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Checklist of cards from Invasion Earth (Kaijudo TCG)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
22 Aerial Bombardment Spell Rare
S5 Almighty Colossus Creature Super Rare
8 Aqua Trickster Creature Common
1 Arc Ward Spell Uncommon
77 Armored Sentinel Creature Uncommon
62 Bad Apple Creature Very Rare
58 Ballistic Skyterror Creature Common
49 Beam Bloom Creature Uncommon
23 Blastforge Marauder Creature Rare
59 Blitz Commando Creature Rare
45 Bodyguard Vorg Creature Common
67 Boom Skull Creature Common
29 Broadsword Butterfly Creature Common
63 Bronze-Arm Renegade Creature Common
72 Cackling Fiend Creature Common
S1 Cassiopeia Starborn Creature Super Rare
50 Chief Toko Creature Rare
15 Chimera Predator Creature Common
36 Choten's Stalker Sphere Creature Common
78 Corporal Pepper Creature Common
41 Corvus Dragon Evolution Creature Rare
46 Crash and Burn Spell Uncommon
64 Crystal Pulse Spell Uncommon
30 Cultivate Spell Common
60 Cyber Trooper Creature Common
S6 Dark-Seer Jurlon Creature Super Rare
47 Dawnblaze Patrol Creature Common
31 Defiant Shaman Creature Uncommon
2 Detain Spell Common
24 Drakon Upstart Creature Common
S8 Elder Titan Auralia Evolution Creature Super Rare
79 Emblazoned Giant Creature Common
53 Emergency Protocol Spell Rare
9 Engulf Spell Common
54 Essence Shade Creature Common
37 Fallen Keeper Creature Uncommon
55 Fate's Hand Spell Uncommon
73 Fearfeather the Scavenger Creature Very Rare
25 Flame Fangs Creature Uncommon
68 Flamespine Ravager Creature Very Rare
61 Frantic Blast Spell Uncommon
26 Galsaur Creature Very Rare
S9 General Charzon Evolution Creature Super Rare
3 Graviton Generator Creature Uncommon
10 Guardian Rusalka Creature Uncommon
4 Haven's Elite Creature Very Rare
51 Hunter Sphere Creature Common
69 Infernal Taskmaster Creature Rare
5 Ion Cruiser Creature Common
11 King Barnacle Creature Rare
42 Lamp-Lighter Creature Common
70 Lava-Tube Crawler Creature Common
74 Looming Devourer Creature Rare
38 Luminar Unleashed Evolution Creature Very Rare
43 Mad Watcher Creature Common
S7 Major Ao Creature Super Rare
27 Manic Mechanic Creature Uncommon
32 Mark of Almighty Colossus Spell Rare
S3 Megaria, the Deceiver Creature Super Rare
12 Morphing Pod Spell Rare
S4 Napalmeon the Conquering Creature Super Rare
33 Nurturing Hive Creature Uncommon
44 Panic and Disorder Spell Uncommon
16 Ravenous Web-Leg Creature Rare
39 Reverberate Spell Rare
28 Ricochet Shot Spell Common
56 Sabotage Worm Creature Common
13 Seneschal, Choten's Lieutenant Creature Very Rare
75 Shadow Strike Spell Uncommon
17 Sickly Larva Creature Uncommon
76 Skulking Cypress Creature Common
40 Skyvolt Mech Creature Common
18 Snake Trap Spell Common
19 Spinning Terror Creature Rare
52 Stratus Beetle Creature Common
6 Sunmote Field Spell Rare
7 Sunwhip Sentry Creature Rare
65 Tainted Quartz Creature Common
S10 Tatsurion the Brawler Creature Super Rare
66 Telanar, the Stormer Creature Rare
57 The Reviled Evolution Creature Very Rare
34 Tricky Turnip Creature Very Rare
35 Tusked Shouter Creature Rare
14 Veil Slip Spell Uncommon
D1 Vicious Squillace Scourge Evolution Creature Super Rare
80 Victory Gunner Evolution Creature Rare
20 Vile Malvictus Creature Very Rare
48 Volcano Dervish Evolution Creature Rare
21 Wandering Brain-Eater Creature Uncommon
S2 Warbringer Poseidon Creature Super Rare
71 XT-4 Brutefist Creature Uncommon