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Checklist of cards from Ebla Restored (Call of Cthulhu, the Card Game)
in collection
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
60 A Fortunate Accident Event F
46 Alyssa Graham, Speaker to the Dead Character F
42 Black Maria Support F
52 Book of Iod, Hostiam Sanguinis Virtus Support F
51 Corrupted Midwife Character F
44 Cthaat Aquadingen, Things of the Water Support F
49 Dr. Mya Badry, Medical Examiner Character F
43 Dr. Wentworth Moore, Dark Supplicant Character F
50 Karin Marley, Night Witch Character F
59 Library of Nalanda, Site of Celestial Learning Support F
53 Lodge Defenses Support F
41 Paid Informant Character F
54 Pass Grip of a Master Event F
48 Professor of Folklore Character F
57 Shoshana Hatch, Warped and Warping Character F
45 The Carpathian, Tomb Raider Character F
58 The Gate of The Silver Key, Convergence of Space-Time Support F
47 The Parlor, Where Truths are Revealed Support F
56 The Penthouse, Fortune's Reward Support F
55 Thomas Fleming, Financial Wizard Character F