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Checklist of cards from Tournament Pack 2 (YuGiOh!)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
TP2-011 Beautiful Headhuntress Monster Rare
TP2-005 Call of the Grave Trap Card Super Rare
TP2-027 Crawling Dragon #2 Monster Common
TP2-016 Dancing Elf Monster Common
TP2-018 Dharma Cannon Monster Common
TP2-009 Dokurorider Monster / Ritual Rare
TP2-002 Dragon Seeker Monster / Effect Super Rare
TP2-004 Exile of the Wicked Spell/Magic Card Super Rare
TP2-021 Faith Bird Monster Common
TP2-026 Garoozis Monster Common
TP2-003 Giant Red Seasnake Monster Super Rare
TP2-023 Maiden of the Moonlight Monster Common
TP2-006 Mikazukinoyaiba Monster Rare
TP2-001 Morphing Jar Monster / Effect Ultra Rare
TP2-013 Mystical Sheep #1 Monster / Effect Rare
TP2-008 Novox's Prayer Spell/Magic Card / Ritual Rare
TP2-028 Parrot Dragon Monster Common
TP2-024 Queen of Autumn Leaves Monster Common
TP2-010 Revival of Dokurorider Spell/Magic Card / Ritual Rare
TP2-007 Skull Guardian Monster / Ritual Rare
TP2-029 Sky Dragon Monster Common
TP2-012 Sonic Maid Monster Rare
TP2-015 Soul of the Pure Spell/Magic Card Rare
TP2-020 Spirit of the Books Monster Common
TP2-019 Stuffed Animal Monster Common
TP2-022 Takuhee Monster Common
TP2-017 Turu-Purun Monster Common
TP2-025 Two-Headed King Rex Monster Common
TP2-014 Warrior of Tradition Monster / Fusion Rare
TP2-030 Water Magician Monster Common