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Checklist of cards from Robotics Notes Trial Deck (Weiss Schwarz CCG)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
RN-W16-105 "Childhood Friends" Akiho & Kaito Character TD
RN-W16-T01 Airi, Hollow Pretty Girl Character TD
RN-W16-103 Airi, Rumored Ghost!? Character TD
RN-W16-T03 Akiho, Charging Recklessly! Character TD
RN-W16-T05 Akiho, During Maintenance Character TD
RN-W16-102 Akiho, Eagerly Waited Operation Test Character TD
RN-W16-T02 Akiho, President of Robotics Club Character TD
RN-W16-T13 By the Two of Them in Closed Space Event TD
RN-W16-T06 Circle of Determination Climax TD
RN-W16-T12 Frau, Genius Programmer Character TD
RN-W16-101 Frau, Girl Appearing on Tanegashima Character TD
RN-W16-T09 Frau, HP 0 Character TD
RN-W16-T11 Junna, Motion Actress Character TD
RN-W16-104 Junna, Reliable One of the Family Character TD
RN-W16-T08 Junna, Timid Karate Girl Character TD
RN-W16-T04 Kaito, Battle Gamer Character TD
RN-W16-T14 Kind Big Sister of Children Climax TD
RN-W16-T10 Subaru, Arrogant Stance Character TD
RN-W16-T07 The Dream Being Chased Constantly Climax TD