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Checklist of cards from Battle of Helm's Deep (Lord Of The Rings)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
31 Alcarin, Warrior of Lamedon Gondor Companion R
79 Armory Rohan Condition U
126 Army of Haradrim Raider Minion R
70 Army of Haradrim Raider Minion R
80 Arrow-slits Rohan Condition U
10 Balglin, Elven Warrior Elven Companion U
123 Baruk Khazâd Dwarven Event R
5 Baruk Khazâd Dwarven Event R
44 Battering Ram Isengard Condition U
21 Be Back Soon Gollum Event R
45 Berserk Rager Isengard Minion U
46 Berserk Savage Isengard Minion R
47 Berserk Slayer Isengard Minion R
15 Birchseed, Tall Statesman Gandalf Companion U
48 Black Shapes Crawling Isengard Event U
11 Break the Charge Elven Event R
124 Break the Charge Elven Event R
120 Caverns of Isengard Site U
32 Citadel of the Stars Gondor Condition C
33 City Wall Gondor Condition C
71 Company of Haradrim Raider Minion R
95 Dead Marshes Sauron Condition R
6 Defending the Keep Dwarven Event C
72 Desert Stalker Raider Minion R
49 Devilry of Orthanc Isengard Condition R
16 Down From the Hills Gandalf Event R
1 Dunlending Rampager Dunland Minion U
2 Dunlending Renegade Dunland Minion U
81 Ecglaf, Courageous Farmer Rohan Ally . Home 4 C
122 Éowyn, Daughter of Éomund Rohan Companion P
22 Evil-smelling Fens Gollum Condition U
96 Eye of Barad-Dûr Sauron Event R
34 Fall Back Gondor Event U
23 Follow Sméagol Gollum Condition U
17 Forest Guardian Gandalf Companion C
125 Foul Horde Isengard Minion R
50 Foul Horde Isengard Minion R
111 Frodo, Master of the Precious Shire Companion U
18 Fury of the White Rider Gandalf Event R
82 Gamling, Warrior of Rohan Rohan Companion R
97 Gate Soldier Sauron Minion C
98 Gate Trooper Sauron Minion C
99 Gate Veteran Sauron Minion C
7 Gimli, Skilled Defender Dwarven Companion R
24 Gollum, Nasty Treacherous Creature Gollum Minion C
25 Gollum, Stinker Gollum Minion R
35 Gondorian Knight Gondor Companion C
51 Gríma, Chief Counselor Isengard Minion R
100 Grishnákh, Orc Captain Sauron Minion R
8 Horn of Helm Dwarven Possession U
118 Hornburg Wall Site U
83 Household Guard Rohan Companion C
84 I Am Here Rohan Event R
101 I'd Make You Squeak Sauron Condition U
52 Isengard Flanker Isengard Minion C
53 Isengard Rider Isengard Minion C
54 Isengard Scimitar Isengard Possession U
55 Isengard Scout Troop Isengard Minion U
36 Knight of Gondor Gondor Companion C
3 Leaping Blaze Dunland Event R
12 Legolas' Sword Elven Possession U
121 Legolas, Archer of Mirkwood Elven Companion P
85 Let Us Be Swift Rohan Event C
19 Lindenroot, Elder Shepherd Gandalf Companion R
26 Look at Him Gollum Event U
37 Men of Númenor Gondor Event C
102 Morannon Sauron Condition R
9 More to My Liking Dwarven Condition U
73 Mûmak Raider Possession C
119 Nan Curunír Site U
112 No Help for It Shire Event R
86 No Rest for the Weary Rohan Event R
113 No Use That Way Shire Event R
103 Orc Captain Sauron Minion R
104 Orc Cutthroat Sauron Minion U
105 Orc Fighter Sauron Minion U
106 Orc Infantry Sauron Minion C
107 Orc Patrol Sauron Minion U
108 Orc Pursuer Sauron Minion C
109 Orc Runner Sauron Minion C
87 Parapet Rohan Condition U
27 Poor Wretch Gollum Condition C
38 Rally Point Gondor Condition U
114 Rare Good Ballast Shire Condition U
88 Rohirrim Bow Rohan Possession C
127 Rohirrim Helm Rohan Possession R
89 Rohirrim Helm Rohan Possession R
90 Rohirrim Scout Rohan Companion C
91 Rohirrim Shield Rohan Possession C
115 Sam, Nice Sensible Hobbit Shire Companion U
56 Saruman, Master of Foul Folk Isengard Minion R
57 Scaling Ladder Isengard Condition U
59 Sharku's Warg Isengard Possession R
58 Sharku, Warg-captain Isengard Minion R
60 Siege Engine Isengard Condition U
92 Sigewulf, Brave Volunteer Rohan Ally . Home 4 U
28 Sméagol, Old Noser Gollum Companion C
29 Sméagol, Slinker Gollum Companion R
74 Southron Marcher Raider Minion C
75 Southron Runner Raider Minion C
76 Southron Traveler Raider Minion C
116 Sting, Baggins Heirloom Shire Possession R
39 Stone Tower Gondor Condition R
77 Strength in Numbers Raider Condition U
40 Take Cover Gondor Event C
13 Taurnil, Sharp-eyed Bowman Elven Companion U
110 Teeth of Mordor Sauron Condition U
14 That Is No Orc Horn Elven Event C
93 Théoden, King of the Golden Hall Rohan Companion C
41 These Are My People Gondor Event R
128 Thundering Host Rohan Condition R
94 Thundering Host Rohan Condition R
42 Turgon, Man of Belfalas Gondor Companion U
20 Turn of the Tide Gandalf Event U
61 Uruk Engineer Isengard Minion C
62 Uruk Sapper Isengard Minion C
63 Uruk-hai Berserker Isengard Minion U
78 War Mûmak Raider Possession R
43 War Must Be Gondor Event C
64 War-warg Isengard Possession U
65 Warg Isengard Possession C
66 Warg-master Isengard Minion C
67 Warg-rider Isengard Minion C
30 We Must Have It Gollum Event C
4 Wild Men of the Hills Dunland Minion R
68 Wolf-voices Isengard Event C
69 Wolves of Isengard Isengard Condition R
117 You Must Help Us Shire Event C