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Checklist of cards from Structure Deck 24: Onslaught of the Fire Kings (Japanese) (YuGiOh!)
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
SD24-JP032 Flamvell Counter Trap Card / Counter Common
SD24-JP031 Backfire Trap Card / Continuous Common
SD24-JP039 Nightmare Wheel Trap Card / Continuous Common
SD24-JP035 Blast with Chain Trap Card Common
SD24-JP038 Chain Destruction Trap Card Common
SD24-JP034 Horn of the Phantom Beast Trap Card Common
SD24-JP033 Phoenix Wing Wind Blast Trap Card Common
SD24-JP037 Regretful Rebirth Trap Card Common
SD24-JP036 Spiritual Fire Art - Kurenai Trap Card Common
SD24-JP023 Fire King Fire Cycle Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play Super Rare
SD24-JP028 Hand Destruction Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play Common
SD24-JP025 Blaze Accelerator Spell/Magic Card / Continuous Common
SD24-JP030 Burden of the Mighty Spell/Magic Card / Continuous Common
SD24-JP022 Assault of the Fire Kings Spell/Magic Card Super Rare
SD24-JP029 Creature Swap Spell/Magic Card Common
SD24-JP027 Pot of Duality Spell/Magic Card Common
SD24-JP024 Rekindling Spell/Magic Card Common
SD24-JP026 Wild Nature's Release Spell/Magic Card Common
SD24-JP002 Fire King Avatar Barong Monster / Effect Rare
SD24-JP003 Fire King Avatar Qilin Monster / Effect Rare
SD24-JP001 Fire King High Avatar Garunix Monster / Effect Ultra Rare
SD24-JP019 Flame Tiger Monster / Effect Common
SD24-JP009 Flamvell Firedog Monster / Effect Common
SD24-JP010 Flamvell Poun Monster / Effect Common
SD24-JP018 Fox Fire Monster / Effect Common
SD24-JP006 Goka, the Pyre of Malice Monster / Effect Common
SD24-JP007 Haze Beast Hipogrifo Monster / Effect Common
SD24-JP011 Jurrac Guaiba Monster / Effect Common
SD24-JP012 Jurrac Velo Monster / Effect Common
SD24-JP008 Laval Lancelord Monster / Effect Common
SD24-JP020 Little Chimera Monster / Effect Common
SD24-JP005 Manticore of Darkness Monster / Effect Common
SD24-JP015 Molten Zombie Monster / Effect Common
SD24-JP017 Raging Flame Sprite Monster / Effect Common
SD24-JP004 Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys Monster / Effect Common
SD24-JP016 Spirit of Flames Monster / Effect Common
SD24-JP021 UFO Turtle Monster / Effect Common
SD24-JP014 Volcanic Counter Monster / Effect Common
SD24-JP013 Volcanic Rocket Monster / Effect Common