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Checklist of cards from Gatecrash (Magic: The Gathering)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
85 Act of Treason Sorcery C
113 Adaptive Snapjaw Creature C
1 Aerial Maneuver Instant C
29 AEtherize Instant U
30 Agoraphobia Enchantment U
141 Alms Beast Creature R
114 Alpha Authority Enchantment U
T01 Angel [Token] Token Creature T
2 Angelic Edict Sorcery C
3 Angelic Skirmisher Creature R
226 Armored Transport Artifact Creature C
211 Arrows of Justice Instant U
4 Assault Griffin Creature C
142 Assemble the Legion Enchantment R
144 Aurelia's Fury Instant M
143 Aurelia, the Warleader Legendary Creature M
57 Balustrade Spy Creature C
145 Bane Alley Broker Creature U
5 Basilica Guards Creature C
58 Basilica Screecher Creature C
212 Beckon Apparition Instant C
213 Biomass Mutation Instant R
214 Bioshift Instant C
146 Biovisionary Creature R
6 Blind Obedience Enchantment R
86 Bomber Corps Creature C
147 Borborygmos Enraged Legendary Creature M
148 Boros Charm Instant U
7 Boros Elite Creature U
239 Boros Guildgate Land C
227 Boros Keyrune Artifact U
215 Boros Reckoner Creature R
240 Breeding Pool Land R
216 Burning-Tree Emissary Creature U
115 Burst of Strength Instant C
149 Call of the Nightwing Sorcery U
150 Cartel Aristocrat Creature U
87 Cinder Elemental Creature U
151 Clan Defiance Sorcery R
T04 Cleric [Token] Token Creature T
31 Clinging Anemones Creature C
32 Cloudfin Raptor Creature C
217 Coerced Confession Sorcery U
152 Consuming Aberration Creature R
152* Consuming Aberration [Gatecrash Pre-Release] [Dimir] Creature P
59 Contaminated Ground Enchantment C
60 Corpse Blockade Creature C
8 Court Street Denizen Creature C
88 Crackling Perimeter Enchantment U
116 Crocanura Creature C
117 Crowned Ceratok Creature U
61 Crypt Ghast Creature R
9 Daring Skyjek Creature C
62 Death's Approach Enchantment C
218 Deathcult Rogue Creature C
153 Deathpact Angel Creature M
10 Debtor's Pulpit Enchantment U
63 Devour Flesh Instant C
33 Diluvian Primordial Creature R
154 Dimir Charm Instant U
241 Dimir Guildgate Land C
228 Dimir Keyrune Artifact U
155 Dinrova Horror Creature U
118 Disciple of the Old Ways Creature C
156 Domri Rade Planeswalker M
T08 Domri Rade Emblem E
157 Drakewing Krasis Creature C
158 Duskmantle Guildmage Creature U
159 Duskmantle Seer Creature M
11 Dutiful Thrull Creature C
64 Dying Wish Enchantment U
160 Elusive Krasis Creature U
89 Ember Beast Creature C
34 Enter the Infinite Sorcery M
161 Executioner's Swing Instant C
119 Experiment One Creature U
162 Fathom Mage Creature R
162* Fathom Mage [Gatecrash Pre-Release] [Simic] Creature P
90 Firefist Striker Creature U
163 Firemane Avenger Creature R
163* Firemane Avenger [Gatecrash Gameday Prize] Creature P
P163 Firemane Avenger [Gatecrash Gameday Prize] Creature P
91 Five-Alarm Fire Enchantment R
120 Forced Adaptation Enchantment C
164 Fortress Cyclops Creature U
165 Foundry Champion Creature R
165* Foundry Champion [Gatecrash Pre-Release] [Boros] Creature P
92 Foundry Street Denizen Creature C
166 Frenzied Tilling Sorcery U
35 Frilled Oculus Creature C
T03 Frog Lizard [Token] Token Creature T
12 Frontline Medic Creature R
93 Furious Resistance Instant C
65 Gateway Shade Creature U
167 Ghor-Clan Rampager Creature U
121 Giant Adephage Creature M
13 Gideon, Champion of Justice Planeswalker M
219 Gift of Orzhova Enchantment U
229 Glaring Spotlight Artifact R
242 Godless Shrine Land R
122 Greenside Watcher Creature C
36 Gridlock Instant U
66 Grisly Spectacle Instant C
168 Ground Assault Sorcery U
169 Gruul Charm Instant U
243 Gruul Guildgate Land C
230 Gruul Keyrune Artifact U
170 Gruul Ragebeast Creature R
14 Guardian of the Gateless Creature U
15 Guildscorn Ward Enchantment C
67 Gutter Skulk Creature C
123 Gyre Sage Creature R
37 Hands of Binding Sorcery C
94 Hellkite Tyrant Creature M
95 Hellraiser Goblin Creature U
171 High Priest of Penance Creature R
124 Hindervines Instant U
16 Hold the Gates Enchantment U
17 Holy Mantle Enchantment U
96 Homing Lightning Instant U
68 Horror of the Dim Creature C
T05 Horror [Token] Token Creature T
172 Hydroform Instant C
69 Illness in the Ranks Enchantment U
231 Illusionist's Bracers Artifact R
220 Immortal Servitude Sorcery R
38 Incursion Specialist Creature U
125 Ivy Lane Denizen Creature C
39 Keymaster Rogue Creature C
70 Killing Glare Instant U
173 Kingpin's Pet Creature C
18 Knight of Obligation Creature U
19 Knight Watch Sorcery C
40 Last Thoughts Sorcery C
174 Lazav, Dimir Mastermind Legendary Creature M
97 Legion Loyalist Creature R
41 Leyline Phantom Creature C
71 Lord of the Void Creature M
20 Luminate Primordial Creature R
98 Madcap Skills Enchantment C
99 Mark for Death Sorcery U
175 Martial Glory Instant C
100 Massive Raid Instant C
176 Master Biomancer Creature M
72 Mental Vapors Sorcery U
177 Merciless Eviction Sorcery R
221 Merfolk of the Depths Creature U
42 Metropolis Sprite Creature C
73 Midnight Recovery Sorcery C
232 Millennial Gargoyle Artifact Creature C
126 Miming Slime Sorcery U
178 Mind Grind Sorcery R
43 Mindeye Drake Creature U
101 Molten Primordial Creature R
179 Mortus Strider Creature C
102 Mugging Sorcery C
21 Murder Investigation Enchantment U
180 Mystic Genesis Instant R
127 Naturalize Instant C
22 Nav Squad Commandos Creature C
222 Nightveil Specter Creature R
222* Nightveil Specter [Gatecrash Buy A Box] Creature P
181 Nimbus Swimmer Creature U
182 Obzedat, Ghost Council Legendary Creature M
74 Ogre Slumlord Creature R
183 One Thousand Lashes Enchantment U
128 Ooze Flux Enchantment R
184 Ordruun Veteran Creature U
185 Orzhov Charm Instant U
244 Orzhov Guildgate Land C
233 Orzhov Keyrune Artifact U
186 Paranoid Delusions Sorcery C
223 Pit Fight Instant C
129 Predator's Rapport Instant C
187 Primal Visitation Enchantment C
188 Prime Speaker Zegana Legendary Creature M
234 Prophetic Prism Artifact C
189 Psychic Strike Instant C
190 Purge the Profane Sorcery C
44 Rapid Hybridization Instant U
T02 Rat [Token] Token Creature T
235 Razortip Whip Artifact C
45 Realmwright Creature R
23 Righteous Charge Sorcery U
236 Riot Gear Artifact C
103 Ripscale Predator Creature U
224 Rubblebelt Raiders Creature R
191 Rubblehulk Creature R
191* Rubblehulk [Gatecrash Pre-Release] [Gruul] Creature P
192 Ruination Wurm Creature C
130 Rust Scarab Creature U
245 Sacred Foundry Land R
46 Sage's Row Denizen Creature C
47 Sapphire Drake Creature U
131 Scab-Clan Charger Creature C
48 Scatter Arc Instant C
104 Scorchwalker Creature C
75 Sepulchral Primordial Creature R
132 Serene Remembrance Sorcery U
76 Shadow Alley Denizen Creature C
77 Shadow Slice Sorcery C
193 Shambleshark Creature C
225 Shattering Blow Instant C
24 Shielded Passage Instant C
194 Signal the Clans Instant R
195 Simic Charm Instant U
49 Simic Fluxmage Creature U
246 Simic Guildgate Land C
237 Simic Keyrune Artifact U
50 Simic Manipulator Creature R
133 Skarrg Goliath Creature R
133* Skarrg Goliath [Gatecrash Launch] Creature P
196 Skarrg Guildmage Creature U
105 Skinbrand Goblin Creature C
106 Skullcrack Instant U
238 Skyblinder Staff Artifact C
51 Skygames Enchantment C
197 Skyknight Legionnaire Creature C
78 Slate Street Ruffian Creature C
134 Slaughterhorn Creature C
25 Smite Instant C
79 Smog Elemental Creature U
T06 Soldier [Token] Token Creature T
T1*League Soldier [Token] [Gatecrash League] Token Creature P
198 Soul Ransom Enchantment R
199 Spark Trooper Creature R
52 Spell Rupture Instant C
135 Spire Tracer Creature C
T07 Spirit [Token] Token Creature T
53 Stolen Identity Sorcery R
247 Stomping Ground Land R
107 Structural Collapse Sorcery C
200 Sunhome Guildmage Creature U
136 Sylvan Primordial Creature R
26 Syndic of Tithes Creature C
80 Syndicate Enforcer Creature C
248 Thespian's Stage Land R
81 Thrull Parasite Creature U
108 Tin Street Market Enchantment C
54 Totally Lost Instant C
137 Tower Defense Instant U
109 Towering Thunderfist Creature C
201 Treasury Thrull Creature R
201* Treasury Thrull [Gatecrash Pre-Release] [Orzhov] Creature P
202 Truefire Paladin Creature U
82 Undercity Informer Creature U
83 Undercity Plague Sorcery R
203 Unexpected Results Sorcery R
204 Urban Evolution Sorcery U
27 Urbis Protector Creature U
138 Verdant Haven Enchantment C
110 Viashino Shanktail Creature U
205 Vizkopa Confessor Creature U
206 Vizkopa Guildmage Creature U
55 Voidwalk Sorcery U
111 Warmind Infantry Creature C
139 Wasteland Viper Creature U
249 Watery Grave Land R
56 Way of the Thief Enchantment C
207 Whispering Madness Sorcery R
84 Wight of Precinct Six Creature U
140 Wildwood Rebirth Instant C
208 Wojek Halberdiers Creature C
112 Wrecking Ogre Creature R
209 Zameck Guildmage Creature U
209* Zameck Guildmage [Gatecrash Gameday Participant] Creature P
28 Zarichi Tiger Creature C
210 Zhur-Taa Swine Creature C