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Checklist of cards from Judgment of the Light (Japanese) (YuGiOh!)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
JOTL-JP061 Ancient Battlefield of the Different Dimension - Sargasso Spell/Magic Card / Field Common
JOTL-JP030 Archfiend Cavalry Monster / Effect Common
JOTL-JP066 Archfiend Palace - The Labyrinth of Fiends Spell/Magic Card / Field Common
JOTL-JP045 Armades, Keeper of Illusions Monster / Effect / Synchro Super Rare
JOTL-JP032 Atora the Fascinating Fiend Monster / Effect Rare
JOTL-JP044 Balmung, Fighter of the Demon World Monster / Effect / Synchro Super Rare
JOTL-JP068 Black and White Wave Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play Common
JOTL-JP026 Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Boar Monster / Tuner Common
JOTL-JP027 Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Deer Monster / Effect Common
JOTL-JP042 Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Kirin Monster / Effect / Synchro Rare
JOTL-JP080 Designator of Armageddon Trap Card Common
JOTL-JP001 DZW - Chimera Cloth Monster / Effect Common
JOTL-JP031 Evil Emperor of Terror - Genesis Archfiend Monster / Effect Rare
JOTL-JP049 Fanged Shark Emperor - Shark Caesar Monster / Effect / Xyz Common
JOTL-JP077 Fascinating Trap Hole Trap Card Super Rare
JOTL-JP065 Fire Formation - Yoko Spell/Magic Card / Continuous Common
JOTL-JP039 Flying "C" Monster / Effect Common
JOTL-JP051 Garbage-Eyes Fat Dragon Monster / Effect / Xyz Common
JOTL-JP058 Herald of Sacred Light Monster / Effect / Xyz Super Rare
JOTL-JP010 Holy Lightning - Books Monster / Effect Common
JOTL-JP011 Holy Lightning - Sword Monster / Effect Common
JOTL-JP009 Holy Lightning - Wings Monster / Effect Common
JOTL-JP038 Kamenleon Monster / Tuner Common
JOTL-JP034 Kazuura the Fascinating Fiend Monster / Effect Common
JOTL-JP004 Magic Recycler Monster / Effect Common
JOTL-JP023 Mecha Phantom Beast Blue-Impalase Monster / Tuner Common
JOTL-JP024 Mecha Phantom Beast Colt-Wing Monster / Effect Common
JOTL-JP041 Mecha Phantom Beast Conco-Ruda Monster / Effect / Synchro Super Rare
JOTL-JP025 Mecha Phantom Beast Harri-Ard Monster / Effect Common
JOTL-JP022 Mecha Phantom Beast War-Buren Monster / Tuner Common
JOTL-JP043 Mist Bird Clausolas Monster / Effect / Synchro Common
JOTL-JP053 Number 102: Holy Lightning - Glorious Halo Monster / Effect / Xyz Common
JOTL-JP055 Number 104: Masquerade Magician - Shining Monster / Effect / Xyz Rare
JOTL-JP054 Number 66: Master Key Beetle Monster / Effect / Xyz Rare
JOTL-JP056 Number C104: Masquerade Magician - Umbral Monster / Effect / Xyz Ultra Rare
JOTL-JP056u Number C104: Masquerade Magician - Umbral Monster / Effect / Xyz Ultimate Rare
JOTL-JP048 Number C39: Utopia Ray Victory Monster / Effect / Xyz Ultra Rare
JOTL-JP048u Number C39: Utopia Ray Victory Monster / Effect / Xyz Ultimate Rare
JOTL-JP037 Piyo Kokko Monster / Effect Common
JOTL-JP069 Point Purchase Spell/Magic Card Common
JOTL-JP003 Preventomato Monster / Effect Common
JOTL-JP046 Psychiconductor Behemoth Monster / Effect / Synchro Rare
JOTL-JP050 Radiant Light Emperor Galaxion Monster / Effect / Xyz Common
JOTL-JP059 Rank-Up Magic - Numeron Force Spell/Magic Card Ultra Rare
JOTL-JP070 Reverse Glasses Trap Card Common
JOTL-JP052 Rioto Harpyia, the Sub-Zero Princess Monster / Effect / Xyz Common
JOTL-JP062 Sargasso's Lighthouse Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play Common
JOTL-JP015 Schwarzschild, the Limit Dragon Monster / Effect Common
JOTL-JP079 Shape Sister Trap Card / Continuous Common
JOTL-JP072 Sin Key Law Trap Card Common
JOTL-JP076 Sonic Boom Trap Card Common
JOTL-JP047 Starform Dragon Monster / Effect / Synchro Ultra Rare
JOTL-JP047u Starform Dragon Monster / Effect / Synchro Ultimate Rare
JOTL-JP007 Super-Defense Robo Elephan Monster / Effect Common
JOTL-JP006 Super-Defense Robo Lio Monster / Effect Common
JOTL-JP008 Super-Defense Robo Monke Monster / Effect Common
JOTL-JP074 Sword-Manifesting War God Trap Card Common
JOTL-JP036 Thalia, Princess of Cherry Blossoms Monster / Effect Common
JOTL-JP035 The Calibrator Monster / Effect Common
JOTL-JP067 Transturn Spell/Magic Card Rare
JOTL-JP029 Trick Archfiend Monster / Effect Rare
JOTL-JP033 Trion the Fascinating Fiend Monster / Effect Common
JOTL-JP012 Umbral Ghoul Monster / Effect Common
JOTL-JP013 Umbral Unform Monster / Effect Common
JOTL-JP014 Umbral Will-o'-the-Wisp Monster / Effect Common
JOTL-JP002 V Salamander Monster / Effect Rare
JOTL-JP073 Vain - Sneer of Betrayal Trap Card / Continuous Common
JOTL-JP064 Vertical Landing Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play Common
JOTL-JP016 War God - Yamato Monster / Effect Super Rare
JOTL-JP063 War God Advent Spell/Magic Card Common
JOTL-JP057 War God Emperor - Susanoo Monster / Effect / Xyz Ultra Rare
JOTL-JP057u War God Emperor - Susanoo Monster / Effect / Xyz Ultimate Rare
JOTL-JP075 War God End Trap Card Common
JOTL-JP020 War God Vessel - Habakiri Monster / Effect Common
JOTL-JP018 War God Vessel - Hetsuka Monster / Effect Common
JOTL-JP017 War God Vessel - Murakumo Monster / Effect Rare
JOTL-JP021 War God Vessel - Orochi Monster / Effect Common
JOTL-JP019 War God Vessel - Taruta Monster / Effect Common
JOTL-JP028 World of Prophecy Monster / Effect Super Rare
JOTL-JP005 Xyz Agent Monster / Effect Common
JOTL-JP060 Xyz Reception Spell/Magic Card Common
JOTL-JP071 Xyz Revenge Shuffle Trap Card Common
JOTL-JP078 Xyz Reversal Trap Card Common
JOTL-JP040 Yellow Duston Monster / Effect Normal Rare