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Checklist of cards from Forbidden Transform Deck: The Book of Outrage (Duel Masters)
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
13 Aqua Surfer Creature Common
2 Arashi, Crossboy Exile Creature No Rarity
20 Bronze-Arm Tribe Creature Common
9 Canis, Wonderful One Creature Common
10 Dio Jeep, Death Lion Creature No Rarity
21 Faerie Life Spell Common
1 Hurricane, Crossfire Exile Creature No Rarity
8 Ikari, Hustle Commander Creature Common
14 Intense Vacuuming Twist Spell Common
3 Katsu Tonfa, Secret EX Spell No Rarity
5 Katsudon, Kung Fu Dragon Exile Creature Common
12 Prometheus, Splash Axe Creature No Rarity
19 Qurian Creature Common
11 Rage Crystal of Outrage Spell No Rarity
4 Robby, Cho Alchemy Exile Creature Common
15 Rothus, the Traveler Creature Common
17 Rumbling Terahorn Creature Common
18 Scramble Typhoon Spell Common
16 Super Flaming Hell's Scrapper Spell Common
6 Volks, Bastard Core Creature No Rarity
7 Wagen, Master Decoy Creature No Rarity