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Checklist of cards from Demo Deck (My Little Pony CCG)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
47 A Letter from the Princess Event Demo
10 Amethyst Star Friend Demo
42 Apple Cobbler Friend Demo
41 Applejack Friend Demo
BT Base Turn Turn Card Demo
12 Big Shot Friend Demo
8 Blue Jay Friend Demo
63 Brace Yourselves, Y'all Problem Demo
20 Brown Parasprite Troublemaker Demo
40 Cherry Jubilee Friend Demo
28 Clearing Gloomy Skies Problem Demo
25 Cliff Collapse Problem Demo
62 Clock. Is. TICKING. Problem Demo
55 Come'n Get Me, You Big Goons! Resource Demo
4 Couldchaser Friend Demo
44 Craft Crate Friend Demo
38 Dance Fever Friend Demo
36 Diamond Mint Friend Demo
26 Doozy of a Downpour Problem Demo
46 Fall Asleep! Event Demo
23 Fancy Hoofwork Resource Demo
37 Felix Friend Demo
52 Fighting For Friendship Resource Demo
6 Fluttershy Friend Demo
33 Gizmo Friend Demo
15 Good Morning, Friends Event Demo
45 Granny Smith Friend Demo
7 House Mouse Friend Demo
61 Hungry Hungry Caterpillars Problem Demo
43 Jack Hammer Friend Demo
49 Let's Get This Party Started Event Demo
17 Let's Make This Happen! Event Demo
9 Mane Goodall Friend Demo
29 May the Best Pet Win Problem Demo
58 Monitor Everything Problem Demo
53 Must. Keep. Buckin'... Resource Demo
50 Nightmare Moon Troublemaker Demo
34 Nill Neigh Friend Demo
24 No Means No Problem Demo
13 Noteworthy Friend Demo
31 Official Bunny Census Problem Demo
39 Pinkie Pie Friend Demo
18 Purple Parasprite Troublemaker Demo
2 Rainbow Dash Friend Demo
1 Rainbow Dash, Flyer Extraordinaire Mane Character Demo
57 Raise the Barn Problem Demo
11 Rarity Friend Demo
21 Red Fruit Bat Troublemaker Demo
60 Rest When it's Over Problem Demo
3 Scootaloo Friend Demo
22 She Did It! Resource Demo
56 She's an Imposter! Problem Demo
5 Star Hunter Friend Demo
54 Ten Time Rodeo Champ-een Resource Demo
48 The Fun Has Been Doubled! Event Demo
16 The Horror! The Horror! Event Demo
30 The Quest for the Hospital Tome Problem Demo
27 This Way, Little Ones Problem Demo
51 Timberwolf Troublemaker Demo
TT Turn Table Turn Card Demo
32 Twilight Sparkle, Faithful Student Mane Character Demo
59 Vanquishing an Ursa Problem Demo
14 What Went Wrong? Event Demo
19 Yellow Parasprite Troublemaker Demo
35 Zecora Friend Demo