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Checklist of cards from Idolm@ster Anime Booster Pack (Weiss Schwarz CCG)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
IM-S21-017 "Ami-Mami-chan" Mami Character C
IM-S21-112 "Challenging the Limits" Ai Character RE
IM-S21-110 "Dashing Mini-Tank" Ai Character RE
IM-S21-091 *Twin High Five!* Ami & Mami Character RE
IM-S21-071 765 Production, Everyone Gather! Character U
IM-S21-078a A Certain Day's Scenery Event U
IM-S21-078b A Certain Day's Scenery Event U
IM-S21-107 Ai & Mai, Lively Parent And Child Character RE
IM-S21-054 Ai, Brilliance of Next Generation Character C
IM-S21-108 Ai, Straightforward Wherever Character RE
IM-S21-114 Ai, Talent As Idol Character RE
IM-S21-115 ALIVE Climax RE
IM-S21-001 Ami & Mami, Trickery Boss! Character RR
IM-S21-001R Ami & Mami, Trickery Boss! Character RRR
IM-S21-036 Ami, Beautiful Sisters Detectives Character C
IM-S21-032 Ami, Exclusive Interview Character C
IM-S21-031 Ami, Idol Full Power! Character U
IM-S21-31SP Ami, Idol Full Power! Character SP
IM-S21-030 Ami, Twin Drive Character U
IM-S21-025 Azusa, OFF Time Character R
IM-S21-025R Azusa, OFF Time Character RRR
IM-S21-026 Azusa, Run! Bride Character R
IM-S21-26SP Azusa, Run! Bride Character SP
IM-S21-021 Azusa, Seaside Character RR
IM-S21-027 Azusa, Short Hair Character U
IM-S21-121 Azusa, Thinking of Dreams Character RE
IM-S21-080 CHANGE!!!! Climax CC
IM-S21-125 Chihaya, Advice of Songs Character RE
IM-S21-072 Chihaya, Frog Kitchen Character C
IM-S21-076 Chihaya, Live!? On Sundays Character C
IM-S21-061 Chihaya, New Promise Character RR
IM-S21-61SP Chihaya, New Promise Character SP
IM-S21-064 Chihaya, OFF Time Character R
IM-S21-064R Chihaya, OFF Time Character RRR
IM-S21-122 CINERIA, Net Idol Character RE
IM-S21-018a Clothing Change Event U
IM-S21-018b Clothing Change Event U
IM-S21-104 Dazzling World Climax RE
IM-S21-123 Eri Mizutani Character RE
IM-S21-073 Eri, Brilliance of Next Generation Character C
IM-S21-118 Eri, Group Lesson Character RE
IM-S21-124 Eri, Inherited Dream Character RE
IM-S21-120 Eri, Multi-Artist Character RE
IM-S21-119 Eri, Quite Incredulous Character RE
IM-S21-047 Hamzo, Hibiki's Partner Character U
IM-S21-049 Haruka, Can't Let It Be Character U
IM-S21-046 Haruka, Center of 765 Production Character R
IM-S21-46SP Haruka, Center of 765 Production Character SP
IM-S21-050 Haruka, Live!? On Sundays Character U
IM-S21-052 Haruka, Rookie Idol Character C
IM-S21-111 Haruka, Special Judge Character RE
IM-S21-045 Haruka, To the Next Stage! Character R
IM-S21-045R Haruka, To the Next Stage! Character RRR
IM-S21-048 Hibiki, Business Trip Event Character U
IM-S21-041 Hibiki, Got It! Character RR
IM-S21-41SP Hibiki, Got It! Character SP
IM-S21-051 Hibiki, Together With Everyone! Character U
IM-S21-051R Hibiki, Together With Everyone! Character RRR
IM-S21-053 Hibiki, Tricycle Dash Character C
IM-S21-097 Hibiki, Tropical Girl Character RE
IM-S21-014 Hikari, Shinkan Shoujo Character C
IM-S21-033 Iori During Sports Festival Character C
IM-S21-093 Iori, Idol Favorite Character RE
IM-S21-035 Iori, Kira Kira Cute! Character C
IM-S21-028 Iori, OFF Time Character U
IM-S21-028R Iori, OFF Time Character RRR
IM-S21-024 Iori, Super! Beautiful Girl Idol Character R
IM-S21-24SP Iori, Super! Beautiful Girl Idol Character SP
IM-S21-015 Kotori, Padded Kimono Character C
IM-S21-012 Kotori, Person of Interest Character C
IM-S21-011 Kotori, Secret Songstress Character U
IM-S21-003 Kotori-san, Support Anywhere! Character R
IM-S21-03SP Kotori-san, Support Anywhere! Character SP
IM-S21-019 Little Match Girl Climax CC
IM-S21-113 Mai, Legendary Idol Character RE
IM-S21-069 Makoto, Action Star Character U
IM-S21-077 Makoto, Makko-Makorin! Character C
IM-S21-066 Makoto, Makoto's Prince Character R
IM-S21-66SP Makoto, Makoto's Prince Character SP
IM-S21-063 Makoto, OFF Time Character R
IM-S21-063R Makoto, OFF Time Character RRR
IM-S21-105 Makoto, Special Coach Character RE
IM-S21-007 Mami, ALLSTAR Live Character U
IM-S21-009 Mami, Full Power Idol! Character U
IM-S21-09SP Mami, Full Power Idol! Character SP
IM-S21-106 Manami, Supporting Role Character RE
IM-S21-059 Marionette's Heart Climax CC
IM-S21-042 Miki, Awakened Genius Character RR
IM-S21-42SP Miki, Awakened Genius Character SP
IM-S21-044 Miki, Hidden Talent? Character R
IM-S21-044R Miki, Hidden Talent? Character RRR
IM-S21-055 Miki, Return to Stage Character C
IM-S21-101 Miki, Self-Confidence Towards Songs Character RE
IM-S21-056 Miki, Sexy Santa Character C
IM-S21-126 Precog Climax RE
IM-S21-058a Present Event U
IM-S21-058b Present Event U
IM-S21-094 President Ishikawa Character RE
IM-S21-068 President Kuroi, Jupiter's Wire Puller Character U
IM-S21-057 President Takagi, Mysterious Person? Character C
IM-S21-117 Producer Ozaki Character RE
IM-S21-067 Producer, First Job Character U
IM-S21-043 Producer, Reliable!? Character R
IM-S21-079 Promise Climax CC
IM-S21-060 READY!! Climax CC
IM-S21-020 Rest@rt Myself Climax CC
IM-S21-029 Ritsuko & Ryuuguu Komachi Character U
IM-S21-023 Ritsuko, OFF Time Character R
IM-S21-023R Ritsuko, OFF Time Character RRR
IM-S21-116 Ritsuko, Premonition of Incident Character RE
IM-S21-022 Ritsuko, Return to Idoldom! Character RR
IM-S21-22SP Ritsuko, Return to Idoldom! Character SP
IM-S21-037 Ritsuko, Wavering Devil Sergeant Character C
IM-S21-098 Ryou & Yumeko, Uneven Pair Character RE
IM-S21-096 Ryou, A Step Towards Dreams Character RE
IM-S21-100 Ryou, Big Secret Character RE
IM-S21-034 Ryou, Brilliance of Next Generation Character C
IM-S21-095 Ryou, Idol's Cousin Character RE
IM-S21-103 Ryou, Not Giving Up Dreams Character RE
IM-S21-039 Seven-Colored Button Climax CC
IM-S21-038a Sidetracked Event U
IM-S21-038b Sidetracked Event U
IM-S21-038c Sidetracked Event U
IM-S21-062 Takane of Ancient Capital Character RR
IM-S21-62SP Takane of Ancient Capital Character SP
IM-S21-099 Takane, Beautiful Girl Character RE
IM-S21-065 Takane, OFF Time Character R
IM-S21-065R Takane, OFF Time Character RRR
IM-S21-075 Takane, One-Day Police Chief Character C
IM-S21-074 Takane, Ramen Hunter Character C
IM-S21-070 Touma, Jupiter's Farewell Character U
IM-S21-013 Yayoi, Bean Sprouts Festival! Character C
IM-S21-006 Yayoi, Cooking Sa-Shi-Su-Se-So! Character R
IM-S21-06SP Yayoi, Cooking Sa-Shi-Su-Se-So! Character SP
IM-S21-109 Yayoi, Everyone's Idol Character RE
IM-S21-005 Yayoi, REST@RT Character R
IM-S21-005R Yayoi, REST@RT Character RRR
IM-S21-008 Yayoi, Someday I Want to Eat Steak! Character U
IM-S21-010 Yukiho Backstage Character U
IM-S21-004 Yukiho, Courage for a Step Character R
IM-S21-004R Yukiho, Courage for a Step Character RRR
IM-S21-092 Yukiho, Kind Senpai Character RE
IM-S21-016 Yukiho, Modification Plan! Character C
IM-S21-002 Yukiho, Passionate Snow White Character RR
IM-S21-02SP Yukiho, Passionate Snow White Character SP
IM-S21-102 Yumeko Sakurai Character RE