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Checklist of cards from Forbidden Transform Deck: The Book of Outrage (Duel Masters)
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
13 Aqua Surfer Creature Common
2 Arashi, Crossboy Exile Creature No Rarity
20 Bronze-Arm Tribe Creature Common
9 Canis, Wonderful One Creature Common
10 Dio Jeep, Death Lion Creature No Rarity
21 Faerie Life Spell Common
1 Hurricane, Crossfire Exile Creature No Rarity
8 Ikari, Hustle Commander Creature Common
14 Intense Vacuuming Twist Spell Common
3 Katsu Tonfa, Secret EX Spell No Rarity
5 Katsudon, Kung Fu Dragon Exile Creature Common
4 Lobby, Cho Alchemy Exile Creature Common
12 Prometheus, Splash Axe Creature No Rarity
19 Qurian Creature Common
11 Rage Crystal of Injustice Spell No Rarity
15 Rothus, the Traveler Creature Common
17 Rumbling Terahorn Creature Common
18 Scramble Typhoon Spell Common
16 Super Flaming Hell's Scrapper Spell Common
6 Volks, Bastard Core Creature No Rarity
7 Wagen, Master Decoy Creature No Rarity