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Checklist of cards from Promotional: Lotus (Legend of the Five Rings)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
1 A Favor Returned Holding Promo
2 A Hero's Courage Event Promo
3 A Hero's Name Strategy Promo
4 A Hero's Tale Strategy Promo
5 Arrival of the Phoenix Event Promo
6 Ayamari Personality Promo
7 Battle at the Tomb Event Promo
8 Bayushi Paneki (Experienced 3) Personality Promo
9 Brilliant Artisan Holding Promo
10 Call of Destiny Strategy Promo
11 City Guard Follower Promo
12 Clan Standard Item Promo
13 Daigotsu (Experienced) Personality Promo
14 Danjuro's Legion Follower Promo
15 Dark Divination (Experienced) Spell Promo
16 Desperate Defense Strategy Promo
17 Diamond Strategy Promo
18 District Governor Holding Promo
19 Doji Domotai (Experienced 2) Personality Promo
20 Emerald Strategy Promo
21 Emerald Competitor Holding Promo
22 Favor of the Emerald Champion Event Promo
23 Favor of the Jade Champion Event Promo
24 Fighting in the Streets Strategy Promo
25 Fireworks Item Promo
26 Gift of the Shogun Event Promo
27 Gifts and Favors Holding Promo
28 Gold Strategy Promo
29 Hida Kuon (Experienced 4) Personality Promo
30 House of the Blue Tanuki Holding Promo
31 Imperial Strategy Promo
32 Jade Strategy Promo
33 Kadano's Map Item Promo
34 Kan'ok'ticheck (Experienced 2) Personality Promo
35 Kaneka's Reserves Strategy Promo
36 Kitsuki Scrutiny Event Promo
37 Kitsune Den Holding Promo
38 Legion of the Sapphire Chrysanthemum Follower Promo
39 Lion Rout the Unicorn Event Promo
40 Lotus Strategy Promo
41 Lotus Blade Item Promo
42 Luxurious Silk Holding Promo
43 Mantle of the Jade Champion (Experienced) Item Promo
44 Matsu Yoshino (Experienced) Personality Promo
45 Moto Chagatai (Experienced 4) Personality Promo
46 Nanashi Mura Stronghold Promo
Proxy-F47 Ninja Token Proxy Promo
48 Oath to the Empire Event Promo
49 Obsidian Strategy Promo
50 Ordered Retreat Strategy Promo
51 Osami Personality Promo
52 Pearl Strategy Promo
53 Private Trader Holding Promo
54 Purifying Rite Strategy Promo
Proxy-F55 Ratling Token Proxy Promo
56 Ruthless Advance Strategy Promo
57 Satoru Personality Promo
58 Sezaru's Choice Event Promo
59 Shiba Mirabu (Experienced 3) Personality Promo
60 Shiga Personality Promo
61 Shourido Event Promo
62 Soul of Bushido Strategy Promo
63 Spearhead Strategy Promo
64 Standard Bearers Follower Promo
65 Strength of Darkness Strategy Promo
1-13 Strength of the Crab Strategy Promo
2-13 Strength of the Crane Strategy Promo
3-13 Strength of the Dragon Strategy Promo
4-13 Strength of the Lion Strategy Promo
5-13 Strength of the Mantis Strategy Promo
7-13 Strength of the Nezumi Strategy Promo
6-13 Strength of the Phoenix Strategy Promo
8-13 Strength of the Scorpion Strategy Promo
9-13 Strength of the Shadowlands Strategy Promo
10-13 Strength of the Unicorn Strategy Promo
76 Strict Training Strategy Promo
77 Sushi Stand Holding Promo
78 The Emerald Armor (Experienced) Item Promo
13-13 The Mystic (Experienced) Personality Promo
80 The Race Begins Event Promo
12-13 The Ronin (Experienced) Personality Promo
82 The Unclean Follower Promo
11-13 The Wanderer (Experienced) Personality Promo
84 Togashi Satsu (Experienced 3) Personality Promo
85 Tomb of the Seven Thunders Region Promo
86 Trail of Deception Strategy Promo
87 Trials of Jade Strategy Promo
88 Tsi Zutaka Personality Promo
89 Tsukotu Personality Promo
90 Ujina Kadano Personality Promo
91 Unexpected Resistance Strategy Promo
92 Writ of the Herald Item Promo
93 Yoritomo Kumiko (Experienced 2) Personality Promo