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Checklist of cards from Full Foil VS Pack: Virtueless Royal (Duel Masters)
in collection
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Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
29 Arima and Kicker, Quiche Ban Ban Creature Common
4 Atlantis, Deepsea Evangelist Creature Rare
14 Bhutan Reincarnation Spell Uncommon
10 Bjork, Satori's Baula Creature Uncommon
21 Carina, Izanai's Mantra Creature Common
S8 Codeless Sorge Thirteen Creature Super Rare
15 Colnago, Brave Claw Creature Uncommon
S7 Concorde, Valkyrie Earth Evolution Creature Super Rare
27 DeLorean, Flat Lighter Creature Common
V2 Gaial, King of Kaiser Evolution Creature Victory Rare
S4 Galaxy, Mister Perfect Creature Super Rare
20 Hopeless Charger Spell Uncommon
30 Hormone, Maxim Bronze Creature Common
2 Humanity, Nameless God Creature Rare
7 Inka, Karma's Curse Crest Creature Rare
5 Kareiko, Karma's Banned Technique Creature Rare
23 Lady Parlock, Pirate Shaman Creature Common
25 Myoga, Familia's Yamikamu Creature Common
S2 New Order, Demonic Eye Right God Creature Super Rare
22 Oratulk, Familia's Prophecy Creature Common
12 Outrage Egg Creature Uncommon
1 Parlock, Sacred Prayer Creature Rare
3 Pearl, Merimeri Mary Creature Rare
28 Poppi, Yatarou Soul Creature Common
17 Prin Princess, Pandora Celeb Creature Uncommon
V1 Progre Sapphire, Divine Blue Brightness Creature Victory Rare
S1 Rave Diabolos, Holy Damned Festival Evolution Creature Super Rare
9 Romanov Guard Spell Uncommon
S6 Ryusei, Ex Revolver Creature Super Rare
13 Skullrider, Skull Skill Creature Uncommon
26 Soul Address Spell Common
11 Starback, Karma's Harm Creature Uncommon
16 Super Move! Dragon Flame Spell Uncommon
S5 Terminator, End of the Future Creature Super Rare
8 Triple Gentle Volcano, Flaming Jet Creature Rare
6 Valiant, Illusion Infinite Creature Rare
18 Vermillion Pressure Live Spell Uncommon
24 Viblo Blade, Hulcus Range Creature Common
S3 Vitalic, Sword Flash Left God Creature Super Rare
19 Wendigo Apache, Izanai's Blank Creature Common