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Checklist of cards from Starter Deck 2013 (Japanese) (YuGiOh!)
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
ST13-JP014 Achacha Archer Monster / Effect Common
ST13-JP022 Blustering Winds Spell/Magic Card Common
ST13-JP039 Call of the Haunted Trap Card / Continuous Common
ST13-JP005 Chamberlain of the Six Samurai Monster Common
ST13-JP033 Copy Knight Trap Card / Continuous Common
ST13-JP001 Cosmo Queen Monster Common
ST13-JP024 Double or Nothing! Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play Common
ST13-JP038 Dust Tornado Trap Card Common
ST13-JP025 Ego Boost Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play Common
ST13-JP011 Gagaga Gardna Monster / Effect Common
ST13-JP010 Gagaga Girl Monster / Effect Common
ST13-JP006 Gagaga Kid Monster / Effect Common
ST13-JP009 Gagaga Magician Monster / Effect Common
ST13-JP026 Gagagarevenge Spell/Magic Card / Equip Common
ST13-JP013 Ganbara Knight Monster / Effect Common
ST13-JP015 Goblindbergh Monster / Effect Common
ST13-JP034 Impenetrable Attack Trap Card Common
ST13-JP016 Kagetokage Monster / Effect Common
ST13-JP008 Kuro Kuro Kuro Monster / Effect Common
ST13-JP007 Magical Undertaker Monster / Effect Common
ST13-JP019 Marauding Captain Monster / Effect Common
ST13-JP004 Mystical Elf Monster Common
ST13-JP003 Neo the Magic Swordsman Monster Common
ST13-JP041 Number 39: Utopia Monster / Effect / Xyz Rare
ST13-JP040 Number C39: Utopia Ray Monster / Effect / Xyz Common
ST13-JP042 Number C39: Utopia Ray Monster / Effect / Xyz Super Rare
ST13-JP020 Old Vindictive Magician Monster / Effect Common
ST13-JP031 Reborn Puzzle Trap Card Common
ST13-JP032 Reborn Puzzle Trap Card Common
ST13-JP029 Reinforcement of the Army Spell/Magic Card Common
ST13-JP037 Shadow Spell Trap Card / Continuous Common
ST13-JP021 Swords of Blazing Light Spell/Magic Card / Continuous Common
ST13-JP017 Tasuke Knight Monster / Effect Common
ST13-JP028 The A. Forces Spell/Magic Card / Continuous Common
ST13-JP030 The Warrior Returning Alive Spell/Magic Card Common
ST13-JP002 Trance the Magic Swordsman Monster Common
ST13-JP035 Utopian Aura Trap Card Common
ST13-JP023 Wonder Wand Spell/Magic Card / Equip Common
ST13-JP036 Xyz Effect Trap Card Common
ST13-JP027 Xyz Unit Spell/Magic Card / Equip Common
ST13-JP012 Zubaba Knight Monster / Effect Common
ST13-JP018 ZW - Unicorn Spear Monster / Effect Common