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Checklist of cards from Promotional: Emperor (Legend of the Five Rings)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
1 Akodo Dairuko Personality Promo
2 Akodo Kakihara Personality Promo
3 Akodo Kamina Personality Promo
4 Ambush Strategy Promo
5 Ancient Armor of the Qamar (Experienced) Item Promo
6 Asahina House Guard Follower Promo
7 Asahina Michiru Personality Promo
8 Asako Heiwa Personality Promo
9 Asako House Guard Follower Promo
10 Asako Moeru Personality Promo
11 Bar Fight Strategy Promo
12 Battle Standard of the Naga (Experienced) Item Promo
13 Bayushi Nitoshi Personality Promo
14 Bayushi Tenzan Personality Promo
15 Bayushi Waru Personality Promo
16 Bokken of the Ruby Champion Item Promo
17 Border Market Region Promo
18 Brothers in Battle Strategy Promo
19 Charter of the Legion of Two Thousand Holding Promo
20 Chikara (Experienced 2) Personality Promo
21 Closing the Gap Strategy Promo
22 Daidoji Ebizo Personality Promo
23 Daigotsu Bukaro Personality Promo
24 Daigotsu Kanpeki (Experienced) Personality Promo
25 Daigotsu Tenbatsu Personality Promo
26 Dark Naga Scouts Follower Promo
27 Den of Iniquity Holding Promo
28 Doji Dainagon Personality Promo
29 Doji Genshin Personality Promo
30 Doji Makoto Personality Promo
31 Encircled Terrain Strategy Promo
32 Ever-Winter Copse Holding Promo
33 Expansion Event Promo
34 Exquisite Blade Item Promo
35 Forgotten Outpost Holding Promo
36 Fudo (Experienced) Personality Promo
37 Gakku (Experienced) Personality Promo
38 Goju House Guard Follower Promo
39 Goju Yurishi Personality Promo
40 Govern the Land Strategy Promo
41 Gozu Personality Promo
42 Gozu's Guide Follower Promo
43 Heart of Fudo (Experienced) Item Promo
44 Hida Kisada (Emperor) Personality Promo
45 Hida Mimori Personality Promo
46 Hiruma Nitani Personality Promo
47 Hofukushu's Vengeance Celestial Promo
48 Ikoma House Guard Follower Promo
49 Ikoma Shinju Personality Promo
50 Imperial Charter Strategy Promo
51 Interesting Plains Region Promo
52 Isawa Kojiro Personality Promo
53 Iuchi Yupadi Personality Promo
54 Jade Embrace Spell Promo
55 Jungle Stockade Holding Promo
56 Kaiu Esumi Personality Promo
57 Kaiu House Guard Follower Promo
58 Ki no Oni Personality Promo
59 Kimono of the Turquoise Champion Item Promo
60 Kitsu Akai Personality Promo
61 Kitsuki Daisuke Personality Promo
62 Kitsune Tokoru Personality Promo
63 Know No Fear Strategy Promo
64 Legendary Rivalry Strategy Promo
65 Mahatsu Personality Promo
66 Mantle of the Jade Champion (Experienced 2) Item Promo
67 Mantle of the Onyx Champion Item Promo
68 Mempo of the Amethyst Champion Item Promo
69 Might of the Sun Spell Promo
70 Mirumoto Kouzei Personality Promo
71 Mirumoto Shikei Personality Promo
72 Moshi Tomiko Personality Promo
73 Moto House Guard Follower Promo
74 Moto Isul Personality Promo
75 Moto Naleesh Personality Promo
76 No Hiding Place Strategy Promo
77 Omigawa Personality Promo
78 Patchwork Armor Item Promo
79 Peace Strategy Promo
80 Plantation Holding Promo
81 Profits Strategy Promo
82 Public Room Holding Promo
83 Quicksand Region Promo
84 Re-fortification Strategy Promo
85 Renewal Strategy Promo
86 Resurrection Strategy Promo
87 Retired Sensei Holding Promo
88 Revenge Strategy Promo
89 Ritual Dagger Item Promo
90 Ritual of Sacrifice Event Promo
91 Sea & Sky Spell Promo
92 Second City Dojo Holding Promo
93 Seppun Ichigo Personality Promo
94 Seppun Ritisharu Personality Promo
95 Shiba Toshisugo Personality Promo
96 Shiba Tsukimi (Experienced 4) Personality Promo
97 Shinjo Horibe Personality Promo
98 Shosuro Kameyoi Personality Promo
99 Shosuro Konishi Personality Promo
100 Sinkhole Strategy Promo
101 Six-Ring Sword Item Promo
102 Small Farm Holding Promo
103 Soshi House Guard Follower Promo
104 Steel on Steel Strategy Promo
105 Suitengu's Blessing Celestial Promo
106 Tales of Valor Event Promo
107 Tamori House Guard Follower Promo
108 Tamori Potion Strategy Promo
109 Tamori Tomaru Personality Promo
110 Tess'kss Personality Promo
111 The Amethyst Championship Event Promo
112 The Arcane Cloak of the Chameleons Item Promo
113 The Blade of the Balash Item Promo
114 The Blessed Mantle of the Greensnakes Item Promo
115 The Deciding Moment Strategy Promo
116 The Emerald Armor (Experienced 2) Item Promo
117 The Emerald Championship Event Promo
118 The Height of Courage Strategy Promo
119 The Isha's Yumi (Experienced) Item Promo
120 The Ivory Sword Item Promo
121 The Jade Championship Event Promo
122 The Obsidian Armor Item Promo
123 The Obsidian Championship Event Promo
124 The Onyx Championship Event Promo
125 The Pearl-Encrusted Staff of the Cobras (Experienced) Item Promo
126 The Ruby Championship Event Promo
127 The Sacred Rosary of the Constrictors Item Promo
128 The Topaz Armor (Experienced) Item Promo
129 The Topaz Championship Event Promo
130 The Turquoise Championship Event Promo
131 The Wall is Breached Event Promo
132 The Yari of the Shabura Item Promo
133 Through the Breach Strategy Promo
134 Togashi Torazu Personality Promo
135 Treasure Hunter Follower Promo
136 Tsuruchi House Guard Follower Promo
137 Tsuruchi Tomaru Personality Promo
138 Uta Personality Promo
139 Utaku Mai Personality Promo
140 Verdant Jungle Region Promo
141 Village Guardian Follower Promo
142 Well Protected Strategy Promo
143 Wildfire Strategy Promo
144 Winter Sled Item Promo
145 Yasuki Tsujiken Personality Promo
146 Yoritomo Hiromi Personality Promo
147 Yoritomo Tarao Personality Promo