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Checklist of cards from Touched by the Abyss (Call of Cthulhu, the Card Game)
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
114 Adept of the Second Order Character F
104 Ancient Plans Story F
111 Arthur Todd, Possessed and Typhlotic Character F
101 Elena Belskaia, Always Prepared Character F
110 Faculty Advisor Character F
115 From the First Degree to the Last Story F
107 In the Court of the Dragon Story F
113 Lord of the Woods, Avatar of Shub-Niggurath Character F
105 Naaginn Character F
109b Pushed into the Beyond Event F
102 Shadow War Story F
116 Street Tough Character F
109 Surprising Find Event F
119 The Grand Design Story F
106 The Marked Character F
117 The Necronomicon: George Hay Translation, George Hay Translation Support F
112 The Necronomicon: Olaus Wormius Translation, Olaus Wormius Translation Support F
108 The Necronomicon: Petrus de Dacia Translation, Petrus de Dacia Translation Support F
103 The Necronomicon: Simon Translation, Simon Translation Support F
118 The Night Job Story F