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Checklist of cards from Promotional: Samurai (Legend of the Five Rings)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
1 A Brilliant Shot Strategy Promo
2 A Surprising Tale Strategy Promo
3 Agasha Orito Personality Promo
4 Akodo Naoki Personality Promo
5 Akodo Tomio Personality Promo
6 Aligned with the Elements Strategy Promo
7 Aneo Personality Promo
8 Archers Unleashed Strategy Promo
9 Artisan Academy Holding Promo
10 Asahina Minori Personality Promo
Proxy-F11 Ashigaru Defender Proxy Fixed
12 Atarasi's Banners Item Promo
13 Atarasi's Mempo Item Promo
14 Baraunghar Scouts Follower Promo
15 Bayushi Paneki (Experienced 4) Personality Promo
16 Belly of Fudo Holding Promo
Proxy-F17 Benika's Pride Proxy Promo
18 Black Silk Castle Stronghold Promo
19 Blessed Library Holding Promo
20 Brilliant Artisan Holding Promo
21 Brilliant Rebirth Temple Stronghold Promo
22 Brothers of Jade Follower Promo
23 Brothers of the Wind Follower Promo
24 Calling on Earth Spell Promo
25 Cartographers Follower Promo
Proxy-F26 Cavalry Token Proxy Promo
27 Chuda Naotake Personality Promo
28 Chuda Saeka Personality Promo
29 Claimants to the Throne Event Promo
30 College of War Holding Promo
31 Conscript Sailors Follower Promo
32 Contemplation of Destiny Strategy Promo
33 Courageous Yoriki Follower Promo
Proxy-F34 Crab Master Proxy Fixed
Proxy-F35 Crane Levies Proxy Fixed
Proxy-F36 Crane Master Proxy Fixed
37 Crossroads Fortress Stronghold Promo
38 Custom Barding Item Promo
39 Daidoji Arrows Item Promo
40 Daidoji Jitawa Personality Promo
41 Daigotsu (Experienced 2) Personality Promo
42 Daigotsu Keigo Personality Promo
43 Daigotsu Taiji Personality Promo
44 Dawn of the Dead Strategy Promo
Proxy-F45 Dayu's Troops Proxy Promo
46 Deadly Ground Strategy Promo
47 Deception's Veil Dojo Stronghold Promo
48 Deeds and Words Holding Promo
49 Desperate Sacrifice Strategy Promo
50 Desperate Wager Strategy Promo
51 Devastating Attack Strategy Promo
52 Dissension Strategy Promo
53 Doji Domotai (Experienced 3) Personality Promo
54 Doji Kohaku Personality Promo
55 Doji Noboru Personality Promo
Proxy-F56 Dragon Master Proxy Fixed
57 Eastern Hub Port Stronghold Promo
58 Elemental Mastery Strategy Promo
59 Enraged Assault Strategy Promo
60 Equipment Storage Holding Promo
61 Essence of the East Wind Spell Promo
62 Evenly Matched Strategy Promo
63 Excessive Indulgence Strategy Promo
Proxy-F64 Farmer Proxy Fixed
65 Festival of Drifting Souls Event Promo
66 Fire and Stones Cut Strategy Promo
67 Front Gate Holding Promo
68 Front Line Camp Holding Promo
69 Fuyuzare Personality Promo
70 Geisha Escort Follower Promo
71 Gong of the High House Holding Promo
72 Greater Sacrifice Strategy Promo
73 Guardian's Blade Item Promo
74 Harmony Has Been Found Strategy Promo
75 Heroic Defiance Strategy Promo
76 Hida Fujiki Personality Promo
77 Hida Kuon (Experienced 5) Personality Promo
78 Hida Motaro Personality Promo
79 Hida Tajima Personality Promo
80 Hida Yakamo (Oni) Personality Promo
81 Hidden Reserves Follower Promo
82 Hired Legion Follower Promo
83 Hojatsu's Standard Item Promo
84 Houritsu Mura Stronghold Promo
85 House of the Dead Holding Promo
86 House of the Rising Sun Holding Promo
87 Hunger of the Dead Event Promo
Proxy-F88 Hungry Ghul Proxy Fixed
89 I Am Ready Event Promo
90 Ide Jiao's Hat Item Promo
91 Ide Shinji Personality Promo
92 Ikoma Bugoro Personality Promo
Proxy-F93 Ikoma Reinforcements Proxy Fixed
94 Impenetrable Front Strategy Promo
95 Imperial Cartographer Personality Promo
96 Imperial Command Strategy Promo
97 Imperial Dojo Holding Promo
98 Imperial Handmaidens Holding Promo
99 Imperial Legionaries Follower Promo
100 Ippon Personality Promo
101 Isawa Chihoko Personality Promo
102 Isawa Idomu Personality Promo
103 Isawa Ochiai (Experienced) Personality Promo
104 Isawa Zao Personality Promo
105 Kabuki Theater Troupe Holding Promo
106 Kaiu Kirino Personality Promo
107 Kakita Katsuro Personality Promo
108 Keukegen Personality Promo
109 Kitsune Akizuki Personality Promo
110 Kuni Josuke Personality Promo
Proxy-F111 Kurimoko's Recruits Proxy Fixed
112 Kyuden Asako Stronghold Promo
113 Kyuden Ashinagabachi Stronghold Promo
114 Kyuden Kyotei Stronghold Promo
115 Kyuden Wasuremono Stronghold Promo
116 Legion of Flame Armor Item Promo
117 Lightwater Bay Region Promo
118 Limbs of Fudo Holding Promo
119 Link to the Heavens Region Promo
120 Lion and Unicorn Event Promo
Proxy-F121 Lion Master Proxy Fixed
Proxy-F122 Mantis Master Proxy Fixed
123 Masakari Item Promo
124 Matsu Isao Personality Promo
125 Matsu Takehiko Personality Promo
126 Matsu Yoshino (Experienced 2) Personality Promo
Proxy-F127 Men at Arms Proxy Fixed
Proxy-F128 Militia Recruit Proxy Fixed
129 Minting House Holding Promo
130 Mirumoto Haruhide Personality Promo
131 Mirumoto Yoma-shi Personality Promo
132 Miya Shoin (Experienced) Personality Promo
133 Morning Frost Castle Stronghold Promo
134 Moto Chagatai (Experienced 5) Personality Promo
135 Moto Horsebow Item Promo
136 Moto Kunio Personality Promo
137 Moto Yuudai Personality Promo
138 Mountain Summit Temple Stronghold Promo
139 Mountain's Heart Blade Item Promo
140 Mountain's Shadow Dojo Stronghold Promo
141 My Grandfather's Blade Item Promo
142 My Grandfather's Daisho Item Promo
Proxy-F143 New Recruit Proxy Fixed
144 Nyoko's Daisho Item Promo
145 O-Yoroi Item Promo
146 Obsidian Armor Item Promo
147 Ogre Warriors Follower Promo
148 Onnotangu's Memory Strategy Promo
149 Opportunistic Ronin Follower Promo
150 Otemi's Technique Strategy Promo
151 Panda Spirit Follower Promo
152 Phial of Poison Item Promo
Proxy-F153 Phoenix Master Proxy Fixed
Proxy-F154 Phoenix Warrior Proxy Fixed
155 Poison Sake Strategy Promo
156 Polite Deference Strategy Promo
157 Private Shrine Region Promo
158 Rampart Sentries Follower Promo
159 Ravaged Lands Region Promo
160 Razor of the Dawn Castle Stronghold Promo
161 Redrawing the Maps Event Promo
162 Ring of Air Ring Promo
163 Ring of Earth Ring Promo
164 Ring of Fire Ring Promo
165 Ring of the Void Ring Promo
166 Ring of Water Ring Promo
167 Ritual Standard Item Promo
168 Scales of the Dragon Item Promo
Proxy-F169 Scorpion Master Proxy Fixed
170 Seized Territory Strategy Promo
171 Seppun Goharu Personality Promo
172 Seven Stings Keep Stronghold Promo
173 Shadow Games Strategy Promo
174 Sharpen the Gaze Spell Promo
175 Shattered Morale Strategy Promo
176 Shell of the Crab Item Promo
177 Shiba Ryugo Personality Promo
178 Shielded by Fire Strategy Promo
179 Shielding the Command Group Strategy Promo
180 Shiro Usagi Stronghold Promo
181 Shizuka Toshi Stronghold Promo
182 Shosuro Nikai Personality Promo
183 Shosuro Seibei Personality Promo
184 Shosuro Tezuko Personality Promo
185 Siege Engine (Promo) Item Promo
186 Signal Fan Item Promo
187 Soshi Iaike Personality Promo
188 Soshi Ikio Personality Promo
Proxy-F189 Spider Master Proxy Fixed
190 Stalwart Defense Strategy Promo
191 Striking the Balance Strategy Promo
Proxy-F192 Sturdy Katana Proxy Fixed
193 Suicidal Charge Strategy Promo
194 Summon the Council Strategy Promo
195 Summoned Sword Strategy Promo
196 Supply Smugglers Holding Promo
197 Surprising Resistance Strategy Promo
198 Swarming Attack Strategy Promo
Proxy-F199 Swift Troops Proxy Fixed
200 Tactical Maneuvers Strategy Promo
Proxy-F201 Takuro's Apprentice Proxy Fixed
202 Tamori Akana Personality Promo
203 Temple of the Righteous Emperor Holding Promo
204 Temple of the Seekers Holding Promo
205 Temple Sentries Follower Promo
206 Tetsu Kama Mura Stronghold Promo
207 The Agasha Foundries Stronghold Promo
208 The Great Carpenter Wall Stronghold Promo
209 The Hall of Ancestors Stronghold Promo
210 The Heart Speaks Event Promo
211 The Heavens Reborn Event Promo
212 The House of False Hope Stronghold Promo
213 The Imperial Favor Special Promo
214 The Kami Hear My Voice Strategy Promo
215 The Kansen's Shadow Spell Promo
216 The Maw's Grave Stronghold Promo
217 The Moto Feint Strategy Promo
218 The Ruined City Stronghold Promo
219 The Seventh Tower Stronghold Promo
220 The Shrine of Lady Sun Stronghold Promo
221 The Spider's Lair Stronghold Promo
222 The Temple of Death Stronghold Promo
223 The Trackless Road Strategy Promo
224 The Utaku Plains Stronghold Promo
225 The War of Dark Fire Event Promo
226 The Western Steppes Stronghold Promo
227 The Wind Whispers Spell Promo
228 To Move the Shade Strategy Promo
229 Togashi Chikato Personality Promo
230 Togashi Ikumu Personality Promo
231 Togashi Satsu (Experienced 4) Personality Promo
232 Togashi's Mask Item Promo
233 Toshi no Ichi Strategy Promo
Proxy-F234 Toshi Ranbo Guard Proxy Promo
235 Trident Formation Strategy Promo
236 Tsi Blade Item Promo
237 Tsuruchi Akinori Personality Promo
238 Tsuruchi Kimita Personality Promo
239 Tsuruchi Longbow Item Promo
240 Twilight Item Promo
Proxy-F241 Unicorn Master Proxy Fixed
242 Utaku Arisa Personality Promo
243 Utaku Chiasa Personality Promo
244 Venomous Steel Item Promo
245 Vigilance Keep Stronghold Promo
246 Well Prepared Strategy Promo
247 Western Hub Sake Works Holding Promo
248 Western Outpost Holding Promo
249 Writ of Protection Item Promo
Proxy-F250 Yaichiro's Men Proxy Fixed
251 Yasuki Miliko (Experienced) Personality Promo
252 Yobanjin Alliance Event Promo
253 Yoritomo Bussho Personality Promo
254 Yoritomo Naizen (Experienced 2) Personality Promo
255 Yoritomo Omura Personality Promo
Proxy-F256 Young Defender Proxy Fixed