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Checklist of cards from Episode 2: Victory Rush (Duel Masters)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
18 Bambi, Avenger Beater Creature Rare
52 Bruiser Kunugi Creature Uncommon
43 Candle Service, Heaven Descent to Goodness Creature Common
43m Candle Service, Heaven Descent to Goodness (Mode Change) Creature Common
6 Codefight Alibi Trick Creature Rare
6m Codefight Alibi Trick (Mode Change) Creature Rare
1 Codefight Misdirection Creature Very Rare
3 Codeking Wolfgang Creature Very Rare
10 Codename iFormulaX Creature Rare
15 Codename Sword-Flash Ragon Creature Rare
12 Codenight Rice Shower Creature Rare
38 Control Fire, Fire-Fighting Machine Creature Common
17 Curiosity Princess Prin Creature Rare
17m Curiosity Princess Prin (Mode Change) Creature Rare
9 Cyber D Geza Creature Rare
34 Darkness Kabachi, Psycho Mettler Creature Common
51 Dash Charger Spell Common
11 Delete Tank, Destruction Machine Creature Rare
5 Don Grill, Flavor Chief Evolution Creature Very Rare
13 Dragon Bone, Secret Wicked Dragon Spell Rare
19 Eco Farmer Spell Rare
39 Enter the Shovel, Excavator Device Creature Common
24 Escape Fiat, Shock Machine Equipment Creature Uncommon
21 Evinbee, Intercept Guardian Creature Uncommon
2 Excavator MS, Fused Giant Soldier Evolution Creature Very Rare
46 Guillotine Charger Spell Common
37 Heaven's Charger Spell Common
45 Jooni Moririya Creature Common
30 Kaiser Flame, Secret Dragon Flame Spell Rare
36 Kamenbi, Guardian of Concealed Blessing Creature Common
53 Katchikachi Itchikatchizu Creature Common
23 Kobolun Creature Uncommon
55 Lifeplan Charger Spell Common
55m Lifeplan Charger (Mode Change) Spell Common
7 Lisbeth Lavigne, Light Weapon Creature Rare
32 Manner Giant Creature Uncommon
42 Mecha Machine, Secret Fusion Spell Common
29 Moel, Love Sniper Creature Uncommon
29m Moel, Love Sniper (Mode Change) Creature Uncommon
40 Mouse Sittrain, Express Machine Creature Common
40m Mouse Sittrain, Express Machine (Mode Change) Creature Common
25 Necrodragon Anyaku Anyato Creature Uncommon
S4 Necrodragon Danchigai Fankigai Creature Super Rare
27 Noten Drill, Shadow of Perforation Creature Uncommon
35 Nyattaramon, Spirit of Salvation Creature Common
48 Ogre Nobushi, Punishment Fist Creature Common
50 Onimane, Cosplayer Creature Common
47 Onimanemaru, Victory Cosplay Creature Common
V1 Onimaru "Head", Victory Rush (#V1) Creature Victory Rare
V1-A30 Onimaru "Head", Victory Rush (#V1-A30) Creature Victory Rare
S5 Oninaguri, Last Attack Evolution Creature Super Rare
26 Onizou Ambush Creature Uncommon
22 Saint Flash, Secret Ore Flow Spell Uncommon
22m Saint Flash, Secret Ore Flow (Mode Change) Spell Uncommon
16 Scrapper Dragon Creature Rare
54 Shenometh, Gambling Society Creature Common
49 Shibake Lupia Creature Common
31 Shirauo Giant Creature Uncommon
41 Surfer Charger Spell Common
S1 Suspense, Zenith of "Curse" Creature Super Rare
44 Thumbtack Man Creature Common
8 True Heaven's Spell Rare
4 Truename Giant Mac Creature Very Rare
S3 Truename Lalala Lionel Creature Super Rare
28 Volcanic Zaurus Creature Uncommon
14 Wedding Gate Spell Rare
14m Wedding Gate (Mode Change) Spell Rare
S2 Wedding, Zenith of "Celebration" Creature Super Rare
33 Wild Vegetable, Secret Thousand Cut Spell Uncommon
20 Yara Se Nice, Dedication Guardian Creature Uncommon
SS1 Zenith Symphony, Secret Zenith Spell Secret Rare