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Checklist of cards from Torn Asunder (Legend of the Five Rings)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
102 A Cleansing Breath Strategy Common
103 A Close Call Strategy Common
3 A Dangerous Game Event Uncommon
104 A Threat Enacted Strategy Rare
34 Akodo Chiyo Personality Rare
105 Ambush Tactics Strategy Common
90 Anchored in Earth Spell Uncommon
22 Asahina Akahiko Personality Common
23 Asahina Nanae (Experienced) Personality Rare
46 Asako Izuna (Experienced) Personality Rare
47 Asako Kyuudo Personality Common
48 Asako Suzukaze Personality Uncommon
106 Avenging the Fallen Strategy Uncommon
107 Bamboo Tattoo Strategy Uncommon
52 Bayushi Hamada Personality Uncommon
53 Bayushi Kazutoshi (Experienced 2) Personality Rare
54 Bayushi Wakui Personality Uncommon
91 Blood of Isawa's Tribe Spell Rare
92 Blood Wave Spell Rare
108 Bonds of Hospitality Strategy Rare
76 Brothers of the Great Lake Follower Uncommon
109 Calling the Darkness Strategy Common
77 Cavalry Flankers Follower Common
110 Charge Into Danger Strategy Uncommon
84 Chiyurei's Axe Item Common
64 Chuda Kaito Personality Common
65 Chun Personality Common
111 Courteous Gift Strategy Common
24 Daidoji Ibara Personality Common
58 Daigotsu Arare Personality Common
59 Daigotsu Bofana (Experienced) Personality Rare
60 Daigotsu Hashibei Personality Uncommon
61 Daigotsu Shiraume Personality Common
8 Damaged Port Holding Common
112 Defensive Stance Strategy Common
78 Destrier Follower Common
79 Disciples of Master Coin Follower Rare
25 Doji Iza Personality Uncommon
26 Doji Kazuo (Experienced) Personality Rare
27 Doji Tatsuzo Personality Uncommon
113 Drain of Effort Strategy Uncommon
114 Duty Over All Things Strategy Uncommon
93 Earth's Protection Spell Common
115 Eye of the Sword Strategy Rare
116 Forest Cover Strategy Rare
117 Forgotten Teachings Strategy Common
118 Frozen in Place Strategy Common
62 Fubuko Personality Uncommon
119 Generational Gap Strategy Common
80 Goju Kaxt Follower Uncommon
9 Green Lake Dojo Holding Uncommon
1 Hachiman's Prowess Celestial Rare
4 Harbingers of War Event Rare
120 Harbor of Kalani's Landing Strategy Rare
121 Harmony Strategy Uncommon
10 Hero's Memorial Holding Uncommon
16 Hida Chiyurei Personality Common
17 Hiruma Ikeuchi Personality Uncommon
35 Ikoma Satoru (Experienced) Personality Rare
36 Ikoma Shizuka Personality Uncommon
122 Imperial Deployment Strategy Uncommon
123 Improper Papers Strategy Rare
124 Imprudent Misstep Strategy Uncommon
125 In the Right Strategy Rare
49 Isawa Hibana Personality Rare
50 Isawa Mizuhama Personality Common
69 Iuchi Shaocheng Personality Common
150 Journey's End Keep (Experienced) Stronghold Rare
85 Kage's Teachings Item Rare
18 Kaiu Nagai Personality Common
37 Kitsu Miwa Personality Uncommon
126 Kitsuki Judgment Strategy Rare
40 Kitsune Yuribara Personality Uncommon
75 Kokure's Lands Region Rare
19 Kuni Renyu (Experienced) Personality Rare
20 Kuni Shinoda (Experienced) Personality Rare
2 Kurohito's Perfection Celestial Rare
127 Martyr's Call Strategy Uncommon
38 Matsu Sango Personality Common
39 Matsu Yoshito Personality Common
11 Merchant Outpost Holding Common
28 Mirumoto Kojinrue (Experienced) Personality Rare
29 Mirumoto Kyoshiro Personality Uncommon
30 Mirumoto Yonekura Personality Common
31 Mirumoto Yozo (Experienced 2) Personality Rare
12 Miryoku no Shima Holding Rare
41 Moshi Ira Personality Uncommon
70 Moto Ogaru Personality Common
66 Mumoku no Oni Personality Uncommon
128 Mutual Support Strategy Common
63 Ninube Tsukau Personality Rare
129 Nocturnal Attack Strategy Rare
130 Now We Are Enemies Strategy Common
94 Opening the Veil Spell Uncommon
81 Oriole Imperial Vanguard Follower Rare
131 Overpower Strategy Common
86 Paneki's Mask Item Rare
95 Path to Inner Peace Spell Common
132 Pierce the Tapestery Strategy Uncommon
96 Read the Essence Spell Uncommon
101b Ready the Defenses Strategy Common
134 Recruitment Effort Strategy Common
5 Rejected Mediation Event Uncommon
87 Renyu's Wrath Item Rare
6 Revelations Event Rare
67 Riku Personality Rare
135 Scandalous Gossip Strategy Uncommon
97 Scorching Lash Spell Common
68 Seppun Ryota Personality Uncommon
51 Shiba Tetsaka Personality Uncommon
136 Shifting Waves Strategy Uncommon
71 Shinjo Sihung Personality Uncommon
72 Shinjo Tselu Personality Rare
55 Shosuro Makiko (Experienced) Personality Rare
56 Shosuro Tanihara Personality Common
57 Soshi Shinoko Personality Common
137 Spiritual Coalescence Strategy Uncommon
138 Spoils of Exploration Strategy Rare
88 Sturdy Armor Item Common
139 Suck the Marrow Strategy Uncommon
140 Sudden Blockade Strategy Common
82 Sycophants Follower Rare
141 Tactical Sacrifice Strategy Rare
32 Tamori Tsuchiya Personality Uncommon
13 The Forgotten Bay Dojo Holding Common
142 The Last Move Strategy Rare
143 The Passing of Tradition Strategy Uncommon
98 The Sky's Barrier Spell Rare
14 The Tachikaze Holding Common
99 The Thunderer's Protection Spell Uncommon
89 Thunder Bow Item Uncommon
33 Togashi Mihato Personality Common
144 Touch of the Night Strategy Uncommon
145 Truce Strategy Common
146 Trusting Instinct Strategy Common
83 Uji's Saboteurs Follower Uncommon
100 Unbound Essence Spell Rare
7 Unseasonable Weather Event Uncommon
73 Utaku Ji-Yun (Experienced) Personality Rare
74 Utaku Suying Personality Uncommon
15 Vast Paddy Fields Holding Common
147 Vital Pathways Strategy Rare
148 Warded Premises Strategy Common
149 Without Mercy Strategy Rare
101 Witness the Untold Spell Uncommon
21 Yasuki Daito Personality Uncommon
42 Yoritomo Harumi Personality Rare
43 Yoritomo Hofu Personality Common
44 Yoritomo Naoto (Experienced) Personality Rare
45 Yoritomo Tansen Personality Common