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Checklist of cards from Promotional: Celestial (Legend of the Five Rings)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
1 A Brave New World Strategy Promo
2 All That Will Be Lost Event Promo
3 All Within the World Spell Promo
4 Alone with One's Thoughts Strategy Promo
5 Aoyama Personality Promo
6 Assess Your Foe Strategy Promo
7 Barley Farm Holding Promo
Proxy-F1 Benika's Pride Proxy Promo
9 Benten's Blessing Celestial Promo
10 Biwa Player Follower Promo
11 Blue Tanuki Bar Holding Promo
12 Blue Tanuki Serving Girl Personality Promo
13 Bottled Fire Item Promo
14 Bounty Hunter Follower Promo
15 Brilliant Artisan Holding Promo
16 Butoken Personality Promo
17 Channeling the Fallen Spell Promo
18 Coastal Waters Region Promo
19 Coin Pouch Item Promo
20 Colonist's Mark Item Promo
21 Costly Feud Strategy Promo
22 Cultist Infiltrator Follower Promo
23 Cycle of Heaven Strategy Promo
24 Daigotsu Chaozhu (Experienced 2) Personality Promo
25 Daigotsu's Wrath Strategy Promo
26 Daikoku's Guidance Celestial Promo
27 De Bellis Yoditorum Item Promo
28 Deadlands Region Promo
29 Debt Collector Holding Promo
30 Delayed Conflict Strategy Promo
Proxy-F3 Disposable Troops Proxy Promo
32 Drunken Nostalgia Strategy Promo
33 Economic Manipulation Strategy Promo
Proxy-F9 Emerald Champion Proxy Promo
35 Enomoto Personality Promo
36 Festival of Coronation Event Promo
37 Festival of Founding Event Promo
38 Flanked on All Sides Strategy Promo
39 Folklore Strategy Promo
40 Fortifications Holding Promo
41 Freedom of the Air Spell Promo
42 Fudo Cultist Follower Promo
43 Fukurokujin's Wisdom Celestial Promo
44 Gaining Experience Strategy Promo
45 Green Nightshade Blend Strategy Promo
46 Grip of the Earth Spell Promo
47 Head of Fudo Holding Promo
48 Heart of Fudo Item Promo
49 Heartlands Region Promo
50 Heavy Infantry Dojo Holding Promo
Proxy-F8 Hideshi's Guardian Proxy Promo
52 Hisamatsu Personality Promo
53 Humble House Holding Promo
54 Hunger of the Fire Spell Promo
55 Hyobuko Personality Promo
56 Iaijutsu Student Follower Promo
57 Imperial Drills Strategy Promo
58 Inexpensive Armor Item Promo
Proxy-F59 Infantry Follower Proxy Promo
60 Iron Kabuto Item Promo
61 Jahan Personality Promo
62 Kamalakar Personality Promo
63 Kataoko Personality Promo
64 Kikushima Personality Promo
65 Kuga Personality Promo
66 Kuronada (Experienced) Personality Promo
67 Lavish Gift Strategy Promo
68 Left Hand's Wrath Strategy Promo
69 Liquid Courage Strategy Promo
70 Low Quality Mine Holding Promo
71 Lying in Ambush Strategy Promo
72 Magistrate's Stipend Holding Promo
73 Masatane Personality Promo
74 Masaya Personality Promo
75 Master Scouts Follower Promo
76 Merchant Atoll Holding Promo
77 Minor Blackmail Event Promo
78 Miya Masatsuko Personality Promo
79 Modifications Item Promo
80 Moto Yuudai (Experienced) Personality Promo
81 Mounted Support Follower Promo
82 Nakadai Personality Promo
83 Naoharu's Gift Event Promo
84 Natsu-Togumara's Guidance Celestial Promo
85 Near Miss Strategy Promo
86 Open Recruitment Event Promo
87 Overwhelming Numbers Strategy Promo
88 Palace of the Breaking Dawn Stronghold Promo
89 Paneki's Disgrace (Experienced 6) Personality Promo
Proxy-F4 Phoenix Yojimbo Proxy Promo
91 Plague of Flesh Follower Promo
92 Plains of Resolution Region Promo
93 Quick Recovery Strategy Promo
94 Rallying the Recruits Strategy Promo
Proxy-F7 Readied Blade Proxy Promo
96 Recruitment Center Holding Promo
97 Recruitment Officer Holding Promo
98 Retribution Strategy Promo
99 Riverside Port Holding Promo
100 Sasumata Item Promo
101 Seiatsu Item Promo
102 Seppun Heavy Elite Follower Promo
103 Seppun Horai Personality Promo
104 Seppun Tanizaki Personality Promo
105 Settling the Homeless Strategy Promo
106 Shrine to the Heavens Holding Promo
107 Shrine to Yoritomo Holding Promo
108 Signs and Portents Event Promo
109 Soldiers of Clay Spell Promo
110 Spider Netsuke Item Promo
Proxy-F2 Spirit of the Bear Proxy Promo
112 Stone of Remembrance Holding Promo
113 Superior Opponent Strategy Promo
114 Swell the Ranks Strategy Promo
115 Tadatsugu Personality Promo
116 Tanuki Tricks Strategy Promo
117 Tashiki Personality Promo
118 Temple to Te'tik'kir Region Promo
119 The Elements Align Spell Promo
120 The Empire Awaits Event Promo
121 The God-Beast Unleashed Event Promo
122 The Imperial Favor Special Promo
123 The Imperial Treasury Holding Promo
124 The Ivory Coast Region Promo
125 The Oni's Eye Item Promo
126 The Shrine of Lady Sun Stronghold Promo
Proxy-F6 The Walking Dead Proxy Promo
128 Torakichi Personality Promo
129 Tsi Mokotsu Holding Promo
130 Tsubo the Drunk Personality Promo
131 Twisted Fate Event Promo
132 Underhand's Wrath Strategy Promo
Proxy-F10 Unicorn Scout Proxy Promo
134 Unwelcome Supervision Strategy Promo
135 Utagawa (Experienced 2) Personality Promo
136 Veteran's Experience Strategy Promo
137 War-ravaged Plain Region Promo
138 Writ of Reprimand Item Promo
139 Wyrmbone Katana Item Promo
140 Yoritomo Ascends Event Promo
141 Yotsu Ueda Personality Promo
142 Yotsu Ueda's Chosen Follower Promo