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Checklist of cards from Set 1 (My Little Pony Trading Cards)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
49 "Chaos is a Wonderful Thing." Moments of Friendship Common
48 "Come on and Smile!" Moments of Friendship Common
61 "Hush Now Quiet Now" Moments of Friendship Common
64 "I Hate Being A Model." Moments of Friendship Common
F41 "I just don't know what went wrong" (Promo) Character Promo
72 "I Really AM A Doormat." Moments of Friendship Common
55 "My Little Spiky Wikey!" Moments of Friendship Common
54 "You're Not Scientifically Possible!" Moments of Friendship Common
47 A Party of One? Moments of Friendship Common
45 A Sonic Rainboom! Moments of Friendship Common
67 A Very Special Somepony Moments of Friendship Common
40 Angel Character Common
53 Another Day Another Dungeon Moments of Friendship Common
10 Apple Bloom Character Common
F24 Apple Bloom Character Super Rare
9-9 Applebloom Standee Common
1-9 Applejack Standee Common
4 Applejack Character Common
F16 Applejack Character Super Rare
F7 Applejack Puzzle Super Rare
S1 Applejack Sticker Super Rare
F35 Applejack (Promo) Character Promo
F1 Applejack - Honesty Puzzle Super Rare
F34 Applejack in Chaos! Puzzle Super Rare
83 Appleloosa Location Common
F33 Arrivederci, Fluttershy Puzzle Super Rare
56 Best. Wedding. EVER Moments of Friendship Common
52 Best... Comedy Act? Moments of Friendship Common
17 Big Macintosh Character Common
21 Braeburn Character Common
82 Canterlot Location Common
80 Carousel Boutique Location Common
16 Cheerilee Character Common
F28 Cheerilee Character Super Rare
75 Cloudsdale Location Common
26 Cranky Doodle Donkey & Matilda Character Common
63 Crazy Cutie Pox! Moments of Friendship Common
76 Crusaders Clubhouse Location Common
62 Curse of the Evil Enchantress Moments of Friendship Common
81 Day Spa Location Common
32 Discord Character Common
G6 Discord Character Gold Rare
27 DJ Pon-3 & Octavia Character Common
F42 DJ Pon-3 & Octavia (Promo) Character Promo
70 Elements of a Good Cheer Moments of Friendship Common
73 Everfree Forest Location Common
3 Fluttershy Character Common
6-9 Fluttershy Standee Common
F12 Fluttershy Puzzle Super Rare
F21 Fluttershy Character Super Rare
S5 Fluttershy Sticker Super Rare
F38 Fluttershy (Everfree NW 2012 Promo) Character Promo
F2 Fluttershy - Kindness Puzzle Super Rare
84 Fluttershy's Cottage Location Common
35 Gilda Character Common
29 Golden Harvest & Lyra Heartstrings Character Common
78 Golden Oaks Library Location Common
15 Granny Smith Character Common
F27 Granny Smith Character Super Rare
41 Gummy Character Common
24 Hoity Toity & Photo Finish Character Common
69 Into the Dragon's Lair Moments of Friendship Common
71 Iron Pony Competition Moments of Friendship Common
F31 Loyalty Shmoyalty Puzzle Super Rare
28 Mare Do Well & Daring Do Character Common
25 Mayor Mare & Time Turner Character Common
59 Meet the Apple Family! Moments of Friendship Common
31 Nightmare Moon Character Common
G7 Nightmare Moon Character Gold Rare
60 Nightmare Night Indeed! Moments of Friendship Common
39 Opalescence Character Common
37 Owlowiscious Character Common
51 Parasprites Eat Ponyville Moments of Friendship Common
44 Peewee Character Common
43 Philomena Character Common
3-9 Pinkie Pie Standee Common
5 Pinkie Pie Character Common
F17 Pinkie Pie Character Super Rare
F9 Pinkie Pie Puzzle Super Rare
S2 Pinkie Pie Sticker Super Rare
F36 Pinkie Pie (Promo) Character Promo
F3 Pinkie Pie - Laughter Puzzle Super Rare
F30 Pinkie/Chaos! Puzzle Super Rare
58 Pony Without a Team Moments of Friendship Common
77 Ponyville Schoolhouse Location Common
30 Prince Blueblood Character Common
13 Princess Cadance Character Common
F14 Princess Cadance Puzzle Super Rare
G3 Princess Cadance Character Gold Rare
8 Princess Celestia Character Common
F13 Princess Celestia Puzzle Super Rare
G1 Princess Celestia Character Gold Rare
9 Princess Luna Character Common
G2 Princess Luna Character Gold Rare
G5 Princess Mi Amore Cadenza (AKA Queen Chrysalis) Character Gold Rare
33 Queen Chrysalis Character Common
G8 Queen Chrysalis Character Gold Rare
2-9 Rainbow Dash Standee Common
6 Rainbow Dash Character Common
F10 Rainbow Dash Puzzle Super Rare
F18 Rainbow Dash Character Super Rare
S3 Rainbow Dash Sticker Super Rare
F37 Rainbow Dash (Promo) Character Promo
F5 Rainbow Dash - Loyalty Puzzle Super Rare
2 Rarity Character Common
5-9 Rarity Standee Common
F11 Rarity Puzzle Super Rare
F19 Rarity Character Super Rare
S6 Rarity Sticker Super Rare
F40 Rarity (BronyCon Exclusive) Character Promo
F4 Rarity - Generosity Puzzle Super Rare
F32 Rarity meets 'Tom' Puzzle Super Rare
11 Scootaloo Character Common
8-9 Scootaloo Standee Common
F22 Scootaloo Character Super Rare
34 Sea Serpent Character Common
14 Shining Armor Character Common
F15 Shining Armor Puzzle Super Rare
23 Silver Spoon & Diamond Tiara Character Common
57 Slumber Party 101 Moments of Friendship Common
19 Snips & Snails Character Common
7 Spike Character Common
F25 Spike Character Super Rare
74 Sugarcube Corner Location Common
79 Sweet Apple Acres Location Common
12 Sweetie Belle Character Common
7-9 Sweetie Belle Standee Common
F23 Sweetie Belle Character Super Rare
42 Tank Character Common
66 The Big Doozy Moments of Friendship Common
20 The Cakes Character Common
68 The Flight of Rarity Moments of Friendship Common
36 The Great & Powerful Trixie! Character Common
65 The Green-Eyed Monster Moments of Friendship Common
22 The Wonderbolts Character Common
1 Twilight Sparkle Character Common
4-9 Twilight Sparkle Standee Common
F20 Twilight Sparkle Character Super Rare
F8 Twilight Sparkle Puzzle Super Rare
G4 Twilight Sparkle Character Gold Rare
S4 Twilight Sparkle Sticker Super Rare
F39 Twilight Sparkle (Promo) Character Promo
F6 Twilight Sparkle - Magic Puzzle Super Rare
F29 Twilight/Chaos! Puzzle Super Rare
F43 Untitled (Promo) Character Promo
46 Vanquishing the Ursa Minor Moments of Friendship Common
38 Winona Character Common
50 Worst. Companion. EVER Moments of Friendship Common
18 Zecora Character Common
F26 Zecora Character Super Rare