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Checklist of cards from Dark Tournament (Yu Yu Hakusho)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
95 A Safe Place Item C
96 Ace of Spades Item C
T-12 Acid Blast Technique TR
66 Advantage Team Urameshi Event C
7 Allied Forces Event U
25 Ancient Tactics Event R
67 And the Winner is! Event C
106 Asato Kido's Territory Technique C
46 Asato Kido, Shadow Master Hero C
107 Backstab Technique C
68 Baiting the Dragon Event C
L-8 Binding Shinobi Villain L
69 Botan's Calling Event C
10 Botan's Tool Box Item U
23 Botan, the Assistant Hero R
L-1 Botan, the Lovely Hero L
T-18 Broom Stick Item TC
47 Bui, Tormented Soul Villain C
R-1 Burst of Power Event R
26 Calling the Spirits Event R
34 Cape of No Return Item R
35 Captured Souls Item R
108 Chorus of a Thousand Souls Technique C
12 Chu, Drunken Master Hero/Team Leader S
T-14 Confrontation Event TC
70 Dark Glare Event C
T-15 Dark Power Event TC
71 Dark Shadows Event C
T-21 Dark Sphere of No Return Technique TC
36 Death Seed Item R
109 Death Tree Technique C
72 Defiant Stance Event C
73 Demonic Anger Event C
110 Demonic Backbreaker Technique C
43 Desperate Assault Technique R
74 Determination Event C
T-8 Display of Power Event TR
T-22 Double Barrel Blast Technique TC
13 Dr. Ichigaki, the Demon Villain/Team Leader S
37 Dragon Pen Item R
75 Driven by Animosity Event C
17 Earth Shinobi Villain/Team Leader S
48 Elder Toguro, Puppet Master Villain C
27 Empowered Emotions Event R
76 Entrapment Event C
T-2 Epic Showdown Event TU
77 Face of Death Event C
78 Falling Apart Event C
79 Fighter in Training Event C
28 Final Gift Event R
29 Flashback Event R
T-6 Flee the Arena Event TS
4 Forlorn Hope Item G
80 Freak Show Event C
38 Friends Forever Item R
24 Genbu, Master of Stone Villain R
97 Genkai's Hat Item C
14 Genkai, the Mentor Hero/Team Leader S
T-7 Genkai, Young Fighter Hero TR
TP-1 Gotcha! Event TP
T-1 Halt! Event TG
T-16 Heroic Stand Event TC
T-17 Hiei's Essence Event TC
30 Hiei's Secret Event R
5 Hiei, the Stern Hero U
L-2 Hiei, Unpredictable Warrior Hero L
T-3 I'm Calling You Out! Event TU
T-4 Ice Shinobi Hero TS
111 Inspirational Slash Technique C
39 Inter-Dimensional Breach Item R
49 Juri, the First Timer Neutral C
52 Karasu, Mad Bomber Villain C
50 Kayko, the Class President Hero C
L-3 Kayko, the Cute Hero L
98 Key Item C
8 King Yama's Wrath Event U
99 Koenma's Gavel Item C
15 Koenma, Disguised Hero/Team Leader S
L-4 Koenma, Noble Leader Hero/Team Leader L
T-13 Koto, the Experienced Neutral TC
P-2 Kurama's Last Stand Event P
112 Kurama's Whip Deception Technique C
L-6 Kurama, Caring Fighter Hero L
51 Kurama, the Tactician Hero C
53 Kuro Momotaro, the Ape Villain C
81 Kuwabara's Inspiration Event C
113 Kuwabara's Spirit Push Technique C
L-5 Kuwabara, Honorable Friend Hero L
54 Kuwabara, Yukina's Champion Hero C
82 Living the Nightmare Event C
55 M1, Blade Master Hero C
56 M2, Javelin Master Hero C
57 Makintaro, Furious Fighter Villain C
40 Megiru Seal Item R
100 Microphone Item C
P-1 Mist Shinobi Villain P
114 Mitsunari Yanagisawa's Territory Technique C
58 Mitsunari Yanagisawa, the Copy Master Hero C
59 Murugu, the Pestering Villain C
101 Mystic Whistle Item C
115 One, Two Setup Technique C
16 Onji, the Experienced Fighter Villain/Team Leader S
31 Ooops! Event R
83 Outnumbered Event C
84 Painful Memories Event C
T-9 Persevere Event TR
116 Power Smack Technique C
P-3 Power Strike Event P
T-10 Precise Evasion Event TR
60 Puu, Teddy Bear with a Beak Hero C
117 Quick Blow Technique C
44 Rainbow Cyclone Technique R
102 Red Rose Item C
85 Reliving the Past Event C
86 Retaliate Event C
61 Rinku, Yo-Yo Master Hero C
87 Rokuyukai Challenge Event C
62 Ruka, the Malicious Villain C
118 Rush Technique C
41 Sakyo's Lighter Item R
63 Sakyo, the High Roller Villain C
64 Seiryu, Cold Hearted Villain C
88 Showdown Event C
T-19 Souls Item TC
11 Spiked Club Item U
89 Spirit Phoenix Event C
119 Spirit Reflection Blast Technique C
120 Spirit Shield Technique C
121 Spirit Sphere Technique C
33 Stand Off Event R
L-9 Substitute Event L
103 Sun Glasses Item C
32 Surprise Attack Event R
90 Surprise! Event C
91 Suzaku's Multiform Event C
18 Suzaku, the Fierce Villain/Team Leader S
9 The Dark Angel's Presence Event U
G-0 The Dark One Villain G
G-0b The Dark One (reprint) Villain G
104 The Light in your Eye Item C
3 Together Until the End of Time Event G
T-23 Tornado Fist Double Technique TC
T-11 Trial Sword Item TR
65 Ura Urashima, Demon in Disguise Villain C
105 Villainous Talons Item C
42 Walking Stick Item R
T-20 Watch Item TC
L-10 Whip Slam Technique L
1 Wind Shinobi Hero/Team Leader G
92 X-Treme Defense Event C
2 Yoko, the Spirit Fox Hero/Villain G
19 Younger Toguro, Transformed Villain/Team Leader S
6 Yukina, Ice Princess Hero U
93 Yusuke's Sacrifice Event C
L-7 Yusuke, Resourceful Apprentice Hero/Team Leader L
20 Yusuke, the Student Hero/Team Leader S
21 Yusuke, Unleashed Hero/Team Leader S
45 Yuu Kaitou's Territory Technique R
T-5 Yuu Kaitou, Taboo Master Hero TS
94 Zenith of Fear Event C
22 Zeru, the Phoenix Villain/Team Leader S