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Checklist of cards from Nest of Vipers (Warlord)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
109 Achirenus Deverenian Character Rare
2 Advanced Planning Action Rare
28 Aid the Faithful Action Common
81 Angelique Free Kingdom Character Uncommon
127 Annales Deverenium Item Uncommon
96 Aradiel Elf Character Rare
77 Ashreign Nothrog Character Rare
17 Avatar of Faith Action Rare
19 Avatar of Poison Action Rare
18 Avatar of Power Action Rare
62 Axoron Nothrog Character Uncommon
72 Babbling Mouther Nothrog Character Rare
100 Barhon Ironblade Dwarf Character Uncommon
67 Battering Skull Nothrog Character Rare
99 Battle Bear Deverenian Character Uncommon
8 Battlefield Promotion Action Common
22 Begone! Action Uncommon
11 Beheading Action Common
129 Black Banner Item Rare
139 Black Steel Dagger Item Uncommon
12 Blind Vengeance Action Common
125 Bloodoak Staff Item Rare
105 Blue Jasper Gargoyle Dwarf Character Rare
91 Bone Golem Deverenian Character Common
144 Bone Hound Item Rare
153 Boots of Strudubg Item Rare
137 Bow of Farsight Item Rare
87 Bradley Free Kingdom Character Common
148 Brindle's Brew Potion Item Uncommon
63 Cahic Nothrog Character Common
68 Cassandra the Arcane Mercenary Character Rare
119 Cestrel the Shaper Elf Character Uncommon
154 Christopher Arcadis Deverenian Character Rare
69 Cockatrice Mercenary Character Uncommon
118 Confusion Action Common
55 Curse of the Heartless Lies Action Common
93 Danae Elf Character Common
47 Dance of Bones Action Rare
1 Death Is But a Door Action Rare
106 Douglas Hammerfall Deverenian Character Common
75 Edos the Executioner Mercenary Character Common
13 Elven Patience Action Uncommon
37 Exotic Training Action Rare
21 Forewarning Action Rare
4 Full Gallop Action Common
84 Garth Drac Free Kingdom Character Rare
44 Gaze of the Infinite Action Rare
78 Giehox Nemesis Mercenary Character Rare
120 Gloves of Archery Item Common
138 Gloves of Mischief Item Rare
147 Grimoire Item Uncommon
27 Hand of Fate Action Common
56 Hand of the Queen Action Common
133 Havat-lahn Spear Item Uncommon
35 Heavy Blow Action Common
134 Helm of Corruption Item Uncommon
23 Hember's Hammer Action Uncommon
88 Homunculus Free Kingdom Character Common
150 Horn of Battle Item Uncommon
90 Ichærus Elf Character Fixed
5 Just a Flesh Wound Action Common
114 Kane the Hunter Deverenian Character Common
58 Kang'xi Nothrog Character Rare
103 Keeper Dwarf Character Common
6 Kharma Action Common
24 Kharmic Wheel Action Uncommon
132 Khrutyk Steed Item Uncommon
50 Kiss of Lethe Action Uncommon
3 Kor's Forge Action Uncommon
89 Krait Elf Character Rare
71 Kumbani Apolo Mercenary Character Common
49 Labyrinth Action Rare
115 Lady Peregrine Deverenian Character Common
40 Leg Sweep Action Uncommon
61 Lrent Nothrog Character Uncommon
86 Maeve ni Duhonn Free Kingdom Character Rare
111 Magellan Deverenian Character Uncommon
112 Master Halvedar Deverenian Character Rare
126 Medical Kit Item Uncommon
107 Memory Deverenian Character Common
16 Minister the Wounds Action Rare
9 Moving Up the Ladder Action Common
25 Mud Slick Action Uncommon
14 Naked as a Babe Action Common
117 Naomi of Sarakia Mercenary Character Uncommon
76 Nehris Yscar Mercenary Character Uncommon
32 Never Turn Your Back Action Common
136 Nothrog S'sike Item Common
20 Oathbound Action Uncommon
85 Owen Haadh Free Kingdom Character Rare
59 Phython Nothrog Character Uncommon
152 Pit Trap Action Uncommon
124 Pledged Oath Item Uncommon
48 Primal Fear Action Rare
33 Prisoner Action Uncommon
39 Quick and Deadly Action Common
79 Rabinus Zon Free Kingdom Character Fixed
149 Ring of Spiritwrack Item Common
94 Rocetmal Elf Character Rare
145 Rod of Shattering Item Rare
128 Rod of Smiting Item Uncommon
60 Rraag'nar Nothrog Character Fixed
65 Rraven'a Nothrog Character Common
80 Ruth Gwenelen Free Kingdom Character Uncommon
29 Seize the Day Action Rare
140 Shadow Token Item Uncommon
83 ShiLara Free Kingdom Character Common
113 Sir Alain D'Ilchant Deverenian Character Uncommon
101 Slate Gargoyle Deverenian Character Rare
108 Sorceress Ygraine Deverenian Character Fixed
10 Sorcerous Epiphany Action Common
45 Spectral Touch Action Rare
135 Steel Maul Item Common
26 Steel to Serpent Action Uncommon
31 Summon Weapon Action Rare
95 Tareshinal Elf Character Uncommon
116 Taumar the Protector Deverenian Character Common
66 Terror of Condor Pass Nothrog Character Rare
7 The Will of Neus Action Common
73 Titan Nothrog Character Rare
74 Tortured Spawn Nothrog Character Uncommon
70 Tower of the Steel Rose Mercenary Character Common
36 Trip Action Uncommon
130 Uthanak's Ring Item Rare
104 Uthas Battleheim Dwarf Character Rare
98 Valhala Abyssbane Dwarf Character Rare
34 Valhala's Shout Action Rare
97 Vereshja Elf Character Uncommon
64 Vhakadron Nothrog Character Common
30 Vicious Block Action Rare
110 Viscount Nocens Deverenian Character Uncommon
102 Wall Dwarf Character Uncommon
146 Wards of Peril Item Uncommon
151 Weapon Grab Action Rare
15 Wild Attack Action Common
92 Wretched Horde Elf Character Common
131 Wyvernsteed Item Rare
46 Yscar's Mark Action Rare
82 Zoltan Free Kingdom Character Uncommon