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Checklist of cards from Core Set (Star Wars - The Card Game)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
27-2-0013 "Backstabber" Unit Fixed
25-6-0001 A Disturbance In the Force Event Fixed
01-1-0002 A Hero's Journey Objective Fixed
04-1-0003 A Journey to Dagobah Objective Fixed
14-6-0004 A New Hope Event Fixed
09-4-0005 A-Wing Unit Fixed
12-2-0007 Admiral Ackbar Unit Fixed
26-2-0008 Admiral Motti Unit Fixed
20-2-0009 Advisor to the Emperor Unit Fixed
31-5-0010 Aft Armor Plating Enhancement Fixed
07-4-0006 Ancient Monument Enhancement Fixed
08-4-0158 Astromech Droid Upgrade Enhancement Fixed
31-3-0011 AT-ST Unit Fixed
31-4-0011 AT-ST Unit Fixed
31-2-0012 AT-ST Commander Unit Fixed
09-3-0014 Battlefield Engineers Unit Fixed
02-3-0154 Believer in the Old Ways Unit Fixed
07-3-0155 Believer in the Old Ways Unit Fixed
21-1-0016 Black Squadron Assault Objective Fixed
21-4-0017 Black Squadron Pilot Unit Fixed
33-5-0018 Blaster Pistol Enhancement Fixed
33-2-0019 Boba Fett Unit Fixed
33-6-0020 Bounty Collection Event Fixed
05-2-0021 C-3PO Unit Fixed
15-4-0022 Cloud City Casino Enhancement Fixed
16-4-0023 Common Ground Enhancement Fixed
28-5-0024 Control Room Enhancement Fixed
29-4-0024 Control Room Enhancement Fixed
06-3-0025 Corellian Engineer Unit Fixed
35-1-0094 Corporate Exploitation Objective Fixed
22-2-0026 Coruscant Defense Fleet Unit Fixed
20-1-0027 Counsel of the Sith Objective Fixed
02-6-0028 Counter-stroke Event Fixed
13-6-0077 Covering Fire Event Fixed
15-6-0029 Crossfire Event Fixed
24-1-0030 Cruel Interrogations Objective Fixed
01-6-0031 Dagobah Training Grounds Enhancement Fixed
02-5-0031 Dagobah Training Grounds Enhancement Fixed
34-4-0032 Dark Alliance Event Fixed
34-5-0032 Dark Alliance Event Fixed
20-5-0034 Dark Precognition Event Fixed
19-3-0033 Dark Side Apprentice Unit Fixed
19-2-0035 Darth Vader Unit Fixed
29-1-0036 Death and Despayre Objective Fixed
27-6-0037 Death from Above Event Fixed
30-5-0037 Death from Above Event Fixed
32-2-0038 Death Star Trooper Unit Fixed
32-3-0038 Death Star Trooper Unit Fixed
14-1-0039 Decoy at Dantooine Objective Fixed
30-1-0040 Defense Protocol Objective Fixed
29-5-0041 Defense Upgrade Enhancement Fixed
32-4-0042 Detained Event Fixed
29-2-0044 Devastator Unit Fixed
04-5-0046 Double Strike Event Fixed
12-1-0082 Draw Their Fire Objective Fixed
26-3-0048 Duty Officer Unit Fixed
06-5-0050 Emergency Repair Event Fixed
23-2-0051 Emperor Palpatine Unit Fixed
23-3-0052 Emperor's Royal Guard Unit Fixed
35-2-0126 Espo Trooper Unit Fixed
35-3-0126 Espo Trooper Unit Fixed
35-4-0126 Espo Trooper Unit Fixed
35-5-0126 Espo Trooper Unit Fixed
35-6-0126 Espo Trooper Unit Fixed
17-2-0053 Ewok Scout Unit Fixed
17-3-0053 Ewok Scout Unit Fixed
14-5-0054 Fall Back! Event Fixed
19-1-0099 Fall of the Jedi Objective Fixed
14-4-0055 False Lead Enhancement Fixed
10-1-0056 Fleeing the Empire Objective Fixed
12-5-0057 Fleet Command Center Enhancement Fixed
10-3-0058 Fleet Officer Unit Fixed
FC1 Force Card (Dark Side) Force Card Fixed
FC2 Force Card (Light Side) Force Card Fixed
19-5-0059 Force Choke Event Fixed
23-6-0059 Force Choke Event Fixed
23-5-0060 Force Lightning Event Fixed
06-6-0061 Force Rejuvenation Event Fixed
22-5-0062 Force Stasis Event Fixed
03-1-0095 Forgotten Heroes Objective Fixed
28-2-0063 Grand Moff Tarkin Unit Fixed
05-3-0109 Guardian of Peace Unit Fixed
05-4-0109 Guardian of Peace Unit Fixed
15-2-0064 Han Solo Unit Fixed
03-6-0065 Heat of Battle Fate Fixed
09-6-0065 Heat of Battle Fate Fixed
18-4-0065 Heat of Battle Fate Fixed
19-6-0169 Heat of Battle Fate Fixed
29-6-0169 Heat of Battle Fate Fixed
36-4-0169 Heat of Battle Fate Fixed
09-5-0066 Heavy Blaster Emplacement Enhancement Fixed
26-4-0067 Heavy Stormtrooper Squad Unit Fixed
26-5-0067 Heavy Stormtrooper Squad Unit Fixed
12-6-0047 Heroic Sacrifice Event Fixed
08-5-0049 Hidden Outpost Enhancement Fixed
11-5-0049 Hidden Outpost Enhancement Fixed
18-1-0068 Hit and Run Objective Fixed
11-2-0070 Home One Unit Fixed
36-2-0075 Human Replica Droid Unit Fixed
36-3-0075 Human Replica Droid Unit Fixed
21-5-0071 I'm On the Leader Event Fixed
26-1-0073 Imperial Command Objective Fixed
0175 Imperial Navy Affiliation Fixed
29-3-0074 Imperial Officer Unit Fixed
02-1-0076 In You Must Go Objective Fixed
24-6-0078 Interrogation Event Fixed
24-2-0079 Interrogation Droid Unit Fixed
24-3-0079 Interrogation Droid Unit Fixed
24-5-0137 Intimidated Enhancement Fixed
24-4-0043 ISB Interrogators Unit Fixed
07-6-0080 It Binds All Things Event Fixed
16-6-0081 It Could Be Worse Event Fixed
34-6-0083 It's Worse Event Fixed
0172 Jedi Affiliation Fixed
03-3-0084 Jedi in Hiding Unit Fixed
07-2-0084 Jedi in Hiding Unit Fixed
01-4-0102 Jedi Lightsaber Enhancement Fixed
03-4-0065 Jedi Mind Trick Event Fixed
07-5-0085 Jedi Mind Trick Event Fixed
07-1-0086 Jedi Training Objective Fixed
27-1-0087 Kuat Reinforcements Objective Fixed
20-3-0136 Kuati Security Team Unit Fixed
22-3-0136 Kuati Security Team Unit Fixed
06-1-0118 Last Minute Rescue Objective Fixed
10-2-0088 Leia Organa Unit Fixed
05-5-0089 Lightsaber Deflection Event Fixed
17-4-0090 Log Trap Enhancement Fixed
34-1-0091 Looking for Droids Objective Fixed
01-2-0092 Luke Skywalker Unit Fixed
33-4-0093 Mandalorian Armor Enhancement Fixed
09-1-0097 Mission Briefing Objective Fixed
13-1-0123 Mobilize the Squadrons Objective Fixed
09-2-0098 Mon Mothma Unit Fixed
25-2-0100 Nightsister Unit Fixed
25-3-0100 Nightsister Unit Fixed
03-2-0101 Obi-Wan Kenobi Unit Fixed
26-6-0103 Orbital Bombardment Enhancement Fixed
03-5-0096 Our Most Desperate Hour Event Fixed
33-3-0104 Outer Rim Hunter Unit Fixed
15-1-0069 Questionable Contacts Objective Fixed
04-3-0106 R2-D2 Unit Fixed
25-4-0107 Rancor Unit Fixed
0173 Rebel Alliance Affiliation Fixed
08-6-0108 Rebel Assault Event Fixed
13-5-0108 Rebel Assault Event Fixed
16-2-0111 Rebel Sympathizer Unit Fixed
16-3-0111 Rebel Sympathizer Unit Fixed
14-3-0112 Rebel Trooper Unit Fixed
36-1-0127 Reconnaissance Mission Objective Fixed
04-2-0113 Red Five Unit Fixed
08-2-0114 Red Two Unit Fixed
06-2-0115 Redemption Unit Fixed
11-4-0116 Repair Droid Unit Fixed
16-5-0117 Rescue Mission Event Fixed
06-4-0119 Return of the Jedi Event Fixed
13-3-0120 Rookie Pilot Unit Fixed
16-1-0121 Rumors at the Cantina Objective Fixed
0177 Scum and Villainy Affiliation Fixed
18-2-0110 Secret Informant Unit Fixed
18-3-0110 Secret Informant Unit Fixed
25-1-0045 Shadows of Dathomir Objective Fixed
02-4-0122 Shii-Cho-Training Enhancement Fixed
0176 Sith Affiliation Fixed
20-4-0072 Sith Library Enhancement Fixed
22-4-0072 Sith Library Enhancement Fixed
23-4-0072 Sith Library Enhancement Fixed
0174 Smugglers and Spies Affiliation Fixed
10-4-0124 Stolen Plans Enhancement Fixed
28-4-0125 Stormtrooper Elite Unit Fixed
28-6-0128 Superlaser Blast Event Fixed
28-3-0129 Superlaser Engineer Unit Fixed
15-5-0130 Swindled Event Fixed
32-1-0131 Take Them Prisoner Objective Fixed
27-5-0132 Tallon Roll Event Fixed
30-4-0132 Tallon Roll Event Fixed
04-6-0133 Target of Opportunity Fate Fixed
11-6-0133 Target of Opportunity Fate Fixed
18-5-0133 Target of Opportunity Fate Fixed
21-6-0170 Target of Opportunity Fate Fixed
31-6-0170 Target of Opportunity Fate Fixed
36-5-0170 Target of Opportunity Fate Fixed
32-6-0134 Tear This Ship Apart Event Fixed
33-1-0135 The Bespin Exchange Objective Fixed
08-1-0138 The Defense of Yavin 4 Objective Fixed
23-1-0105 The Emperor's Web Objective Fixed
31-1-0140 The Endor Gambit Objective Fixed
25-5-0141 The Hand's Blessing Enhancement Fixed
22-1-0142 The Heart of the Empire Objective Fixed
11-1-0143 The Rebel Fleet Objective Fixed
05-1-0144 The Secret of Yavin 4 Objective Fixed
28-1-0145 The Ultimate Power Objective Fixed
22-6-0139 There Is No Escape Event Fixed
21-3-0146 TIE Advanced Unit Fixed
30-2-0147 TIE Attack Squadron Unit Fixed
27-4-0148 TIE Bomber Unit Fixed
27-3-0149 TIE Fighter Unit Fixed
30-3-0149 TIE Fighter Unit Fixed
13-4-0150 Trench Run Enhancement Fixed
17-1-0151 Tribal Support Objective Fixed
32-5-0152 Trooper Assault Event Fixed
01-5-0153 Trust Your Feelings Enhancement Fixed
01-3-0015 Twi'lek Loyalist Unit Fixed
04-4-0015 Twi'lek Loyalist Unit Fixed
15-3-0156 Twi'lek Smuggler Unit Fixed
05-6-0157 Twist of Fate Fate Fixed
10-6-0157 Twist of Fate Fate Fixed
18-6-0157 Twist of Fate Fate Fixed
20-6-0171 Twist of Fate Fate Fixed
30-6-0171 Twist of Fate Fate Fixed
36-6-0171 Twist of Fate Fate Fixed
19-4-0159 Vader's Lightsaber Enhancement Fixed
21-2-0160 Vader's TIE Advanced Unit Fixed
34-2-0161 Viper Probe Droid Unit Fixed
34-3-0161 Viper Probe Droid Unit Fixed
14-2-0162 Wookiee Navigator Unit Fixed
12-4-0163 X-Wing Unit Fixed
13-2-0163 X-Wing Unit Fixed
12-3-0164 X-Wing Escort Unit Fixed
08-3-0165 Y-Wing Unit Fixed
11-3-0165 Y-Wing Unit Fixed
02-2-0166 Yoda Unit Fixed
10-5-0167 You're My Only Hope Event Fixed
17-5-0168 Yub Yub! Event Fixed
17-6-0168 Yub Yub! Event Fixed