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Checklist of cards from Vessel of the Winds (Warhammer Invasion)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
64 Ale Hall Support F
63 Brom Longbellow Unit F
77 Clan Eshin Mutant Unit F
66 Da Immortulz Unit F
71 Echoes of Magic Tactic F
74 Elkana Unit F
78 Gathering the Horde Quest F
62 Gorbad Ironclaw Legend F
65 Honouring the Ancestors Tactic F
70 Learned Mage Unit F
76 Mage-Priest of Itza Unit F
68 Master Engineer Unit F
67 Morglor the Mangler Support F
73 P'tarix Unit F
79 Pleasure Cults Quest F
69 Runefang of Drakwald Support F
80 Secret Crypts Quest F
75 Temple of Spite Support F
61 Windcatcher Prism Support F
72 Xirat'p Unit F