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Checklist of cards from Deck Builder Ogre DX: Gamba! Katsuta Saga (Duel Masters)
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
10 1st Lt. Pen Pen, Special Forest Commander Creature Super Rare
26 Banjo, the Super-energetic Creature Common
17 Bernard Tyson, Blastdragon Creature Rare
19 Blazing Tiger, Crimson Lord Creature Rare
50 Bronze-Arm Tribe Creature Common
49 Cavern Raider Creature Common
25 Charmilia, the Enticer Creature Rare
36 Cocco Lupia Creature Common
4 Codename Balga Ragon Creature Promotional
5 Cougar, Demon Beast Creature Promotional
31 Death March, Reaper Puppeteer Evolution Creature Common
2 Divine Machine Armor Valborg Evolution Creature Super Rare
30 Dolmarks, the Shadow Warrior Creature Common
51 Dreaming Moon Knife Creature Common
48 Eco Aini Creature Common
24 Evolution Totem Creature Rare
54 Faerie Life Spell Common
53 Father Earth Spell Common
46 Flaming Jet Dragon Creature Common
43 Future Blueprint Spell Common
6 Gaial Axel Creature Promotional
44 Galek, the Shadow Warrior Creature Common
40 Ida, the Great Enigma Evolution Creature Common
33 Infernal Smash Spell Common
18 Infinity Dragon Creature Rare
16 Kagekiri, Bird of Fire Evolution Creature Rare
20 Kenji Panda Nelra, Tyrannical Shogun Evolution Creature Rare
41 Kirino Giant Creature Common
45 Kodamanma, All-Devouring Puppet Creature Common
34 Lyla Aini Creature Common
13 Magnum, Allshot Puppet Creature Rare
9 Mary-kun, Steward Sheep Creature Promotional
32 Moors, the Dirty Digger Puppet Creature Common
28 Natural Snare Spell Common
8 Nigittoyo Giant Creature Promotional
47 Piara Heart Creature Common
22 Princess Cub, the Crusher Creature Rare
23 Rose Sorcerer Creature Rare
27 Savage Earth Spell Common
35 Skyrab, the Reckless Brat Creature Common
42 Soul Calling Spell Common
1 Soul Howl! Ogre Builder "Roar" Creature Promotional
37 Spear Lupia Creature Common
55 Straight, Fighting Ogre Creature Common
39 Super Burst Shot Spell Common
7 Superspeed Revenge Dragon Creature Promotional
12 Taiga, the Warrior Savage Creature No Rarity
14 Terror Pit Spell Rare
29 Timeless Garden Spell Common
56 Triple Mouth, Decaying Savage Creature Common
11 Tsukimi Deippai Creature Promotional
15 √úberdragon Bajula, the 2nd Evolution Creature Rare
38 Ultimate Soldier Falgen Creature Common
52 Yattar Wan, Adventuring Fox Creature Common
21 Yu Wandafor, Phantom Beast Admiral Creature Rare
3 Zack Pichi, Winged Dragon Admiral Creature Super Rare