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Checklist of cards from CLANNAD Vol. 3 Extra Pack (Weiss Schwarz CCG)
in collection
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
CL-WE07-21 "Big Sister" Kyou Character C
CL-WE07-21SP "Big Sister" Kyou Character SP
CL-WE07-12 "Lovers" Nagisa & Tomoya / “恋人同士”渚&朋也 Character C
CL-WE07-47 Akio Furukawa Character RE
CL-WE07-34 Do You Like This School...? Climax RE
CL-WE07-13 Encounter And Farewell Climax C
CL-WE07-14 Family's Bond / 家族の絆 Climax C
CL-WE07-40 Fuuko & Kouko Character RE
CL-WE07-61 Fuuko Ibuki Character RE
CL-WE07-62 Fuuko in Pajamas Character RE
CL-WE07-38 Fuuko, Ghost Girl Character RE
CL-WE07-35 Fuuko, Legendary Starfish User Character RE
CL-WE07-17 Fuuko, Ushio's Friend Character C
CL-WE07-24 Girl of the Doomed World / 終わった世界の少女 Character C
CL-WE07-51 Girl of the Fantasy World Character RE
CL-WE07-26 Kotomi & Tomoyo Character C
CL-WE07-52 Kotomi Ichinose / 一ノ瀬 ことみ Character RE
CL-WE07-70 Kotomi, At Her Own Pace Character RE
CL-WE07-50 Kotomi, Destructor of Rhythm Character RE
CL-WE07-69 Kotomi, Genius Girl Character RE
CL-WE07-49 Kotomi, Honorary Book Committee Member Character RE
CL-WE07-23 Kotomi, Natural Girl Character R
CL-WE07-53 Kyou & Ryou Character RE
CL-WE07-64 Kyou & Tomoyo Character RE
CL-WE07-65 Kyou Fujibayashi Character RE
CL-WE07-45 Kyou, Berserking Girl Character RE
CL-WE07-67 Kyou, Chairman Character RE
CL-WE07-42 Kyou, Loves Caring Character RE
CL-WE07-44 Kyou, Thinking of Younger Sister Character RE
CL-WE07-20 Kyou, Ushio's Homeroom Teacher Character R
CL-WE07-68 Love Triangle Climax RE
CL-WE07-57 Mei, Love Cupid Character RE
CL-WE07-18 Misae Sagara Character C
CL-WE07-48 Nagisa & Kotomi Character RE
CL-WE07-66 Nagisa & Kyou Character RE
CL-WE07-22 Nagisa & Kyou & Ryou Character C
CL-WE07-27 Nagisa & Kyou & Ryou, Waitresses Character C
CL-WE07-43 Nagisa & Kyou, Bakery Character RE
CL-WE07-09 Nagisa & Mei Character C
CL-WE07-10 Nagisa & Sanae, Friendly Mother And Daughter Character C
CL-WE07-11 Nagisa & Tomoya & Akio, Warm Family Character C
CL-WE07-55 Nagisa & Ushio Character RE
CL-WE07-31 Nagisa Furukawa Character RE
CL-WE07-06 Nagisa Loves Dumplings Character R
CL-WE07-06SP Nagisa Loves Dumplings Character SP
CL-WE07-56 Nagisa Okazaki Character RE
CL-WE07-32 Nagisa, Caretaker Character RE
CL-WE07-28 Nagisa, Drama Club President Character RE
CL-WE07-30 Nagisa, Girl Who Stood Still Character RE
CL-WE07-08 Nagisa, Loves This Town Character C
CL-WE07-03 Nagisa, Sickly Girl Character R
CL-WE07-01 Nagisa, Student of Hikarizaka High School / 光坂高校の生徒 渚 Character R
CL-WE07-05 Nagisa, Tomoya's Lover Character R
CL-WE07-54 Present to My Daughter Climax RE
CL-WE07-71 Ryou, Fortune Telling Lover Character RE
CL-WE07-46 Sanae Furukawa Character RE
CL-WE07-16 Tomoya in Pajama Character C
CL-WE07-29 Tomoya Okazaki Character RE
CL-WE07-02 Tomoya, Invitation to Date Character R
CL-WE07-58 Tomoya, Optimistic Character RE
CL-WE07-59 Tomoyo Sakagami Character RE
CL-WE07-63 Tomoyo's Vow Climax RE
CL-WE07-37 Tomoyo, All-Around in Sports Character RE
CL-WE07-36 Tomoyo, Family Feel Character RE
CL-WE07-39 Tomoyo, Legendary Girl Character RE
CL-WE07-19 Tomoyo, Strongest Woman Character C
CL-WE07-60 Tomoyo, Student Council President Character RE
CL-WE07-15 Tomoyo, Transfer Student Character R
CL-WE07-15SP Tomoyo, Transfer Student Character SP
CL-WE07-41 Until the End of the Dream Climax RE
CL-WE07-07 Ushio Okazaki / 岡崎 汐 Character C
CL-WE07-04 Ushio, Daughter of Nagisa / 渚の娘 汐 Character R
CL-WE07-33 Youhei Sunohara Character RE
CL-WE07-25 Yukine Miyazawa Character C
CL-WE07-72 Yuusuke Yoshino Character RE