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Checklist of cards from Foundations of Stone (Lord of the Rings, the Card Game)
in collection
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
110 Asfaloth Attachment F
117 Below the Mines - Old One Lair Quest F
114 Below the Mines - Sheltered Rocks Quest F
115 Below the Mines - The Endless Caves Quest F
116 Below the Mines - The Shivering Bank Quest F
108 Daeron's Runes Event F
123 Deep Deep Dark Treachery F
121 Drowned Treasury Location F
119 Durin's Axe Objective F
120 Durin's Helm Objective F
126 Elder Nameless Thing Enemy F
101 Glorfindel Hero F
109 Healing Herbs Attachment F
105 Heavy Stroke Event F
106 Imladris Stargazer Ally F
107 Light of Valinor Attachment F
102 Longbeard Elder Ally F
124 Lost and Alone Treachery F
122 Mithril Lode Location F
127 Moria Bats Enemy F
125 Nameless Thing Enemy F
118 Out of the Depths Quest F
103 Path of Need Attachment F
111 The Dripping Walls Quest F
112 The Water's Edge Quest F
104 Trollshaw Scout Ally F
113 Washed Away! Quest F