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Checklist of cards from Legendary Collection 4: Mega Pack (YuGiOh!)
in collection
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
LCJW-EN241 A Deal with Dark Ruler Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play Rare
LCJW-EN274 Adhesion Trap Hole Trap Card Common
LCJW-EN012 Alligator's Sword Monster Common
LCJW-EN056 Alligator's Sword Dragon Monster / Effect / Fusion Common
LCJW-EN088 Amazoness Fighter Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN087 Amazoness Paladin Monster / Effect Super Rare
LCJW-EN095 Amazoness Scouts Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN100 Amazoness Spellcaster Spell/Magic Card Common
LCJW-EN089 Amazoness Tiger Monster / Effect Ultra Rare
LCJW-EN104 Amazoness Village Spell/Magic Card / Field Common
LCJW-EN174 Ancient Tool Monster Common
LCJW-EN016 Anthrosaurus Monster Common
LCJW-EN184 Armored Zombie Monster Common
LCJW-EN007 Axe Raider Monster Common
LCJW-EN054 B. Skull Dragon Monster / Fusion Rare
LCJW-EN006 Baby Dragon Monster Super Rare
LCJW-EN157 Babycerasaurus Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN177 Barrel Dragon Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN236 Beast of Talwar Monster Rare
LCJW-EN242 Beiige, Vanguard of Dark World Monster / Effect Ultra Rare
LCJW-EN281 Berserk Dragon Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN161 Big Evolution Pill Spell/Magic Card Common
LCJW-EN297 Black Horn of Heaven Trap Card / Counter Ultra Rare
LCJW-EN123 Black Pendant Spell/Magic Card / Equip Common
LCJW-EN154 Black Ptera Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN155 Black Stego Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN152 Black Tyranno Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN180 Blast Sphere Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN269 Blind Destruction Trap Card / Continuous Common
LCJW-EN264 Blowback Dragon Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN211 Book of Life Spell/Magic Card Ultra Rare
LCJW-EN288 Book of Moon Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play Secret Rare
LCJW-EN078 Bottomless Trap Hole Trap Card Secret Rare
LCJW-EN159 Bracchio-raidus Monster / Fusion Common
LCJW-EN243 Broww, Huntsman of Dark World Monster / Effect Secret Rare
LCJW-EN244 Brron, Mad King of Dark World Monster / Effect Ultra Rare
LCJW-EN217 Call of the Haunted Trap Card / Continuous Super Rare
LCJW-EN212 Call of the Mummy Spell/Magic Card / Continuous Super Rare
LCJW-EN126 Card of Sanctity Spell/Magic Card Common
LCJW-EN279 Cave Dragon Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN293 Chain Destruction Trap Card Rare
LCJW-EN278 Chaos Trap Hole Trap Card / Counter Common
LCJW-EN132 Coffin Seller Trap Card / Continuous Common
LCJW-EN077 Collected Power Trap Card Common
LCJW-EN295 Compulsory Evacuation Device Trap Card Secret Rare
LCJW-EN048 Comrade Swordsman of Landstar Monster / Tuner Common
LCJW-EN045 Copycat Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN141 Crawling Dragon #2 Monster Common
LCJW-EN096 Cyber Harpie Lady Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN105 Cyber Shield Spell/Magic Card / Equip Common
LCJW-EN011 Cyber-Tech Alligator Monster Common
LCJW-EN275 D.D. Trap Hole Trap Card Common
LCJW-EN072 Dangerous Machine Type-6 Spell/Magic Card / Continuous Common
LCJW-EN150 Dark Driceratops Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN188 Dark Dust Spirit Monster / Spirit Common
LCJW-EN283 Dark Hole Spell/Magic Card Secret Rare
LCJW-EN114 Dark Jeroid Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN251 Dark World Dealings Spell/Magic Card Super Rare
LCJW-EN252 Dark World Grimoire Spell/Magic Card / Continuous Common
LCJW-EN249 Dark World Lightning Spell/Magic Card Secret Rare
LCJW-EN192 Despair from the Dark Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN158 Destroyersaurus Monster / Effect Secret Rare
LCJW-EN262 Dice Jar Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN271 Dice Re-Roll Trap Card Common
LCJW-EN272 Dice Try! Trap Card / Counter Common
LCJW-EN046 Divine Knight Ishzark Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN183 Dragon Zombie Monster Common
LCJW-EN118 Drillago Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN079 Drop Off Trap Card Common
LCJW-EN084 Dunames Dark Witch Monster Ultra Rare
LCJW-EN221 Dungeon Worm Monster Common
LCJW-EN098 Elegant Egotist Spell/Magic Card Super Rare
LCJW-EN214 Everliving Underworld Cannon Spell/Magic Card / Continuous Common
LCJW-EN076 Fairy Box Trap Card / Continuous Common
LCJW-EN232 Fairy Meteor Crush Spell/Magic Card / Equip Common
LCJW-EN106 Fairy's Hand Mirror Trap Card Common
LCJW-EN193 Fear from the Dark Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN033 Fiber Jar Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN240 Fiend Skull Dragon Monster / Effect / Fusion Rare
LCJW-EN181 Fiendish Engine Ω Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN001 Flame Manipulator Monster Common
LCJW-EN053 Flame Swordsman Monster / Fusion Common
LCJW-EN070 Foolish Burial Spell/Magic Card Secret Rare
LCJW-EN164 Fossil Dig Spell/Magic Card Common
LCJW-EN165 Fossil Excavation Trap Card / Continuous Common
LCJW-EN009 Garoozis Monster Common
LCJW-EN223 Gate Guardian Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN250 Gateway to Dark World Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play Secret Rare
LCJW-EN267 Gatling Dragon Monster / Effect / Fusion Common
LCJW-EN030 Gearfried the Iron Knight Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN040 Gearfried the Swordmaster Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN276 Giant Trap Hole Trap Card Common
LCJW-EN063 Giant Trunade Spell/Magic Card Common
LCJW-EN175 Giganto Monster Common
LCJW-EN148 Gilasaurus Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN044 Gilford the Legend Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN041 Gilford the Lightning Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN028 Goblin Attack Force Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN205 Goblin Zombie Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN246 Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World Monster / Effect Secret Rare
LCJW-EN065 Graceful Dice Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play Common
LCJW-EN256 Gravekeeper's Curse Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN258 Gravekeeper's Priestess Monster / Effect Rare
LCJW-EN255 Gravekeeper's Spy Monster / Effect Secret Rare
LCJW-EN261 Gravekeeper's Stele Spell/Magic Card Ultra Rare
LCJW-EN257 Gravekeeper's Vassal Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN259 Gravekeeper's Visionary Monster / Effect Rare
LCJW-EN108 Gravity Bind Trap Card / Continuous Common
LCJW-EN210 Great Mammoth of Goldfine Monster / Fusion Common
LCJW-EN110 Gryphon Wing Trap Card Common
LCJW-EN097 Harpie Dancer Monster / Effect Ultra Rare
LCJW-EN083 Harpie Girl Monster Common
LCJW-EN082 Harpie Lady Monster Super Rare
LCJW-EN090 Harpie Lady 1 Monster / Effect Super Rare
LCJW-EN091 Harpie Lady 2 Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN092 Harpie Lady 3 Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN085 Harpie Lady Sisters Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN094 Harpie Queen Monster / Effect Ultra Rare
LCJW-EN099 Harpie's Feather Duster Spell/Magic Card Secret Rare
LCJW-EN093 Harpie's Pet Baby Dragon Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN086 Harpie's Pet Dragon Monster / Effect Ultra Rare
LCJW-EN102 Harpies' Hunting Ground Spell/Magic Card / Field Super Rare
LCJW-EN026 Hayabusa Knight Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN284 Heavy Storm Spell/Magic Card Ultra Rare
LCJW-EN116 Helpoemer Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN019 Hero of the East Monster Common
LCJW-EN058 Hinotama Spell/Magic Card Common
LCJW-EN292 Horn of Heaven Trap Card / Counter Ultra Rare
LCJW-EN166 Hunting Instinct Trap Card Common
LCJW-EN151 Hyper Hammerhead Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN112 Hysteric Party Trap Card / Continuous Super Rare
LCJW-EN203 Il Blud Monster / Gemini Common
LCJW-EN298 Imperial Iron Wall Trap Card / Continuous Ultra Rare
LCJW-EN280 Injection Fairy Lily Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN037 Insect Queen Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN124 Jam Breeding Machine Spell/Magic Card / Continuous Common
LCJW-EN131 Jam Defender Trap Card / Continuous Common
LCJW-EN023 Jinzo Monster / Effect Rare
LCJW-EN227 Jirai Gumo Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN135 Judgment of Anubis Trap Card / Counter Common
LCJW-EN163 Jurassic World Spell/Magic Card / Field Common
LCJW-EN142 Kabazauls Monster Secret Rare
LCJW-EN014 Kageningen Monster Common
LCJW-EN225 Kazejin Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN081 Kunai with Chain Trap Card Common
LCJW-EN230 Labyrinth Tank Monster / Fusion Common
LCJW-EN220 Labyrinth Wall Monster Common
LCJW-EN171 Launcher Spider Monster Common
LCJW-EN022 Lava Battleguard Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN117 Lava Golem Monster / Effect Rare
LCJW-EN122 Legendary Fiend Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN119 Lekunga Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN238 Lesser Fiend Monster / Effect Rare
LCJW-EN052 Lightray Gearfried Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN145 Little D Monster Common
LCJW-EN036 Little-Winguard Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN120 Lord Poison Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN179 Machine King Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN027 Mad Sword Beast Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN129 Magic Jammer Trap Card / Counter Common
LCJW-EN080 Magical Arm Shield Trap Card Common
LCJW-EN231 Magical Labyrinth Spell/Magic Card / Equip Common
LCJW-EN127 Magical Stone Excavation Spell/Magic Card Common
LCJW-EN121 Makyura the Destructor Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN136 Malevolent Catastrophe Trap Card Common
LCJW-EN207 Malevolent Mech - Goku En Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN032 Marauding Captain Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN002 Masaki the Legendary Swordsman Monster Common
LCJW-EN047 Maximum Six Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN147 Megazowler Monster Common
LCJW-EN013 Meotoko Monster Common
LCJW-EN138 Metal Reflect Slime Trap Card / Continuous Common
LCJW-EN075 Metalmorph Trap Card Common
LCJW-EN178 Metalzoa Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN068 Meteor of Destruction Spell/Magic Card Common
LCJW-EN156 Miracle Jurassic Egg Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN130 Mirror Force Trap Card Secret Rare
LCJW-EN107 Mirror Wall Trap Card / Continuous Common
LCJW-EN060 Monster Reborn Spell/Magic Card Ultra Rare
LCJW-EN222 Monster Tamer Monster Common
LCJW-EN285 Mystical Space Typhoon Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play Secret Rare
LCJW-EN260 Necrovalley Spell/Magic Card / Field Common
LCJW-EN270 Needle Wall Trap Card / Continuous Common
LCJW-EN035 Neko Mane King Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN115 Newdoria Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN134 Nightmare Wheel Trap Card / Continuous Common
LCJW-EN216 Overpowering Eye Spell/Magic Card Common
LCJW-EN208 Paladin of the Cursed Dragon Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN043 Panther Warrior Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN187 Patrician of Darkness Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN051 Phoenix Gearfried Monster / Gemini Common
LCJW-EN200 Plague Wolf Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN059 Polymerization Spell/Magic Card Common
LCJW-EN290 Pot of Avarice Spell/Magic Card Secret Rare
LCJW-EN061 Pot of Greed Spell/Magic Card Secret Rare
LCJW-EN064 Premature Burial Spell/Magic Card / Equip Common
LCJW-EN215 Pyramid of Wonders Spell/Magic Card / Continuous Common
LCJW-EN189 Pyramid Turtle Monster / Effect Super Rare
LCJW-EN057 Raigeki Spell/Magic Card Secret Rare
LCJW-EN199 Reborn Zombie Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN038 Red-Eyes B. Chick Monster / Effect Super Rare
LCJW-EN003 Red-Eyes B. Dragon Monster Ultra Rare
LCJW-EN031 Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN039 Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN050 Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon Monster / Effect Secret Rare
LCJW-EN049 Red-Eyes Wyvern Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN206 Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon Monster / Effect Rare
LCJW-EN197 Regenerating Mummy Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN286 Reinforcement of the Army Spell/Magic Card Ultra Rare
LCJW-EN069 Release Restraint Spell/Magic Card Common
LCJW-EN137 Relieve Monster Trap Card Common
LCJW-EN201 Return Zombie Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN113 Revival Jam Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN234 Riryoku Spell/Magic Card Common
LCJW-EN005 Rock Ogre Grotto #1 Monster Common
LCJW-EN042 Rocket Warrior Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN133 Rope of Life Trap Card Common
LCJW-EN263 Roulette Barrel Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN004 Rude Kaiser Monster Common
LCJW-EN194 Ryu Kokki Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN143 Sabersaurus Monster Secret Rare
LCJW-EN062 Salamandra Spell/Magic Card / Equip Common
LCJW-EN224 Sanga of the Thunder Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN034 Sasuke Samurai Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN066 Scapegoat Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play Secret Rare
LCJW-EN247 Scarr, Scout of Dark World Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN268 Second Coin Toss Spell/Magic Card / Continuous Common
LCJW-EN169 Seismic Shockwave Trap Card / Continuous Common
LCJW-EN170 Seiyaryu Monster Common
LCJW-EN139 Serpent Night Dragon Monster Common
LCJW-EN228 Shadow Ghoul Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN109 Shadow of Eyes Trap Card Common
LCJW-EN239 Shadow Tamer Monster / Effect Rare
LCJW-EN071 Silent Doom Spell/Magic Card Super Rare
LCJW-EN245 Sillva, Warlord of Dark World Monster / Effect Secret Rare
LCJW-EN273 Sixth Sense Trap Card Common
LCJW-EN209 Skull Conductor Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN074 Skull Dice Trap Card Common
LCJW-EN017 Skull Stalker Monster Common
LCJW-EN172 Slot Machine Monster Common
LCJW-EN265 Snipe Hunter Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN248 Snoww, Unlight of Dark World Monster / Effect Secret Rare
LCJW-EN182 Solemn Judgment Trap Card / Counter Secret Rare
LCJW-EN195 Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN128 Spell of Pain Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play Common
LCJW-EN101 Spell Reproduction Spell/Magic Card Common
LCJW-EN296 Spirit Barrier Trap Card / Continuous Common
LCJW-EN190 Spirit Reaper Monster / Effect Ultra Rare
LCJW-EN015 Stone Armadiller Monster Common
LCJW-EN289 Stray Lambs Spell/Magic Card Ultra Rare
LCJW-EN282 Strike Ninja Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN226 Suijin Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN235 Summoned Skull Monster Rare
LCJW-EN287 Super Rejuvenation Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play Super Rare
LCJW-EN167 Survival Instinct Trap Card Common
LCJW-EN020 Swamp Battleguard Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN146 Sword Arm of Dragon Monster Common
LCJW-EN025 Sword Hunter Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN176 Sword Slasher Monster Common
LCJW-EN010 Swordsman of Landstar Monster Common
LCJW-EN162 Tail Swipe Spell/Magic Card Common
LCJW-EN029 The Fiend Megacyber Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN254 The Forces of Darkness Trap Card Common
LCJW-EN253 The Gates of Dark World Spell/Magic Card / Field Ultra Rare
LCJW-EN024 The Legendary Fisherman Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN185 The Snake Hair Monster Common
LCJW-EN067 The Warrior Returning Alive Spell/Magic Card Common
LCJW-EN055 Thousand Dragon Monster / Fusion Common
LCJW-EN008 Tiger Axe Monster Common
LCJW-EN021 Time Wizard Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN144 Tomozaurus Monster Common
LCJW-EN237 Toon Summoned Skull Monster / Toon Rare
LCJW-EN294 Torrential Tribute Trap Card Secret Rare
LCJW-EN291 Trade-In Spell/Magic Card Ultra Rare
LCJW-EN073 Trap Hole Trap Card Common
LCJW-EN111 Trap Jammer Trap Card / Counter Secret Rare
LCJW-EN219 Trap of the Imperial Tomb Trap Card Common
LCJW-EN277 Treacherous Trap Hole Trap Card Common
LCJW-EN103 Triangle Ecstasy Spark Spell/Magic Card Common
LCJW-EN233 Tribute Doll Spell/Magic Card Common
LCJW-EN218 Tutan Mask Trap Card / Counter Common
LCJW-EN266 Twin-Barrel Dragon Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN140 Two-Headed King Rex Monster Common
LCJW-EN153 Tyranno Infinity Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN149 Tyrant Dragon Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN160 Ultra Evolution Pill Spell/Magic Card Common
LCJW-EN186 Vampire Baby Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN198 Vampire Genesis Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN196 Vampire Lady Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN191 Vampire Lord Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN204 Vampire's Curse Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN125 Vengeful Bog Spirit Spell/Magic Card / Continuous Common
LCJW-EN168 Volcanic Eruption Trap Card Common
LCJW-EN229 Wall Shadow Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN018 Wolf Monster Common
LCJW-EN173 Zoa Monster Common
LCJW-EN202 Zombie Master Monster / Effect Common
LCJW-EN213 Zombie World Spell/Magic Card / Field Ultra Rare