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Checklist of cards from Episode 3: Omega Climax (Duel Masters)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
12 Amitabha Hand Spell Rare
37 Arujil, Flash Makai Creature Common
19 Azami, Heavy Baby Creature Rare
39 Bat Mask, Aqua Warrior Creature Common
39m Bat Mask, Aqua Warrior (Mode Change) Creature Common
26 Bhutan Jackson, Thriller Dance Exile Creature Uncommon
26m Bhutan Jackson, Thriller Dance (Mode Change) Exile Creature Uncommon
45 Big Pulsar, Trade Succession Creature Common
36 Biribiri Twin Thunder Spell Common
10 Block Party, Wicked Emperor Right God Creature Rare
44 Bokkan and Dokkun, Double Chance Spell Common
7 Britney Stasis, Stagnation Believer Creature Rare
11 Bumbershoot, Wicked Queen Left God Creature Rare
54 Chaser, Dark Taiga Creature Common
43 Chile, Bloody Believer Creature Common
46 Choinori, Go Straight Creature Common
29 Cholochu, Forty Body Creature Uncommon
53 Cobalt Hulcus, Cyber Savage Creature Common
S1 Crossover Yomi, New Sacred God Creature Super Rare
S3 Death Metal Punk, Dance Spear Exile Creature Super Rare
4 Dionysus, the Earth Creature Very Rare
47 Dondon and Panpan, Double Chance Spell Common
40 Drop Geega Drill Spell Common
42 Elm Street, Go Straight Creature Common
38 Elysium, Go Straight Creature Common
16 Everest, Izanai's Earth Creature Rare
6 Fashion Monster, Izanai's Artisan Creature Rare
14 Glenmalt, Explosive Swordsman Creature Common
14m Glenmalt, Explosive Swordsman (Mode Change) Creature Common
V1 God Izumo, Lawless Godkind (#V1) Creature Victory Rare
V1a God Izumo, Lawless Godkind (#V1a) Creature Victory Rare
V1b God Izumo, Lawless Godkind (#V1b) Creature Victory Rare
V1c God Izumo, Lawless Godkind (#V1c) Creature Victory Rare
48 Goromaru Global, Baribari Friends Exile Creature Common
48m Goromaru Global, Baribari Friends (Mode Change) Exile Creature Common
S2 Java Jack, Ultra Flash Evolution Creature Super Rare
25 Kakky and Kesshy, Double Chance Spell Uncommon
28 Katsudon DASH, God Eater Exile Creature Uncommon
28m Katsudon DASH, God Eater (Mode Change) Exile Creature Uncommon
V2 Katsumugen, Climax (#V2) Exile Creature Victory Rare
V2a Katsumugen, Climax (#V2a) Exile Creature Victory Rare
V2c Katsumugen, Climax (#V2c) Exile Creature Victory Rare
21 Kigunashion, Pure White Wings Creature Uncommon
21m Kigunashion, Pure White Wings (Mode Change) Creature Uncommon
35 Kohaku, Go Straight Creature Common
32 Makunoka and Nukunoka, Double Chance Spell Uncommon
1 Max, Rage Crystal Creature Very Rare
22 Nagool and Kabool, Double Chance Spell Uncommon
34 Nike Mikeran, Lovely Friends Exile Creature Common
23 Olive Oil, Karma's Burial Creature Uncommon
2 Omega, Oracle Jewel Creature Very Rare
13 Outlander, Ultimate Bancho Creature Rare
30 Outrage Team Exile Spell Uncommon
30m Outrage Team Exile (Mode Change) Spell Uncommon
8 Pacific Rim, World Reset Creature Rare
50 Pottsun Creature Common
18 Prin, My Graduation Creature Rare
18m Prin, My Graduation (Mode Change) Creature Rare
55 Pulp Fiction, Masuya Moon Knife Creature Common
51 Ready to Duel Spell Common
49 Rhino, Go Straight Creature Common
5 Robby Mikeran Global, Friends Power Exile Creature Very Rare
24 Robby Robin, Mechanko Friends Exile Creature Common
S5 Ryusei, the End of Conclusion Evolution Creature Super Rare
17 Shackle Armor, Fuuma Saint Creature Rare
3 Shiranai, Mantra's Roaring Creature Very Rare
33 Star Pippi Creature Uncommon
52 Taki's Majikkuma Show Spell Common
27 Tenmenjan, Pinch Hitter Loss Creature Uncommon
9 The Stop, Armageddon Creature Rare
9m The Stop, Armageddon (Mode Change) Creature Rare
15 Third-Eye Giant Creature Rare
20 Trance, Sacred Strange Creature Uncommon
41 Vanilla Beans, Fuuma Priest Creature Common
31 Yukki, Kigurumi Faerie Creature Uncommon
S4 Zorro A Star, Mantra's Prison Break Evolution Creature Super Rare