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Checklist of cards from Set 24 (Battle Spirits TCG)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
5 Allocanosaurus Spirit Common
31 AquaAnemonefish Spirit Common
80 ArmoredHarley Brave Common
30 Automaticgunner Spirit Common
20 Axemoth Spirit Common
15 Batknight Spirit Master Rare
109 Battle Cancel Magic/Burst Common
55 Bearcentaurus Spirit Rare
104 Binding Creeper Spell Rare
97 Brave Destruction Spell Common
114 Break Grind Magic/Burst Common
36 Burst Turtle Spirit/Burst Common
82 Busterfalcon21 Brave Common
53 Caravel-Golem Spirit Rare
112 Clear Edge Spell Common
44 Cocatrice Spirit Common
16 CurseGargoyle Spirit Common
32 Cyber-Shepherd Spirit Common
103 Cycle Power Spell Common
100 Death Massacre Spell Uncommon
102 Demon's Puppet Spell Common
107 Dream Nebula Spell Rare
49 Drian Spirit Common
8 Eclipse-Dragon Spirit/Burst Uncommon
99 Flame Breeze Spell Uncommon
9 Flame-Gundragna Spirit Common
56 Galleon-Golem Spirit Common
35 Garnetdragon Spirit Master Rare
12 GasRabbit Spirit Common
33 Groshlizard Spirit Common
98 Judgement Call Spell Common
25 Kanabun Spirit Common
27 Knighteagle Spirit Master Rare
41 KodaMouse Spirit Common
81 Kuwagatank Brave Common
17 Mezudemon Spirit Common
11 One-Eyed Demon Spirit Common
40 Ottheno Spirit Common
113 Overdrive Spell Common
79 Pterifighter Brave Common
50 Quartz-Golem Spirit Common
52 Riot-Golem Spirit Common
84 Robs-Arms Brave Common
10 Ryuuman-Blade Spirit Master Rare
1 Ryuuman-Crow Spirit Common
4 Ryuuman-Phoenix Spirit Rare
6 Ryuuman-Vulca Spirit Common
23 Saberhornet Spirit Common
110 Saint Breeze Spell Rare
28 Scorpioknight Spirit Common
37 Scrapmammoth Spirit Common
105 Shadow Leaf Magic/Burst Common
101 Soul Burst Magic/Burst Common
7 Steam-Tricera Spirit Common
108 Suppression Spell Uncommon
26 Swordcoyote Spirit Uncommon
24 Swordpuma Spirit Rare
34 The 90th Tank Mobile Spirit Common
88 The Battlefield of Thousand Spears Nexus Common
86 The Burnt Out Battlefield Nexus Common
115 The ConvictionDownfallDragon Judgment-Dragonis Spirit X Rare
115a The ConvictionDownfallDragon Judgment-Dragonis Spirit X Rare
19 The DeadSnakeDragon Kanon Spirit Rare
42 The Diva Asia Spirit Master Rare
45 The Diva Coco Spirit Common
43 The Diva Marika Spirit Uncommon
48 The Diva Mirefa Spirit Uncommon
3 The FistBeast Kinguru Spirit Common
96 The Forgotten Triumphal Arch Nexus Rare
92 The Fortress Metropolis of Eternal Snow Nexus Common
90 The Fruit of Life Rookery Nexus Common
51 The GiantNavigator Dobby Spirit Common
87 The Hell City Caina Nexus Rare
18 The HellBeastKIng Othello Spirit Uncommon
91 The Icy Ruins Sky Rio Nexus Common
46 The Knight Pentan Spirit Common
29 The MilleniumBeast Behemoth-Cedar Spirit Uncommon
116 The NetherThreeGiants Queen-Merduk Spirit X Rare
54 The PirateGiant Kidd Spirit Uncommon
85 The Prelude to Destruction Nexus Common
95 The Sapphire Sculpture Nexus Common
94 The Sealed Witchcraft Library Nexus Common
57 The SharkDrake Sharkhydra Spirit Common
38 The SkyFortressEmperor King-Fortress Spirit Rare
93 The Stage where Angels Descend Nexus Common
89 The Twisting Dangaro Mountains Nexus Rare
60 The UltimateBishop Levia Ultimate Master Rare
120 The UltimateGiant Ultimate-Thor Ultimate X Rare
47 The WingedBeast WingBehemoth Spirit Rare
13 ThirdEyes-Snake Spirit Common
14 Tsuchigudemon Spirit Common
62 Ulimate-Darkwitch Ultimate Common
111 Ultimate Plasma Spell Uncommon
106 Ultimate Wall Magic/Burst Common
63 Ultimate Zo-Goin Ultimate Rare
72 Ultimate-Angu Ultimate Common
122 Ultimate-Castle Golem Ultimate X Rare
118 Ultimate-Desperado Ultimate X Rare
58 Ultimate-Dragsaurus Ultimate Common
68 Ultimate-Embla Ultimate Common
74 Ultimate-Emperur Ultimate Common
69 Ultimate-Fenrir Ultimate Rare
70 Ultimate-Freyr Ultimate Uncommon
66 Ultimate-Geo Ultimate Common
77 Ultimate-Iron-Golem Ultimate Common
119 Ultimate-Kaiseratlus Ultimate X Rare
71 Ultimate-Koristal Ultimate Common
121 Ultimate-Mikafar Ultimate X Rare
76 Ultimate-Mongoku Ultimate Common
59 Ultimate-Pteratomahawk Ultimate Uncommon
64 Ultimate-Quetzalcoatl Ultimate Uncommon
78 Ultimate-Randolph Ultimate Master Rare
75 Ultimate-Rock-Golem Ultimate Uncommon
61 Ultimate-Sha-Zoo Ultimate Common
117 Ultimate-Siegfrieden Ultimate X Rare
73 Ultimate-Sophia Ultimate Master Rare
67 Ultimate-Trenton Ultimate Rare
65 Ultimate-Zigawisp Ultimate Common
2 Vaijiriaxe Spirit Common
83 WingArrow Brave Common
39 Wyvernberyl Spirit Common
22 Yoroifukuru Spirit Common
21 Yoroikarasu Spirit Common