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Checklist of cards from Promotional Cards (A Game of Thrones)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
9 At Night They Howl Event P
30 Blood Fued Event P
6 Castle Black Location P
2 Chella Daughter of Cheyk Character P
P27 Disrupted Plans Event P
32 Duty Calls Event P
29 Endgame Plot P
26 Faceless Man Character P
GRRM-1 George R. R. Martin Character P
1 Ghost Character P
11 Ghost of Harrenhal Event P
13 Host of King's Landing Character P
20 King's Armory Location P
10 King's Landing Location P
27 King's Landing Harlot Character P
33 Kingslayer Attachment P
19 Kingswood Grove Location P
21 Mace Tyrell Character P
12 Mance Rayder Character P
23 Margaery Tyrell Character P
28 Opening Moves Plot P
15 Proxy Attachment P
31 Queen's Favorite Character P
7 Rhaegal Character P
22 Ser Garlan Tyrell Character P
8 Shae Character P
5 Take the Black Attachment P
14 The Iron Throne Location P
3 The King's Seal Attachment P
24 The Queen of Thorns Character P
17 The Red Viper Character P
18 Tourney Contender Character P
16 Trident Battlefield Location P
25 Valyrian Steel Attachment P
4 Vulnerability Event P