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Checklist of cards from DragonStrike Infernus (Kaijudo TCG)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
23 Ancient Grave Worm Evolution Creature Uncommon
S1 Andromeda of the Citadel Creature Super Rare
1 Arachnopod Creature Rare
2 Aurora Valkyrie Evolution Creature Uncommon
34 Bagash Creature Uncommon
45 Belua Creature Uncommon
35 Blastforge Dragon Creature Common
24 Bonerattle Dragon Creature Rare
12 Bottle of Wishes Spell Rare
36 Branca the Treacherous Creature Common
37 Burnclaw the Relentless Evolution Creature Uncommon
3 Canyon Skimmer Creature Common
46 Copper Locus Creature Common
13 Coral-Claw Creature Common
47 Dauntless Tusker Creature Rare
4 Defense Mode Spell Common
25 Devouring Smog Spell Uncommon
S3 Dracothane of the Abyss Creature Super Rare
14 Dragon of Reflections Creature Rare
38 Dragon's Breath Spell Rare
26 Dreadclaw, Dark Herald Creature Very Rare
27 Drooling Worm Creature Common
15 Emperor Dendrite Evolution Creature Uncommon
48 Energize Spell Common
49 Ensnare Spell Rare
39 Explosive Infantry Creature Common
16 Eye of the Tides Creature Common
5 Gemini Dragon Creature Rare
28 Gloom Tomb Spell Common
29 Grudge Weaver Creature Uncommon
40 Hammer Fist Spell Common
41 Herald of Infernus Creature Rare
50 Hornblade Dragon Creature Rare
S4 Infernus the Awakened Creature Super Rare
S2 Issyl of the Frozen Wastes Creature Super Rare
42 Kenina Creature Uncommon
17 Kindrix the Psionic Evolution Creature Very Rare
S5 Kurragar of the Hordes Creature Super Rare
18 Logos Lookout Creature Common
6 Lux Creature Uncommon
7 Lyra, the Blazing Sun Creature Very Rare
19 Man o' Warden Creature Uncommon
51 Manapod Beetle Creature Common
20 Nix Creature Uncommon
30 Patchwork Surgeon Creature Rare
21 Queen Taniwha Creature Rare
43 Ragefire Tatsurion Creature Very Rare
8 Reflector Cannon Creature Rare
31 Ripper Reaper Creature Rare
52 Sok'ran the Untamed Evolution Creature Very Rare
9 Spark Cage Spell Uncommon
44 Spellbane Dragon Creature Rare
53 Steel Hammer Creature Common
10 Storm Seeker Creature Common
54 The Swarmleader Evolution Creature Uncommon
32 Toothed Grubling Creature Uncommon
55 Treetop Dragon Creature Uncommon
22 Trial and Error Spell Common
33 Umbra Creature Uncommon
11 Vectro Scout Creature Common