Uncommon
74 Shinjo Junpei (Experienced) Personality Fixed
75 Shinjo Sarang Personality Uncommon
54 Shosuro Ietsuno Personality Rare
53 Shosuro Ryoichi Personality Common
7 Shrine to Nimuro Holding Uncommon
55 Soshi Yoshihara (Experienced) Personality Rare
94 Splintered Weapon Item Uncommon
8 Staging Grounds Holding Common
141 Stand as the Mountain Strategy Uncommon
142 Stuck in Rokugan Strategy Common
105 Sudden Guardian Spell Uncommon
62 Sugihara Personality Rare
143 Surrounded! Strategy Uncommon
9 Surveillance Outpost Holding Common
144 Tactical Trap Strategy Uncommon
29 Tamori Seiken Personality Common
10 Temple Fortress Holding Common
11 Temple to the Elements Holding Common
12 Terraced Farm Holding Common
95 The Ancestral Sword of Hantei (Experienced) Item Fixed
145 The Bite of Winter Strategy Common
146 The Cycle of Vengeance Strategy Common
78 The Distant Reaches Region Uncommon
147 The Heir's Wrath Strategy Rare
148 The Host's Advantage Strategy Uncommon
159 The Ki-Rin's Path Stronghold Fixed
157 The Marshalling Fields Stronghold Fixed
106 The Menacing Sky Spell Rare
158 The Plain of Glass Stronghold Fixed
6 The Scorpion Wall is Finished Event Uncommon
149 The Snow Has Teeth Strategy Common
107 The Swell of Strength Spell Common
150 Thick Marsh Strategy Rare
30 Togashi Rikyou Personality Rare
69 Tokiko (Experienced) Personality Rare
151 Too Much for Mortals Strategy Uncommon
40 Tsuruchi Shichiro Personality Uncommon
41 Tsuruchi Shigekazu Personality Common
42 Tsuruchi Tomaru (Experienced) Personality Rare
152 Two Fronts Strategy Uncommon
153 Unsafe Passage Strategy Uncommon
154 Unstoppable Strike Strategy Rare
76 Utaku Lishan Personality Rare
86 Village Raiders Follower Uncommon
18 Yasuki Makoto Personality Rare
155 Yojimbo Assemble Strategy Rare
43 Yoritomo Kanaye Personality Rare
156 You Are Unworthy Strategy Uncommon