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Checklist of cards from Return to Ravnica (Magic: The Gathering)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
141 Abrupt Decay Instant R
113 Aerial Predation Instant C
1 Angel of Serenity Creature M
85 Annihilating Fire Instant C
29 Aquus Steed Creature U
142 Archon of the Triumvirate Creature R
P142 Archon of the Triumvirate [Return to Ravnica Pre-Release] [Azorius] Creature P
114 Archweaver Creature U
143 Armada Wurm Creature M
2 Armory Guard Creature C
3 Arrest Enchantment U
86 Ash Zealot Creature R
T4 Assassin [Token] Creature Token C
57 Assassin's Strike Sorcery U
144 Auger Spree Instant C
4 Avenging Arrow Instant C
115 Axebane Guardian Creature C
116 Axebane Stag Creature C
210 Azor's Elocutors Creature R
5 Azorius Arrester Creature C
145 Azorius Charm Instant U
237 Azorius Guildgate Land C
6 Azorius Justiciar Creature U
225 Azorius Keyrune Artifact U
87 Batterhorn Creature C
7 Bazaar Krovod Creature U
88 Bellows Lizard Creature C
T1 Bird [Token] Creature Token C
211 Blistercoil Weird Creature U
238 Blood Crypt Land R
89 Bloodfray Giant Creature U
30 Blustersquall Instant U
117 Brushstrider Creature U
146 Call of the Conclave Sorcery U
31 Cancel Instant C
147 Carnival Hellsteed Creature R
P147 Carnival Hellsteed [Return to Ravnica Pre-Release] [Rakdos] Creature P
58 Catacomb Slug Creature C
148 Centaur Healer Creature C
T13 Centaur [Token] Creature Token C
T7 Centaur [Token] Creature Token C
118 Centaur's Herald Creature C
90 Chaos Imps Creature R
149 Chemister's Trick Instant C
119 Chorus of Might Instant C
226 Chromatic Lantern Artifact R
32 Chronic Flooding Enchantment C
227 Civic Saber Artifact U
91 Cobblebrute Creature C
228 Codex Shredder Artifact U
150 Collective Blessing Enchantment R
151 Common Bond Instant C
8 Concordia Pegasus Creature C
33 Conjured Currency Enchantment R
152 Corpsejack Menace Creature R
P152 Corpsejack Menace [Return to Ravnica Pre-Release] [Golgari] Creature P
153 Counterflux Instant R
154 Coursers' Accord Sorcery C
59 Cremate Instant C
34 Crosstown Courier Creature C
212 Cryptborn Horror Creature R
P212 Cryptborn Horror [Return to Ravnica Gameday Prize] Creature P
35 Cyclonic Rift Instant R
60 Daggerdrome Imp Creature C
61 Dark Revenant Creature U
62 Dead Reveler Creature C
120 Deadbridge Goliath Creature R
P120 Deadbridge Goliath [Return to Ravnica Launch] Creature P
121 Death's Presence Enchantment R
213 Deathrite Shaman Creature R
63 Desecration Demon Creature R
64 Destroy the Evidence Sorcery C
155 Detention Sphere Enchantment R
65 Deviant Glee Enchantment C
36 Dispel Instant C
37 Doorkeeper Creature C
38 Downsize Instant C
T5 Dragon [Token] Creature Token C
66 Drainpipe Vermin Creature C
156 Dramatic Rescue Instant C
157 Dreadbore Sorcery R
158 Dreg Mangler Creature U
P158 Dreg Mangler [Return to Ravnica Holiday Gift Box 2012] Creature P
122 Drudge Beetle Creature C
123 Druid's Deliverance Instant C
214 Dryad Militant Creature U
P214 Dryad Militant [Return to Ravnica Gameday Participant] Creature P
92 Dynacharge Instant C
93 Electrickery Instant C
T12 Elemental [Token] Creature Token C
159 Epic Experiment Sorcery M
160 Essence Backlash Instant C
9 Ethereal Armor Enchantment C
94 Explosive Impact Instant C
10 Eyes in the Skies Instant C
39 Faerie Impostor Creature U
161 Fall of the Gavel Instant U
11 Fencing Ace Creature U
162 Firemind's Foresight Instant R
270 Forest Basic Land L
271 Forest Basic Land L
272 Forest Basic Land L
273 Forest Basic Land L
274 Forest Basic Land L
215 Frostburn Weird Creature C
124 Gatecreeper Vine Creature C
125 Giant Growth Instant C
126 Gobbling Ooze Creature U
163 Goblin Electromancer Creature C
95 Goblin Rally Sorcery U
T6 Goblin [Token] Creature Token C
164 Golgari Charm Instant U
127 Golgari Decoy Creature U
239 Golgari Guildgate Land C
229 Golgari Keyrune Artifact U
216 Golgari Longlegs Creature C
96 Gore-House Chainwalker Creature C
67 Grave Betrayal Enchantment R
68 Grim Roustabout Creature C
165 Grisly Salvage Instant C
240 Grove of the Guardian Land R
P240 Grove of the Guardian [Return to Ravnica Pre-Release] [Selesnaya] Land P
217 Growing Ranks Enchantment R
97 Guild Feud Enchantment R
98 Guttersnipe Creature U
241 Hallowed Fountain Land R
166 Havoc Festival Enchantment R
167 Hellhole Flailer Creature U
168 Heroes' Reunion Instant U
128 Horncaller's Chant Sorcery C
40 Hover Barrier Creature U
169 Hussar Patrol Creature C
170 Hypersonic Dragon Creature R
P170 Hypersonic Dragon [Return to Ravnica Pre-Release] [Izzet] Creature P
41 Inaction Injunction Sorcery C
42 Inspiration Instant C
255 Island Basic Land L
256 Island Basic Land L
257 Island Basic Land L
258 Island Basic Land L
259 Island Basic Land L
43 Isperia's Skywatch Creature C
171 Isperia, Supreme Judge Legendary Creature M
172 Izzet Charm Instant U
242 Izzet Guildgate Land C
230 Izzet Keyrune Artifact U
173 Izzet Staticaster Creature U
44 Jace, Architect of Thought Planeswalker M
175 Jarad's Orders Sorcery R
174 Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord Legendary Creature M
218 Judge's Familiar Creature U
12 Keening Apparition Creature C
PT 1/1 Leag Knight [Return to Ravnica League] Creature Token P
T2 Knight [Token] Creature Token C
13 Knightly Valor Enchantment C
176 Korozda Guildmage Creature U
129 Korozda Monitor Creature C
69 Launch Party Instant C
99 Lobber Crew Creature C
177 Lotleth Troll Creature R
178 Loxodon Smiter Creature R
179 Lyev Skyknight Creature U
130 Mana Bloom Enchantment R
14 Martial Law Enchantment R
180 Mercurial Chemister Creature R
70 Mind Rot Sorcery C
100 Minotaur Aggressor Creature U
101 Mizzium Mortars Sorcery R
45 Mizzium Skin Instant C
265 Mountain Basic Land L
266 Mountain Basic Land L
267 Mountain Basic Land L
268 Mountain Basic Land L
269 Mountain Basic Land L
71 Necropolis Regent Creature M
181 New Prahv Guildmage Creature U
183 Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius Legendary Creature M
182 Nivix Guildmage Creature U
219 Nivmagus Elemental Creature R
131 Oak Street Innkeeper Creature U
72 Ogre Jailbreaker Creature C
T8 Ooze [Token] Creature Token C
243 Overgrown Tomb Land R
73 Pack Rat Creature R
15 Palisade Giant Creature R
46 Paralyzing Grasp Enchantment C
74 Perilous Shadow Creature C
16 Phantom General Creature U
231 Pithing Needle Artifact R
250 Plains Basic Land L
251 Plains Basic Land L
252 Plains Basic Land L
253 Plains Basic Land L
254 Plains Basic Land L
17 Precinct Captain Creature R
47 Psychic Spiral Instant U
102 Pursuit of Flight Enchantment C
103 Pyroconvergence Enchantment U
104 Racecourse Fury Enchantment U
220 Rakdos Cackler Creature U
184 Rakdos Charm Instant U
244 Rakdos Guildgate Land C
232 Rakdos Keyrune Artifact U
185 Rakdos Ragemutt Creature U
186 Rakdos Ringleader Creature U
221 Rakdos Shred-Freak Creature C
188 Rakdos's Return Sorcery M
187 Rakdos, Lord of Riots Legendary Creature M
18 Rest in Peace Enchantment R
T9 Rhino [Token] Creature Token C
189 Righteous Authority Enchantment R
190 Risen Sanctuary Creature U
191 Rites of Reaping Sorcery U
192 Rix Maadi Guildmage Creature U
245 Rogue's Passage Land U
19 Rootborn Defenses Instant C
132 Rubbleback Rhino Creature C
48 Runewing Creature C
T10 Saproling [Token] Creature Token C
133 Savage Surge Instant U
49 Search the City Enchantment R
193 Search Warrant Sorcery C
20 Security Blockade Enchantment U
134 Seek the Horizon Sorcery U
194 Selesnya Charm Instant U
246 Selesnya Guildgate Land C
233 Selesnya Keyrune Artifact U
21 Selesnya Sentry Creature C
22 Seller of Songbirds Creature C
75 Sewer Shambler Creature C
76 Shrieking Affliction Enchantment U
195 Skull Rend Sorcery C
50 Skyline Predator Creature U
196 Skymark Roc Creature U
197 Slaughter Games Sorcery R
135 Slime Molding Sorcery U
222 Slitherhead Creature U
198 Sluiceway Scorpion Creature C
77 Slum Reaper Creature U
T3 Soldier [Token] Creature Token C
23 Soul Tithe Enchantment U
51 Soulsworn Spirit Creature U
199 Spawn of Rix Maadi Creature C
24 Sphere of Safety Enchantment U
52 Sphinx of the Chimes Creature R
200 Sphinx's Revelation Instant M
105 Splatter Thug Creature C
78 Stab Wound Enchantment C
53 Stealer of Secrets Creature C
247 Steam Vents Land R
136 Stonefare Crocodile Creature C
106 Street Spasm Instant U
234 Street Sweeper Artifact Creature U
223 Sundering Growth Instant C
25 Sunspire Griffin Creature C
201 Supreme Verdict Sorcery R
P201 Supreme Verdict [Return to Ravnica Buy A Box] Sorcery P
107 Survey the Wreckage Sorcery C
260 Swamp Basic Land L
261 Swamp Basic Land L
262 Swamp Basic Land L
263 Swamp Basic Land L
264 Swamp Basic Land L
26 Swift Justice Instant C
54 Syncopate Instant U
235 Tablet of the Guilds Artifact U
79 Tavern Swindler Creature U
202 Teleportal Sorcery U
248 Temple Garden Land R
108 Tenement Crasher Creature C
80 Terrus Wurm Creature C
203 Thoughtflare Instant U
81 Thrill-Kill Assassin Creature U
55 Tower Drake Creature C
137 Towering Indrik Creature C
27 Trained Caracal Creature C
109 Traitorous Instinct Sorcery C
249 Transguild Promenade Land C
204 Treasured Find Sorcery U
205 Trestle Troll Creature C
28 Trostani's Judgment Instant C
206 Trostani, Selesnya's Voice Legendary Creature M
82 Ultimate Price Instant U
83 Underworld Connections Enchantment R
138 Urban Burgeoning Enchantment C
110 Utvara Hellkite Creature M
111 Vandalblast Sorcery U
224 Vassal Soul Creature C
112 Viashino Racketeer Creature C
207 Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage Creature U
56 Voidwielder Creature C
236 Volatile Rig Artifact Creature R
208 Vraska the Unseen Planeswalker M
209 Wayfaring Temple Creature R
139 Wild Beastmaster Creature R
140 Worldspine Wurm Creature M
T11 Wurm [Token] Creature Token C
84 Zanikev Locust Creature U