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Checklist of cards from Premiere Unlimited Uncut Sheets (white-border) (Star Trek)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
195 Albert Einstein Personnel: Federation R
196 Alexander Rozhenko Personnel: Federation U
304 Alidar Jarok Personnel: Romulan R
10 Alien Abduction Dilemma U
107 Alien Groupie Interrupt R
11 Alien Parasites Dilemma U
66 Alien Probe Event U
197 Alynna Nechayev Personnel: Federation R
198 Alyssa Ogawa Personnel: Federation U
108 Amanda Rogers Interrupt U
289 Amarie Personnel: Non-aligned U
12 Anaphasic Organism Dilemma C
13 Ancient Computer Dilemma R
67 Anti-Time Anomaly Event R
14 Archer Dilemma C
15 Armus – Skin of Evil Dilemma R
109 Asteroid Sanctuary Interrupt C
68 Atmospheric Ionization Event C
110 Auto-Destruct Sequence Interrupt U
146 Avert Disaster Mission R
254 B'Etor Personnel: Klingon R
255 B'iJik Personnel: Klingon C
252 Ba'el Personnel: Klingon U
290 Baran Personnel: Non-aligned U
16 Barclay's Protomorphosis Disease Dilemma R
253 Batrell Personnel: Klingon C
199 Benjamin Maxwell Personnel: Federation U
1 Betazoid Gift Box Artifacts R
200 Beverly Crusher Personnel: Federation R
17 Birth of “Junior” Dilemma U
305 Bochra Personnel: Romulan U
291 Bok Personnel: Non-aligned U
18 Borg Ship Dilemma R
69 Bynars Weapon Enhancement Event R
201 Calloway Personnel: Federation C
19 Chalnoth Dilemma U
202 Christopher Hobson Personnel: Federation C
147 Cloaked Mission Mission U
352 Combat Vessel Ships: Non-aligned C
C Common Sheet Overlay P
20 Cosmic String Fragment Dilemma U
148 Covert Installation Mission C
149 Covert Rescue Mission U
111 Crosis Interrupt R
21 Crystalline Entity Dilemma R
150 Cultural Observation Mission R
22 Cytherians Dilemma R
357 D'deridex Ships: Romulan C
203 Darian Wallace Personnel: Federation C
204 Data Personnel: Federation R
205 Deanna Troi Personnel: Federation R
292 Devinoni Ral Personnel: Non-aligned U
358 Devoras Ships: Romulan R
151 Diplomacy Mission Mission U
112 Disruptor Overload Interrupt C
70 Distortion Field Event U
113 Distortion of Space/Time Continuum Interrupt U
256 Divok Personnel: Klingon C
293 Dr. Farek Personnel: Non-aligned C
206 Dr. La Forge Personnel: Federation R
207 Dr. Leah Brahms Personnel: Federation R
294 Dr. Reyga Personnel: Non-aligned U
208 Dr. Selar Personnel: Federation U
257 Dukath Personnel: Klingon C
258 Duras Personnel: Klingon R
23 El-Adrel Creature Dilemma U
114 Emergency Transporter Armbands Interrupt C
115 Energy Vortex Interrupt U
55 Engineering Kit Equipment C
56 Engineering PADD Equipment C
209 Eric Pressman Personnel: Federation U
116 Escape Pod Interrupt C
71 Espionage: Federation On Klingon Event C
72 Espionage: Klingon On Federation Event C
73 Espionage: Romulan On Federation Event C
74 Espionage: Romulan On Klingon Event C
295 Etana Jol Personnel: Non-aligned U
152 Evacuation Mission U
153 Evaluate Terraforming Mission R
296 Evek Personnel: Non-aligned U
154 Excavation Mission C
210 Exocomp Personnel: Federation U
155 Explore Black Cluster Mission R
156 Explore Dyson Sphere Mission R
157 Explore Typhone Expanse Mission R
158 Expose Covert Supply Mission U
159 Extraction Mission R
104 Federation Outpost Facilities: Outposts C
57 Federation PADD Equipment C
259 Fek'lhr Personnel: Klingon U
24 Female's Love Interest Dilemma C
160 Fever Emergency Mission C
25 Firestorm Dilemma U
161 First Contact Mission U
211 Fleet Admiral Shanthi Personnel: Federation U
117 Full Planet Scan Interrupt U
306 Galathon Personnel: Romulan C
75 Gaps In Normal Space Event U
76 Genetronic Replicator Event U
212 Geordi La Forge Personnel: Federation R
213 Giusti Personnel: Federation C
77 Goddess of Empathy Event R
260 Gorath Personnel: Klingon C
297 Gorta Personnel: Non-aligned C
261 Gowron Personnel: Klingon R
26 Gravitic Mine Dilemma U
359 Haakona Ships: Romulan R
214 Hannah Bates Personnel: Federation U
78 Holo-Projectors Event U
27 Hologram Ruse Dilemma U
118 Honor Challenge Interrupt R
2 Horga'hn Artifacts R
119 Hugh Interrupt R
162 Hunt for DNA Program Mission R
353 Husnock Ship Ships: Non-aligned U
28 Hyper-Aging Dilemma U
344 I.K.C. Bortas Ships: Klingon R
345 I.K.C. Buruk Ships: Klingon R
346 I.K.C. Hegh'ta Ships: Klingon R
347 I.K.C. K'Vort Ships: Klingon C
348 I.K.C. Pagh Ships: Klingon R
349 I.K.C. Qu'Vat Ships: Klingon R
350 I.K.C. Vor'Cha Ships: Klingon C
351 I.K.C. Vorn Ships: Klingon U
163 Iconia Investigation Mission R
29 Iconian Computer Weapon Dilemma C
30 Impassable Door Dilemma C
120 Incoming Message – Federation Interrupt U
121 Incoming Message – Klingon Interrupt U
122 Incoming Message – Romulan Interrupt U
3 Interphase Generator Artifacts R
164 Investigate Alien Probe Mission R
165 Investigate Anomaly Mission C
166 Investigate Disappearance Mission R
167 Investigate Disturbance Mission R
168 Investigate Massacre Mission R
169 Investigate Raid Mission R
170 Investigate Rogue Comet Mission R
172 Investigate Sighting Mission R
173 Investigate Time Continuum Mission R
171 Investigate “Shattered Space” Mission R
298 Ishara Yar Personnel: Non-aligned U
262 J'Ddan Personnel: Klingon C
123 Jaglom Shrek – Information Broker Interrupt R
307 Jaron Personnel: Romulan C
215 Jean-Luc Picard Personnel: Federation R
216 Jenna D'Sora Personnel: Federation U
308 Jera Personnel: Romulan C
299 Jo'Bril Personnel: Non-aligned U
218 K'Ehleyr Personnel: Federation R
268 K'mpec Personnel: Klingon U
274 K'Tal Personnel: Klingon U
275 K'Tesh Personnel: Klingon C
278 K'Vada Personnel: Klingon U
263 Kahless Personnel: Klingon R
217 Kareel Odan Personnel: Federation U
264 Kargan Personnel: Klingon R
265 Kell Personnel: Klingon U
124 Kevin Uxbridge Interrupt U
360 Khazara Ships: Romulan R
174 Khitomer Research Mission R
79 Kivas Fajo – Collector Event U
266 Klag Personnel: Klingon C
267 Kle'eg Personnel: Klingon C
125 Klingon Death Yell Interrupt R
58 Klingon Disruptor Equipment C
105 Klingon Outpost Facilities: Outposts C
59 Klingon PADD Equipment C
126 Klingon Right of Vengeance Interrupt C
269 Konmel Personnel: Klingon U
270 Koral Personnel: Klingon U
271 Koroth Personnel: Klingon U
272 Korris Personnel: Klingon U
175 Krios Suppression Mission U
273 Kromm Personnel: Klingon C
31 Ktarian Game Dilemma R
276 Kurak Personnel: Klingon R
4 Kurlan Naiskos Artifacts R
277 Kurn Personnel: Klingon R
279 L'Kor Personnel: Klingon U
219 Leah Brahms Personnel: Federation R
127 Life-Form Scan Interrupt U
220 Linda Larson Personnel: Federation C
128 Long-Range Scan Interrupt C
80 Lore Returns Event R
81 Lore's Fingernail Event R
129 Loss of Orbital Stability Interrupt C
280 Lursa Personnel: Klingon R
221 Lwaxanna Troi Personnel: Federation R
32 Male's Love Interest Dilemma C
82 Masaka Transformations Event U
33 Matriarchal Society Dilemma U
222 McKnight Personnel: Federation C
60 Medical Kit Equipment C
176 Medical Relief Mission R
61 Medical Tricorder Equipment C
309 Mendak Personnel: Romulan R
223 Mendon Personnel: Federation C
34 Menthar Booby Trap Dilemma C
354 Mercenary Ship Ships: Non-aligned C
83 Metaphasic Shields Event U
35 Microbiotic Colony Dilemma C
36 Microvirus Dilemma C
310 Mirok Personnel: Romulan U
281 Morag Personnel: Klingon U
224 Morgan Bateson Personnel: Federation R
225 Mot the Barber Personnel: Federation U
311 Movar Personnel: Romulan U
313 N'Vek Personnel: Romulan U
37 Nagilum Dilemma R
38 Nanites Dilemma U
300 Narik Personnel: Non-aligned C
39 Nausicaans Dilemma U
130 Near-Warp Transport Interrupt U
226 Neela Daren Personnel: Federation R
312 Neral Personnel: Romulan U
84 Neural Servo Device Event U
177 New Contact Mission R
227 Nikolai Rozhenko Personnel: Federation U
40 Nitrium Metal Parasites Dilemma U
228 Norah Satie Personnel: Federation U
282 Nu'Daq Personnel: Klingon U
41 Null Space Dilemma U
85 Nutational Shields Event U
301 Ocett Personnel: Non-aligned U
131 Palor Toff – Alien Trader Interrupt C
314 Palteth Personnel: Romulan C
315 Pardek Personnel: Romulan U
316 Parem Personnel: Romulan U
132 Particle Fountain Interrupt C
86 Pattern Enhancers Event C
178 Pegasus Search Mission R
42 Phased Matter Dilemma C
361 Pi Ships: Romulan R
87 Plasma Fire Event C
179 Plunder Site Mission U
43 Portal Guard Dilemma U
44 Q Dilemma R
88 Q-Net Event C
133 Q2 Interrupt U
45 Radioactive Garbage Scow Dilemma U
89 Raise The Stakes Event U
R Rare Sheet Overlay P
46 Rebel Encounter Dilemma U
90 Red Alert! Event C
229 Reginald Barclay Personnel: Federation R
180 Relief Mission Mission C
47 REM Fatigue Hallucinations Dilemma U
181 Repair Mission Mission C
91 Res-Q Event C
182 Restore Errant Moon Mission U
230 Richard Galen Personnel: Federation R
231 Riva Personnel: Federation U
232 Ro Laren Personnel: Federation R
302 Roga Danar Personnel: Non-aligned R
134 Rogue Borg Mercenaries Interrupt C
62 Romulan Disruptor Equipment C
106 Romulan Outpost Facilities: Outposts C
63 Romulan PADD Equipment C
331 Runabout Ships: Federation C
233 Sarek Personnel: Federation R
48 Sarjenka Dilemma R
183 Sarthong Plunder Mission R
234 Satelk Personnel: Federation R
135 Scan Interrupt C
362 Science Vessel Ships: Romulan C
363 Scout Vessel Ships: Romulan C
184 Secret Salvage Mission U
185 Seek Life-form Mission R
317 Sela Personnel: Romulan R
318 Selok Personnel: Romulan C
49 Shaka, When The Walls Fell Dilemma U
235 Shelby Personnel: Federation R
136 Ship Seizure Interrupt C
236 Simon Tarses Personnel: Federation C
237 Sir Isaac Newton Personnel: Federation R
238 Sirna Kolrami Personnel: Federation U
239 Sito Jaxa Personnel: Federation C
240 Soren Personnel: Federation U
92 Spacedock Event C
64 Starfleet Type II Phaser Equipment C
93 Static Warp Bubble Event C
186 Strategic Diversion Mission U
188 Study Lonka Pulsar Mission R
189 Study Nebula Mission R
190 Study Plasma Streamer Mission C
191 Study Stellar Collision Mission C
187 Study “Hole in Space” Mission R
137 Subspace Interference Interrupt C
138 Subspace Schism Interrupt U
94 Subspace Warp Rift Event C
95 Supernova Event R
192 Survey Mission Mission R
247 T'Pan Personnel: Federation U
139 Tachyon Detection Grid Interrupt C
319 Taibak Personnel: Romulan U
241 Taitt Personnel: Federation C
320 Takket Personnel: Romulan C
321 Tallus Personnel: Romulan C
242 Tam Elbrun Personnel: Federation R
50 Tarellian Plague Ship Dilemma U
322 Tarus Personnel: Romulan C
243 Tasha Yar Personnel: Federation R
323 Taul Personnel: Romulan C
244 Taurik Personnel: Federation C
324 Tebok Personnel: Romulan U
96 Telepathic Alien Kidnappers Event U
51 Temporal Causality Loop Dilemma R
140 Temporal Rift Interrupt U
193 Test Mission Mission C
97 Tetryon Field Event C
141 The Devil Interrupt R
142 The Juggler Interrupt U
98 The Traveler: Transcendence Event U
325 Thei Personnel: Romulan C
245 Thomas Riker Personnel: Federation R
5 Thought Maker Artifacts R
6 Time Travel Pod Artifacts R
246 Toby Russell Personnel: Federation U
326 Tokath Personnel: Romulan U
327 Tomalak Personnel: Romulan R
328 Tomek Personnel: Romulan C
283 Toq Personnel: Klingon U
284 Torak Personnel: Klingon U
285 Toral Personnel: Klingon U
329 Toreth Personnel: Romulan R
286 Torin Personnel: Klingon C
7 Tox Uthat Artifacts R
143 Transwarp Conduit Interrupt U
99 Treaty: Federation/Klingon Event C
100 Treaty: Federation/Romulan Event C
101 Treaty: Romulan/Klingon Event C
65 Tricorder Equipment C
52 Tsiolkovsky Infection Dilemma R
53 Two-Dimensional Creatures Dilemma U
332 Type VI Shuttlecraft Ships: Federation C
333 U.S.S. Brittain Ships: Federation R
334 U.S.S. Enterprise Ships: Federation R
335 U.S.S. Excelsior Ships: Federation C
336 U.S.S. Galaxy Ships: Federation C
337 U.S.S. Hood Ships: Federation R
338 U.S.S. Miranda Ships: Federation C
339 U.S.S. Nebula Ships: Federation C
340 U.S.S. Oberth Ships: Federation C
341 U.S.S. Phoenix Ships: Federation R
342 U.S.S. Sutherland Ships: Federation U
343 U.S.S. Yamato Ships: Federation R
U Uncommon Sheet Overlay P
287 Vagh Personnel: Klingon U
330 Varel Personnel: Romulan C
8 Varon-T Disruptor Artifacts R
248 Vash Personnel: Federation R
288 Vekma Personnel: Klingon C
303 Vekor Personnel: Non-aligned C
144 Vulcan Mindmeld Interrupt U
9 Vulcan Stone of Gol Artifacts R
102 Warp Core Breach Event R
249 Wesley Crusher Personnel: Federation R
103 Where No One Has Gone Before Event C
250 William T. Riker Personnel: Federation R
54 Wind Dancer Dilemma R
251 Worf Personnel: Federation R
145 Wormhole Interrupt C
194 Wormhole Negotiations Mission R
355 Yridian Shuttle Ships: Non-aligned C
356 Zibalian Transport Ships: Non-aligned C