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Checklist of cards from Infernal Storyline (Vampire: The Eternal Struggle)
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
1 Baleful Bum's Rush Action F
2 Demonic Condemnation: Betrayed Action F
3 Demonic Condemnation: Doomed Action F
4 Demonic Condemnation: Languid Action F
5 Demonic Condemnation: Mute Action F
6 Demonic Confusion of the Eye Reaction F
7 Demonic Freak Drive Action Modifier F
8 Demonic Herald of Topheth Ally F
9 Demonic Minion Tap Master F
10 Demonic Pulse of the Canaille Action F
11 Demonic Trap Combat F
12 Form of Demonic Corruption Action F
13 Greater Catatonic Fear Combat F
14 Greater Faceless Night Action Modifier F
15 Greater Fear of the Void Below Combat F
16 Greater Haven Uncovered Master F
17 Greater Rötschreck Master F
18 Greater Telepathic Counter Reaction F
19 Greater Telepathic Misdirection Reaction F
20 Greater Undead Persistence Combat F
21 Greater Wake with Evening's Freshness Reaction F
22 Infernal Conflagration Combat F
23 Infernal Contagion Action F
24 Infernal Ecstasy Reaction F
25 Infernal Perfectionist Master F
26 Infernal Psychomachia Action Modifier F
27 Infernal Regeneration Action F
28 Infernal Ruins of Charizel Master F
29 Nergal Calls the Great Beast Action F
30 Nergal Ignores the Searing Flames Combat F
31 Nergal's Blood Doll Master F
32 Nergal's Concordance Action F
33 Nergal's Fragment of the Book of Nod Master F
34 Nergal's Giant's Blood Master F
35 Nergal, Prince of Hell Vampire F
36 Rutor's Infernal Hand Action F
37 Sense the Infernal Sin Reaction/Action Modifier F
38 Skin of the Infernal Adder Combat F
39 Swallowed by the Demonic Night Action Modifier/Combat F
40 Walk of Infernal Flame Combat F