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Checklist of cards from Starter Deck 1: Angel's Benevolence (Z/X - Zillions of Enemy X)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
C01-017 Arrogant Light Wall Event C
C01-009 Exploding Coal Event C
C01-001 Asuka Tennouji Player SR
C01-005 Armor Blacksmith Reinforce Z/X C
C01-011 Ciel of the Sky Z/X C
C01-007 Courageous Bear Samurai, Sakata Kintoki Z/X C
C01-003 Crimson Fang Ruby Howl Z/X C
C01-008 God of Pride, Augustus Z/X C
C01-006 Graceful Crystal, Crystal Swan Z/X C
C01-010 Holy Beast Aura Komainu Z/X C
C01-016 Holy Beast Aura Narasimha Z/X C
C01-002 Incorruptible Feelings, Fierite Z/X SR
C01-012 Lawbringer Dhaulagiri Z/X C
C01-004 Queen of the Desert, Cleopatra Z/X C
C01-015 Sagesse of Wisdom Z/X C
C01-013 Sleeping Snow White Z/X C
C01-014 Will of Volonté Z/X C