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Checklist of cards from Class Starter 2011: Horde Warlock (World of Warcraft TCG)
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
23 A Bird in Hand Quest Common
13 Benethor Draigo Ally Common
24 Blueleaf Tubers Quest Common
22 Crimson Shocker Equipment Uncommon
14 Doom Ally Common
2 Drain Essence Instant Ability Common
3 Dread Infernal Ally Rare
25 Entrenched Quest Common
4 Fear Ability Common
5 Fel Blaze Ability Uncommon
6 Fel Flame Ability Rare
15 Garell Strout Ally Uncommon
7 Immolate Ability Common
1 Kalia of Silvermoon City Hero Uncommon
16 Karkas Deathhowl Ally Common
8 Life Tap Instant Ability Uncommon
9 Maazhum Ally Common
17 Malistra the Demonmistress Ally Uncommon
18 Onnekra Bloodfang Ally Common
10 Sarmoth Ally Common
11 Shadow Bolt Ability Uncommon
12 Siphon Life Instant Ability Rare
19 Tarn Darkwalker Ally Common
20 Tez Tez the Patchmonger Ally Common
26 The Essence of Enmity Quest Common
27 The Key to Freedom Quest Common
21 Waz'luk Ally Common
28 What Illidan Wants, Illidan Gets ... Quest Uncommon