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Checklist of cards from Starter Deck Vol.2 (Z/X - Zillions of Enemy X)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
C03-001 Azumi Kagamihara Player PR
C03-014 Étoile of Star Z/X R
C04-009 Bizarre Coral, Coral Lizard Z/X UC
C04-003 Castle-toppling Beauty, Z/X C
C03-012 Ceramic Making Singapura Z/X C
C03-021 Chain Bind Event UC
C04-001 Chitose Aoba Player PR
C03-004 City Guard, Phecda Z/X C
C04-014 Concealed Shuriken, Otogirisou Z/X R
C03-019 Coucher of Sunset Z/X UC
C04-010 Dignified Divine Emperor, Augustus Z/X UC
C04-018 Dignified Hairpin, Kuroyuri Z/X C
C04-006 Divine Messenger of Sun, Yatagarasu Z/X C
C04-017 Easygoing Rurijissa Z/X UC
C03-009 Electronic Appliance Union, Tantalum Z/X UC
C03-007 Erasure Machine, Delete Z/X UC
C04-016 Expert of Future, Tanpopo Z/X C
C04-015 Family-Oriented Sage Z/X UC
C04-005 Goddess of Hunting, Artemis Z/X R
C04-004 Goddess of Love and Beauty, Aphrodite Z/X C
C04-020 Grasshopper King, King Hopper Z/X C
C03-013 Holy Beast, Aura Pegasus Z/X C
C03-015 Inept Detective, Russian Blue Z/X C
C04-011 Iron Shoe Craftsman, Greave Z/X UC
C03-006 Laser Blade, Benetnasch Z/X C
C03-005 Laser Scythe Avior Z/X R
C03-017 Lawbringer Fitz Roy Z/X C
C03-008 Light Whip, Atria Z/X UC
C04-012 Main Armament, Fire! Event C
C03-010 Music Performer, Vival Z/X UC
C03-018 Neige of Snow Z/X PR
C04-007 One-Eyed Giant, Cyclops Z/X C
C04-013 Quiet Rosemary Z/X C
C03-020 Revenge Force Event C
C03-016 Sagesse of Wisdom Z/X UC
C03-003 Steel Castle, Astatine Z/X C
C03-002 Sword Liberator, Rigel Z/X SR
C04-021 Thorn Prison Event UC
C04-019 Thorned Bug, Thorn Crest Z/X UC
C04-008 Two Wheels Craftsman, Twin Wheels Z/X PR
C03-011 Wait, Now Go! Event UC
C04-002 Will of Dual Sword, Rindou Z/X SR