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Checklist of cards from Evo Fury (Kaijudo TCG)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
12 Aquatic Expulsion Spell Rare
34 Big Hissy Evolution Creature Very Rare
35 Blastforge Captain Evolution Creature Rare
45 Bronze-Arm Sabertooth Evolution Creature Uncommon
1 Chasm Entangler Creature Common
23 Chimera Tyrant Creature Rare
36 Cliffcutter Creature Common
2 Cloudwalker Drone Creature Common
3 Cobalt, the Storm Knight Evolution Creature Very Rare
13 Cyber Sprite Creature Common
14 Cyber Trader Creature Common
37 Drakon Warchief Creature Uncommon
15 Emperor Axon Evolution Creature Uncommon
S2 Emperor Neuron Evolution Creature Super Rare
S4 Evo Fury Tatsurion Evolution Creature Super Rare
S5 Flamespike Tatsurion Evolution Creature Super Rare
16 Forklift Tank Glu-urrgle Creature Very Rare
46 Forsett, Heroic Shaman Creature Rare
24 Gigabolver Creature Common
25 Gigazanda Creature Common
47 Granite Avenger Creature Rare
38 Gunwing Dragon Creature Uncommon
4 Halon, Paragon of Light Evolution Creature Uncommon
39 Heat Seekers Spell Common
5 Helios Rings Spell Common
26 Hydra Medusa Evolution Creature Uncommon
48 Illusory Berry Creature Common
40 Jet-Thrust Darter Creature Common
41 Jetflame Bodyguard Creature Common
17 King Neptas Creature Rare
42 Laser-arm Drakon Evolution Creature Uncommon
43 Lava Leaper Creature Rare
49 Lepidos the Ancient Creature Very Rare
27 Locomotivator Creature Uncommon
50 Moonhowler Tribe Creature Common
18 Neuron's Oracle Creature Rare
28 Olgate, Knight of Shadow Creature Rare
S1 Orion, Radiant Fury Creature Super Rare
6 Photon Squad Creature Common
51 Prickleback Creature Common
7 Prism-Blade Enforcer Creature Uncommon
D1 Ra-Vu the Stormbringer Evolution Creature Super Rare
19 Rapids Lurker Wwhhshrll Creature Common
52 Reap and Sow Spell Common
8 Recharge Spell Rare
20 Reef Gladiator Creature Uncommon
29 Return from Beyond Spell Rare
30 Scavenging Chimera Creature Uncommon
31 Screeching Scaradorable Creature Very Rare
21 Search the Depths Spell Common
9 Shock Sentinel Creature Rare
53 Silver Fist Creature Uncommon
32 Slyth Creature Common
54 Snapclaw Creature Uncommon
22 Sopan, Cyber Renegade Creature Uncommon
10 Starwing Creature Uncommon
33 Swampstench Worm Creature Common
S3 Tekamora the Wretched Evolution Creature Super Rare
55 Tendrill Grasp Spell Rare
11 Twilight Commander Creature Rare
44 Twin-Cannon Maelstorm Creature Rare