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Checklist of cards from Episode 2: Great Miracle (Duel Masters)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
12 Aqua PTA Creature Rare
40 Aqua Study Creature Common
S1 Back to the Ore, Zenith of "Ten Tail" Creature Super Rare
45 Ball Man Creature Common
18 Big Pan Daddy Creature Rare
16 Clap, Golden Fighter Creature Rare
20 Curry Giant Creature Rare
15 Cut Cake, Evil Guidance of Heaven Descent Creature Rare
42 Cyclone Clear, Clothing Cleaner Creature Common
51 Dash Repeat Spell Common
13 Dokuronbe, Regiment Guardian Creature Rare
46 Doll Finn, Burial Guardian Creature Common
46m Doll Finn, Burial Guardian (Mode Change) Creature Common
48 Dosukoi Creature Common
5 Doyagaou Creature Very Rare
43 Eternal Brain Spell Common
7S Forever Princess, Eternal Ruler Creature Promotional
14 Funk, Golden Fighter Creature Rare
23 Fuwatto Creature Uncommon
O1-O2 Ganjin, Messiah's Oracle Creature Secret Rare
24 Gutche, Mystery Guardian Creature Uncommon
19 Handsome Creature Rare
25 Heaven's Thunder Spell Uncommon
29 Honenbe, Skeletal Guardian Creature Uncommon
2S Idolmaster Leo Creature Promotional
1 Iggy Special, Climax of the "End" Evolution Creature Very Rare
41 Insert Wing, Clothing Interceptor Creature Common
33 Kabayaki Giant Creature Uncommon
6S Karre Ganejar, Metal Lamp Djinn Evolution Creature Promotional
3S Katta Kirifuda, Curry Bread Boy Creature Promotional
26 King Langley Creature Uncommon
V2 Kiramaru, Great Miracle Creature Victory Rare
5S Kubrick, Spiral Accelerator Creature Promotional
37 Kyumanomee, Support Guardian Creature Common
37m Kyumanomee, Support Guardian (Mode Change) Creature Common
54 Large Gathering! Acorn Army Creature Common
6 LOVE x HATE, Secret Cruelty Spell Rare
1S Maitreya, Canon's Farewell Creature Promotional
22 Megagyoron, Graveyard Guardian Creature Uncommon
32 Missile Burst G Spell Uncommon
31 Moel, Love Attack Creature Uncommon
31m Moel, Love Attack (Mode Change) Creature Uncommon
O2-O2 Mustang, Royal Destroyer Creature Secret Rare
53 Nepenthes Assault Creature Common
36 Noumen Creature Common
47 Nyanko Hand of Hell Spell Common
49 Onidotsuki, Hammer Rascal Creature Common
49m Onidotsuki, Hammer Rascal (Mode Change) Creature Common
S5 Onishura, Golden Twins Creature Super Rare
35 Pandakko Panda Creature Uncommon
11 Pepper, Golden Fighter Creature Rare
11m Pepper, Golden Fighter (Mode Change) Creature Rare
55 Pixie Life Spell Common
21 Prin, Reversal Princess Creature Uncommon
21m Prin, Reversal Princess (Mode Change) Creature Uncommon
39 Quick Spark Spell Common
9 Ranchun, Bulk Guardian Creature Rare
8 Rhapsody, Golden Fighter Creature Rare
4 Royal Straight Flush Kaiser Creature Very Rare
44 Scissor Hands, Shadow of Cutting Creature Common
10 Script Creature Rare
V1 Shangri-La, Climax of "Cruelty" Evolution Creature Victory Rare
34 Silva, Golden Fighter Creature Uncommon
34m Silva, Golden Fighter (Mode Change) Creature Uncommon
30 Squid, Assassination Guardian Creature Uncommon
27 Summer's Day Spiral Spell Common
52 Tatakai no Jingi Creature Common
7 Tatebue Yahho, Holy Heaven Guardian Evolution Creature Rare
38 Tattsume, Rednose Guardian Creature Common
S2 Trueking Viola Sonata Creature Super Rare
S4 Trueking Viva La Revolution Creature Super Rare
S3 Trueking Wagner Creature Super Rare
3 Truemechaking Thunderbird Re: Evolution Creature Very Rare
17 Truename Nidogiri Ragon Creature Rare
2 Truename Tiger Legend Creature Very Rare
50 Ukka Lizard Creature Common
28 Usuwarai Creature Uncommon
4S Violent Children Creature Promotional