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Checklist of cards from Alliance (Yu Yu Hakusho)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
69 110% Event C
70 Ambush Event C
87 Armor of Containment Item C
18 Audience Participation Event S
88 Blue Seal Item C
105 Body Manipulation Technique C
46 Botan, Detective's Assistant Hero C
28 Can I Draw On Him Event R
29 Chant of Recollection Event R
12 Chu, Rugged Assailant Hero S
19 Darkness Within Event S
106 Death Plant Efflorescence Technique C
89 Desu Button Item C
71 Devastating Blow Event C
30 Devastation Event R
90 Double-Bladed Knives Item C
47 Enki, The Champion Hero C
91 Event Ticket Item C
31 Excitement Event R
72 Extortion Event C
107 Finger Extension Technique C
73 Force Field Event C
74 Gale Force Event C
10 Game Cartridge Item U
48 Genkai, Wise Master Hero/Team Leader C
108 Hair Whip Technique C
32 Heroes United Event R
50 Hiei, Fearless Hero Hero C
49 Hiei, The Demon World's Protector Hero C
33 Hope Lost Event R
34 Influence Event R
35 Innocence Event R
36 Interrogation Event R
51 Jin, Carefree Spirit Hero C
52 Jorge, The Narrator Hero C
22 Joystick Item S
23 Juri, The Impartial Neutral R
20 Kaitou's Rules Item S
53 Kayko, The Independent Hero C
92 Kekkai Barrier Item C
37 Koenma's Protection Event R
93 Koenmatron 5000 Item C
54 Kokuo, The Broken Hearted Hero C
55 Kujoo Hero C
56 Kurama, Devoted Hero Hero C
57 Kurama, The Uniting Hero/Team Leader C
58 Kuwabara, Honarable Hero Hero C
109 Left Pivot Kick Technique C
94 Manacles Item C
75 Manipulate Event C
95 Mask of Restriction Item C
24 Miyuki, of the Triad Villain R
96 Molotov Cocktail Item C
76 Morbid Beauty Event C
21 Mourning Event S
59 Mukuro, Fugitive Thrall Hero/Villain/Team Leader C
110 Murota's Territory Technique C
13 Murugu, The Cunning Villain S
60 Natsume, The Fearless Hero C
77 Nightmare Event C
2 NO! Event G
97 Paintbrush Item C
44 Pairing Dice Item R
111 Pinkie String of Love Technique C
98 Pit Trap Item C
45 Psychic Scapel Technique R
38 Quick Freeze Event R
61 Raizen, Fasting Devourer Hero/Villain/Team Leader C
6 Raizen, Thunder God (Bottom Left) Hero/Villain/Team Leader U
14 Raizen, Thunder God (Bottom Right) Hero/Villain/Team Leader S
1 Raizen, Thunder God (Top Left) Hero/Villain/Team Leader G
5 Raizen, Thunder God (Top Right) Hero/Villain/Team Leader U
78 Recruit Event C
99 Red Seal Item C
39 Regression Event R
3 Replay Event G
40 Resurrection Event R
62 Rinku, Acrobatic Fighter Hero C
15 Ruka, The Captivating Villain S
63 Saizou Hero C
100 Scythe Item C
41 Self-Preservation Event R
11 Sensui's TV Item U
112 Shadow Control Technique C
7 Shishi Wakamaru, Summoner of a Thousand Souls Hero U
79 Shrouded Evil Event C
64 Shu Hero C
113 Smelly Foot Technique C
80 Snatch Event C
4 Solitaire Event G
65 Souketsu Hero C
81 Soul Extraction Event C
114 Spirit Orb Technique C
115 Spirit Wave Orb Technique C
82 Squash Event C
116 Stomp Technique C
83 Submission Event C
66 Suzuka Hero C
117 Sword Extension Technique C
101 Tanker Truck Item C
102 Tasty Beverages Item C
67 Tetsuzam Hero C
42 The Game is Afoot! Event R
8 The Legacy of One Event U
118 Thumb Block Technique C
119 Tiger Breath Technique C
103 Tombstone Item C
25 Touya Hero R
84 Truce Event C
120 Twin Energy Punch Technique C
121 Two-Fingered Poke Technique C
85 Upsurge Event C
86 Vulnerable Event C
43 Wait! Event R
9 Winner Event U
104 Yellow Seal Item C
16 Yomi, the Reformed Hero/Villain/Team Leader S
68 Younger Toguro, Soul Taker Villain/Team Leader C
26 Yukina, Ice Apparition Hero R
17 Yusuke, Champion of the People Hero/Team Leader S
27 Yusuke, Human World's Hero Hero/Team Leader R