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Checklist of cards from The Long Dark (Lord of the Rings, the Card Game)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
89 Abandoned Mine Location F
97 Cave Spider Enemy F
87 Continuing Eastward Quest F
88 Durin's Greaves Objective F
90 Dwarven Forge Location F
79 Erebor Battle Master Ally F
77 Erestor Ally F
82 Ever My Heart Rises Attachment F
93 Fatigue Treachery F
94 Foul Air Treachery F
78 Fresh Tracks Event F
95 Gathering Ground Treachery F
98 Goblin Sneak Enemy F
99 Goblin Warlord Enemy F
76 Hama Hero F
86 Journey in the Black Pit Quest F
85 Love of Tales Attachment F
81 Out of Sight Event F
80 Ring Mail Attachment F
100 Rock Adder Enemy F
91 Silent Caverns Location F
92 Twisting Passage Location F
96 Vast and Intricate Treachery F
83 Warden of Healing Ally F
84 Word of Command Event F