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Checklist of cards from The Search for Skywalker (Star Wars - The Card Game)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
45-3-215 AAC-1 Speeder Tank Unit Fixed
45-4-215 AAC-1 Speeder Tank Unit Fixed
46-6-222 Admiral's Orders Event Fixed
46-5-221 Death Squadron Command Enhancement Fixed
46-2-219 Death Squadron Star Destroyer Unit Fixed
46-3-219 Death Squadron Star Destroyer Unit Fixed
46-1-218 Deploy the Fleet Objective Fixed
43-4-205 Echo Base Enhancement Fixed
43-5-206 Echo Base Shield Generator Enhancement Fixed
44-5-212 Echo Caverns Enhancement Fixed
43-2-204 Echo Defender Unit Fixed
43-3-204 Echo Defender Unit Fixed
43-6-207 First Marker Enhancement Fixed
46-4-220 Fleet Navigator Unit Fixed
47-6-227 Get Me Solo! Event Fixed
45-2-214 Hoth Scout Unit Fixed
47-1-223 Jabba's Orders Objective Fixed
47-5-226 Jabba's Palace Enhancement Fixed
47-4-225 Jawa Trading Crawler Unit Fixed
44-4-211 Munitions Expert Unit Fixed
45-1-213 Preparation for Battle Objective Fixed
44-2-209 Renegade Squadron Unit Fixed
44-1-208 Renegade Squadron Mobilization Objective Fixed
44-3-210 Renegade Squadron Operative Unit Fixed
43-1-203 Sensors Are Placed Objective Fixed
45-6-217 Shelter from the Storm Event Fixed
44-6-133 Target of Opportunity Fate Fixed
45-5-216 Tauntaun Unit Fixed
47-2-224 Weequay Elite Unit Fixed
47-3-224 Weequay Elite Unit Fixed