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Checklist of cards from L5R Experience (Legend of the Five Rings)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
1b Archers Follower Fixed
2b Armory Holding Fixed
3b Asahina Handen Personality Fixed
9 Asahina Kimita Personality Fixed
57 Ashigaru Archers Follower Fixed
43 Bayushi Churai Personality Fixed
7b Bayushi Kwanchai Personality Fixed
8b Bayushi Paneki Personality Fixed
9b Bayushi Shixiang Personality Fixed
10b Bayushi Tai Personality Fixed
11b Block Supply Lines Strategy Fixed
50 Charge Strategy Fixed
16 Contentious Terrain Strategy Fixed
62 Dai Tsuchi Item Fixed
15b Daidoji Enai Personality Fixed
16b Daidoji Gudeta Personality Fixed
17 Diversionary Tactics Strategy Fixed
18b Doji Nagori Personality Fixed
19b Doji Yasuyo Personality Fixed
20b Dragon's Claw Katana Item Fixed
18 Duty to the Clan Strategy Fixed
24 Elite Spearmen Follower Fixed
23b Encircled Terrain Strategy Fixed
19 Entrapping Terrain Strategy Fixed
25b Geisha House Holding Fixed
1 Glimpse of the Unicorn Event Fixed
58 Heavy Infantry Follower Fixed
20 High Morale Strategy Fixed
30 Hitsu-Do Strategy Fixed
21 Iaijutsu Challenge Strategy Fixed
22 Iaijutsu Duel Strategy Fixed
32b In Time of War Event Fixed
63 Jade Bow Item Fixed
2 Jade Works Holding Fixed
35b Kabuki Theater Troupe Holding Fixed
64 Kaze-do Strategy Fixed
53 Kolat Assassin Strategy Fixed
38b Kosaten Shiro Stronghold Fixed
25 Light Infantry Follower Fixed
40b Marketplace Holding Fixed
26 Medium Infantry Follower Fixed
28 Naginata Item Fixed
43b Port Holding Fixed
44b Provision Storehouse Holding Fixed
31 Purity of Spirit Strategy Fixed
54 Rallying Cry Strategy Fixed
65 Remember the Mountain Strategy Fixed
48b Sanctified Temple Holding Fixed
49b Silk Works Holding Fixed
50b Slander Strategy Fixed
42 Small Farm Holding Fixed
48 Soshi Angai Personality Fixed
61 Spearmen Follower Fixed
32 Strength of My Ancestors Strategy Fixed
55b Test of Might Strategy Fixed
56b The Hiruma Dojo Holding Fixed
57b The Towers of the Yogo Stronghold Fixed
58b Toturi Sezaru Wind Fixed
29 Wakizashi Item Fixed
14 Yasuki Hachi Personality Fixed
61b You are the Crane Clan... Special Fixed
62b You are the Scorpion Clan... Special Fixed