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Checklist of cards from Stalingrad III (The War (Russian game))
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
ST-272 "Kurz Bruno" 28 cm (1941) Heavy artillery U
ST-282 Adaptation to the terrain Special card U
ST-263 Airstrike Special card U
ST-275 Anti-tank defense system Battlefield condition U
ST-277 Anti-tank mines Special card U
ST-108 Anti-tank riflemen (1942) Line infantry C
ST-249 Artillery Plant Special resource C
ST-257 Artillery Plant Special resource C
ST-294 Assault group (1942) Line infantry C
ST-106 BA-6 (1935) Armored car C
ST-287 Battalion gun 45 mm (1941) Anti-tank gun C
ST-284 BT-7 (1935) Medium tank C
ST-260 Camouflage Improvement U
ST-264 Camouflage Improvement U
ST-298 Cossacks with Anti-tank rifles (1942) Cavalry C
ST-109 DshK (12.7-mm) (1938) Heavy machine gun C
ST-255 False positions Special card C
ST-247 Falseness attack Special card C
ST-246 Flakpanzer I (1941) Anti-aircraft automatic gun based on Light Tank C
ST-220 FW-189 (1941) Reconnaissance aircraft C
ST-280 Geb G36 Grunewald 7,5 cm (1938) Mountain gun U
ST-297 Gebiergsjager div "Edelweiss" (1942) Mountain infantry C
ST-270 Guards ML-20 (1942) Howitzer U
ST-104 Guards SU-76M (1943) Anti-tank SPG C
ST-283 Hit to the rear Special card U
ST-248 Infantry arms Depot Special resource C
ST-256 Infantry arms Depot Special resource C
ST-250 Ju-87D STUKA (1940) Dive bomber C
ST-281 Ju-88 A-4 (1940) Medium bomber U
ST-295 L40 Semovente (italian) (1941) Anti-tank SPG C
ST-289 L6/40 (italian) (1941) Medium tank C
ST-285 M3 Stuart (1940) Light tank C
ST-213 Marder II SS div "WIKING" (1942) Anti-tank SPG C
ST-268 Medical platoon Special unit C
ST-271 Medical platoon (1942) Light infantry U
ST-286 MkVII Tetrarch (1940) Light tank C
ST-279 Mobility anti-tank group (1942) Anti-tank artillery U
ST-293 Mountain Riflemen 49 Mountain Guards div (1942) Mountain infantry C
ST-300 Mountains Battlefield condition / Location C
ST-303 Mountains Battlefield condition / Location C
ST-278 Order #227 Battlefield condition U
ST-301 Pak 38 (5 cm) (1940) Anti-tank gun C
ST-217 Panzerabwehrschutzen (1940) Line infantry C
ST-273 Panzergrenadiere 29 PG div (1942) Motorised infantry U
ST-302 Panzergrenadiere SS div "Wiking" (1942) Motorised infantry C
ST-274 Pe-8 (1942) Strategic bomber U
ST-252 Platoon of submachine gunners (1942) Line infantry C
ST-245 Protection Company (1942) Line infantry C
ST-288 PzKpfw III Ausf. H (1940) Medium tank C
ST-218 PzKpfw IV Ausf. F2 (with tank desant) (1942) Medium tank C
ST-276 Raid to the Volga's crossing Special card U
ST-299 Retreat planning Battlefield condition C
ST-304 Retreat planning Battlefield condition C
ST-292 Rifle company 308 Rifle div (1942) Heavy infantry C
ST-253 Sappers Task Force (1942) Line infantry C
ST-216 Schutze SS div "WIKNG" (1942) Heavy infantry C
ST-214 SdKfz 233 (75mm) (1940) Armored car C
ST-215 SdKfz 251/10 Ausf. C (1940) Armored car C
ST-219 Second echelon's infantry (1942) Line infantry C
ST-107 Siberian Guards (1942) Heavy infantry C
ST-259 Sniper group Line infantry C
ST-258 South Lend-Lease Special resource C
ST-305 Stalingrad Battlefield condition / Location U
ST-290 StulG 33B 15 cm (1942) Assault gun C
ST-296 Sturmgrenadiere 94 inf div (1942) Heavy infantry C
ST-110 T-34/76 (with tank desant) (1942) Medium tank C
ST-105 T-60 (with tank desant) (1941) Light tank C
ST-254 T-70 (1942) Light tank C
ST-269 TM-2-12 304.8-mm (1932) Heavy artillery U
ST-251 Yak-1 (1941) Fighter C
ST-291 ZiS-2 (1941) Anti-tank gun C