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Checklist of cards from Promotional: CWF (Legend of the Five Rings)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
1 A Stout Heart Strategy Promo
2 Another Time Strategy Promo
3 As the Shadow Falls Event Promo
4 Asahina Tomo Personality Promo
5 Ashlim Personality Promo
6 Bad Kharma Strategy Promo
7 Bayushi Dozan Personality Promo
8 Beiden Pass Region Promo
9 Bend like a Reed Strategy Promo
10 Blood of Midnight Spell Promo
11 Bonds of Darkness Event Promo
12 Bridged Pass Holding Promo
13 Brothers of Thunder Follower Promo
14 Burning Your Essence Strategy Promo
15 Chi Strike Strategy Promo
16 Corrupt Gold Mines Holding Promo
17 Corrupted Ground Strategy Promo
18 Court Jester Strategy Promo
19 Disenlightenment Strategy Promo
20 Disfavored Strategy Promo
21 Disharmony Strategy Promo
22 Dragon Sword is Broken Event Promo
23 Dragon's Teeth Holding Promo
24 Extortion Strategy Promo
25 False Alliance Strategy Promo
26 Familiar Surroundings Strategy Promo
27 Fatal Mistake Strategy Promo
28 Festering Pit of Fu Leng Holding Promo
29 Force of Will Spell Promo
30 Fu Leng's Steeds Strategy Promo
31 Goblin Berserkers Follower Promo
32 Goblin War Standard Item Promo
33 Goblin Wizard Personality Promo
34 Hida Sukune Personality Promo
35 Hida Tsuru Personality Promo
36 Horsebowmen Follower Promo
37 Inner Fire Strategy Promo
38 Kakita Ichiro Personality Promo
39 Kemmei Personality Promo
40 Koichi Personality Promo
41 Lessons From the Past Strategy Promo
42 Master of the Tea Ceremony Holding Promo
43 Master Painter Holding Promo
44 Matsu Toshiro Personality Promo
45 Mountain of the Seven Thunders Region Promo
46 Night Battle Strategy Promo
47 Ningyo Holding Promo
48 Oni no Kamu Personality Promo
49 Peasant Levies Follower Promo
50 Pikemen Follower Promo
51 Plague Zombies Follower Promo
52 Plains of the Emerald Champion Region Promo
53 Plans Within Plans Strategy Promo
54 Political Distraction Strategy Promo
55 Ranbe Personality Promo
56 Robes of Shinsei Item Promo
57 Sake Works Holding Promo
58 Sanctified Ground Region Promo
59 Secluded Ravine Region Promo
60 Setsuban Festival Event Promo
61 Shabura Personality Promo
62 Shadowlands Madmen Follower Promo
63 Shadowlands Sickness Strategy Promo
64 Shagara Personality Promo
65 Shahadet's Legion Follower Promo
66 Shiba Katsuda Personality Promo
67 Shiba Kyo Personality Promo
68 Shiba Shingo Personality Promo
69 Shinjo Sadato Personality Promo
70 Shioda Personality Promo
71 Skeletal Archers Follower Promo
72 Soshi Taoshi Personality Promo
73 Stance of the Mountain Strategy Promo
74 Stand Firm Strategy Promo
75 Stifling Wind Spell Promo
76 Sunken City Region Promo
77 Suspended Terrain Strategy Promo
78 Sympathetic Energies Spell Promo
79 The Arrow Knows the Way Strategy Promo
80 The Celestial Pattern Event Promo
81 The Face of Fear Strategy Promo
82 The Fair Voice of Lies Event Promo
83 The Final Breath Strategy Promo
84 The Fire from Within Spell Promo
85 The First Scroll Is Opened Event Promo
86 The Kaiu Walls Region Promo
87 The Price of War Event Promo
88 The Twelve Ronin Follower Promo
89 To Avenge our Ancestors Strategy Promo
90 Togashi Jodome Personality Promo
91 Tomb of Iuchiban Holding Promo
92 Tomb of Jade Spell Promo
93 Toturi Is Drugged Strategy Promo
94 Trade Route Holding Promo
95 Trading Grounds Holding Promo
96 Troops from the Woods Strategy Promo
97 Tunnel System Holding Promo
98 Warrior Monks Follower Promo
99 Wetlands Region Promo
100 Yogo Shidachi Personality Promo