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Checklist of cards from Zakira's Dragon Commander Power-Up Pack (Duel Masters)
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
S1 Necrodragon Bazradyuda Creature Super Rare
5 Frost Specter, Shadow of Age Evolution Creature Rare
7 Necrodragon Bagrazard Creature Rare
10 Gigajiras Creature Rare
11 Scratchclaw Creature Rare
28 Locomotiver Creature Uncommon
29 Necrodragon Zekira Creature Uncommon
30 Dimension Splitter Creature Uncommon
31 Venom Worm Creature Uncommon
32 Lost Soul Spell Uncommon
33 Venom Charger Spell Uncommon
44 Melnia, the Aqua Shadow Creature Uncommon
47 Slash and Burn Spell Uncommon
60 Steel-Turret Cluster Creature Common
61 Sopian Creature Common
62 Angler Cluster Creature Common
63 Fist Blader Creature Common
65 Reconstruction Man Creature Common
66 Cursed Pincher Creature Common
67 Trixo, Wicked Doll Creature Common
69 Horrid Worm Creature Common
71 Grinning Axe, the Monstrosity Creature Common
73 Propeller Mutant Creature Common
74 Zombie Carnival Spell Common
77 Snake Attack Spell Common
78 Darkpact Spell Common
79 Critical Blade Spell Common
83 Quakesaur Creature Common
85 Pyrofighter Magnus Creature Common