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Checklist of cards from Astral Pack Two (YuGiOh!)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
AP02-EN001 Atlantean Dragoons Monster / Effect Ultimate Rare
AP02-EN006 Atlantean Heavy Infantry Monster / Effect Super Rare
AP02-EN018 Barox Monster / Fusion Common
AP02-EN008 Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Hawk Monster / Effect Super Rare
AP02-EN009 Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Raven Monster / Effect Super Rare
AP02-EN015 Cyber Phoenix Monster / Effect Common
AP02-EN005 Geargiaccelerator Monster / Effect Super Rare
AP02-EN011 Gemini Spark Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play Super Rare
AP02-EN010 Harpies' Hunting Ground Spell/Magic Card / Field Super Rare
AP02-EN024 Hysteric Party Trap Card / Continuous Common
AP02-EN020 Instant Fusion Spell/Magic Card Common
AP02-EN004 Interplanetarypurplythorny Dragon Monster / Effect Super Rare
AP02-EN017 Justice of Prophecy Monster / Effect Common
AP02-EN016 Light and Darkness Dragon Monster / Effect Common
AP02-EN022 Machina Armored Unit Spell/Magic Card / Continuous Common
AP02-EN002 Photon Papilloperative Monster / Effect / Xyz Common
AP02-EN023 Photon Veil Spell/Magic Card Common
AP02-EN019 Pot of Avarice Spell/Magic Card Common
AP02-EN021 Recycling Batteries Spell/Magic Card Common
AP02-EN014 Sky Scout Monster Common
AP02-EN007 Slushy Monster / Effect Super Rare
AP02-EN003 Spellbook of Power Spell/Magic Card Ultimate Rare
AP02-EN012 Spiritual Water Art - Aoi Trap Card Super Rare
AP02-EN025 Token Stampede Trap Card / Continuous Common
AP02-EN013 Trap Stun Trap Card Super Rare